Americans are slowly but surely losing confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to lead the country – and they aren’t afraid to admit it. 

According to a Rasmussen poll, 47% of voters believe “someone else is making the decisions” in the Biden administration while only 37% believe that Joe Biden is actually the one in charge. 

Biden has often heaped praise on Kamala, stating: 

“I asked Kamala to always tell the truth, which she will. I ask that she challenge my assumptions if she disagrees, ask the hard questions, and help make the best decisions for the American people.”  

A longtime friend who wishes to remain anonymous revealed that Kamala is by no means taking a back seat in the White House. “She is nobody’s number two,” the friend admitted. 

According to reports, Biden and Harris “typically spend several hours together each day.” Which is atypical according to past President/Vice President relations in the past. 

Harris’s deputy press secretary, Sabrina Singh, said Harris is in “a majority” of meetings with Biden “because he wants her there.”

In February, the Department of Defense erroneously called President Joe Biden “VP” in a tweet:

During the campaign, Harris slipped and said the “Harris administration with Joe Biden”:

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