Former Operation Warp Speed Boss, Dr. Moncef Slaoui, discredited Biden’s claim that he entered the White House with “no plan” to vaccine America. The Doctor revealed 90% of Biden’s current vaccination plan was already established by the Trump administration. 

Many on Biden’s staff have publicly discredited Trump’s vaccination efforts, claiming the new administration had to “start from scratch” to get the ball rolling. Dr. Fauci and Slaoui have both disproven those claims. 

Slaoui joined Fauci in debunking those same claims, instead insisting that the Biden plan is essentially the same plan that the Trump administration laid out.

“I do think we had plans,” Slaoui told the Fake News reporter “In fact, 90% of what is happening now is the plan that we had.”

“Of course, the first thing was to accelerate the development of the vaccine,” Slaoui explained. “We contracted, specifically, 100 million doses of the vaccine, but built into the contracts options to acquire more vaccines once we knew they were effective.”

“So, I think what is happening now is right, but I think what is happening was – substantially was the plan.”

Slaoui highlighted that the 90% covered “manufacturing, supply and distribution,” but he gave credit to using FEMA and sports arenas as mass vaccination sites as good steps to help “accelerate” administration of shots that the plan did not cover.

He also revealed that Operation Warp Speed had held talks with Merck – a competitor to Johnson & Johnson – prior to the new administration taking office about the possibility of utilizing their facilities to bolster the manufacture of the vaccine.

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