In Michigan, a judge ruled that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson broke several state laws by offering “guidance” as to mail-in-ballots should be handled. 

State Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray ruled that the Democrat Attorney General failed to use the proper rule-making process when instructing poll workers to automatically assume the accuracy of signatures on millions of absentee ballots. 

“No where in State Law can we find this presumption,” wrote Murray, a Republican judge. 

Murray wrote that Benson violated Michigan’s Administrative Procedures Act by issuing election rules without following the processes laid out in the bill. 

Murray states that Benson’s rule to only question signatures with “multiple or obvious” inconsistencies fell under the administrative rule that requires a multi-step process to instate, per the Administrative Procedures Act. 

Michigan is one of six states targeted by Trump and his legal team as having significant voter fraud in the 2020 election. Team Trump believes these inconsistencies potentially costed him a presidential victory.  

Trump has faced significant legal setback, losing nearly all of his election lawsuits. The Supreme Court decided on three occasions to refuse any election cases. 

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