Liberal school districts in the failing state of California are discussing ways to spoil their teachers using taxpayer-funded state and local Coronavirus relief cash. 

The internal memos reveal multiple school districts are considering sending their teachers on vacations to Hawaii, or even paying them bonuses, despite their unwillingness to return to the classroom. 

The internal memos were leaked by a ‘Reopen California’ Facebook group. 

A school district in Fresno County reportedly discussed giving teachers “one-time payment to employees … given the extraordinary effort required of every employee over the course of the pandemic.”

A source close to the negotiations revealed that one district is in talks to give $6,000 to each teacher — and nothing for the students who bore the brunt of the lockdowns. 

A school district in San Fransisco has put forward a proposal to use federal and state stimulus money to pay teachers a one-time payment of $2,500 to be used, among other things, for “an airplane trip to Hawaii” according to an internal memo. 

Another California school district, San Juan Unified, proposed paying teachers one-time off-schedule 1% bonuses (based on their 2020-2021 salaries) with state and federal COVID relief money – on top of a $500 stipend.

Gov. Newsom said that billions of dollars in state and federal aid recently approved should help ensure that schools can offer summer programs and other supplemental learning to make up for lost time.

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