Retired Chicago firefighter David Quintavalle had a pretty normal Wednesday last week. He went grocery shopping at Aldi in the morning, and spent the evening celebrating his wife’s birthday with home-cooked lobster and steak. His son, a Chicago police officer, celebrated as well. The next day, Quintavalle went to Home Depot.

None of this should be news, because these are things that normal people do regularly. But for Quintavalle, an otherwise normal day was shattered when he was publicly and falsely accused of being the man who attacked a U.S. Capitol Police officer with a fire extinguisher. That officer, Brian Sicknick, later died from his injuries.

Quintavalle is not on social media, so he didn’t know immediately that his life would be upended Tuesday when a random person on Twitter decided an image of him during a protest in Chicago matched the image of the man who allegedly attacked Sicknick.

“I got a phone call from a friend who said, ‘You should see what they twittered about you,’” Quintavalle told Patch.

“Some woman from British Columbia showed the [surveillance] picture of the guy wearing CFD stocking cap and a beard like I’ve had, and file footage when I was protesting the city inappropriately scoring the fire lieutenants exam, and said, ‘This is the guy.’ And the ball started rolling. Everybody started saying, ‘Here’s the guy,’” he added.

As Patch reported, the unconfirmed identification of Quintavalle spread, and people who pointed out that the Quintavalle’s picture did not match the unidentified man in the photo from the Capitol riot, they were accused of being “bots.”

People dug up whatever information they could about Quintavalle, pointing out his son’s profession and finding a three-year-old blog post from his estranged brother “accusing the retired firefighter of being a ‘bum’ who fraudulently acquired their mother’s home.”

Within hours of the false identification, Quintavalle started receiving phone calls from strangers calling him a “f***ing murderer.” Reporters camped out in front of his house. A patrol call had to be sent to keep an eye on the situation.

On Wednesday, Quintavalle spoke to the FBI and provided them receipts and other evidence showing that he was 600 miles away from the Capitol riot.

Attorney John Nisivaco told Patch that he presented the evidence provided by Quintavalle to the U.S. Justice Department and expects “the federal government will soon shed light on this case of mistaken identity.”

“Social media has killed David Quintavalle. This has been an absolute disaster to him personally and his family. There’s a cop car outside his house. It’s over a picture that kind of looks like him because people sitting behind a keyboard with no proof or evidence are throwing out these tweets, and they’re wrong. Holy smokes, it’s eye-opening how terrifying social media can be when something like this happens,” Nisivaco added.

This is the second time in a week that wannabe sleuths misidentified someone at the Capitol riot. As the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross noted on Twitter, people online also originally misidentified the rioter wearing a “Camp Auschwitz” T-shirt.

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Daily Wire: Retired Chicago Firefighter Accused Of Participating In Capitol Riot. He Was 600 Miles Away.

Taylor Heinicke started for just the second time in his NFL career Saturday night as the Washington Football Team’s quarterback against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but his performance was spectacular enough to earn him praise despite his team’s loss.

Heinicke started as the team’s quarterback after franchise quarterback Alex Smith suffered another injury and backup quarterback Dwayne Haskins was released from the team for violating COVID-19 protocols. Heinicke took his chance and ran with it, literally, rushing for 46 yards on six carries and securing one touchdown. He also had 306 passing yards, which yielded a touchdown and an interception, according to CBS Sports. After his stellar performance, the former XFL quarterback said he hoped to stay in Washington to continue his career.

But Heinicke’s performance meant nothing to those who seek to stamp out conservatives from the public space. In August, a post on Medium criticized Heinicke for supporting President Donald Trump and being a conservative critical of the Left. Highlighted tweets don’t show Heinicke engaging in any incitement or conspiracy theories, just general support for Trump and conservative principals like tens of millions of Americans, but that’s all it takes for Leftists to try to destroy someone.

“Heinicke, a known (Donald) Trump supporter’s feed, is filled with rightwing pro-MAGA tweets and liberal-bashing, especially over the turbulent last five months since the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. His likes show tweets criticizing protesters and rioters. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but everyone else is allowed to condemn a woefully ignorant view,” said the post on Medium. “The backlash from his condescension can be a teachable moment. As his tweets garnered more attention, Heinicke stood firm in his position, even calling for a ‘civil and educated convo.’ However, he wouldn’t listen to differing viewpoints in a back and forth with different Twitter users and was very defensive to being ‘canceled.’”

That’s it. That’s what they found on him.

The fantasy sports website Awesemo collected fan reactions, most of whom were random Twitter users, but did include Atlantic writer Jemele Hill, whose main schtick is claiming everything is racist.

Thankfully, it appears Heinicke may survive the attempted cancellation, as most articles from major news and sports outlets are focusing on his potential future in the NFL. ESPN, which has come under fire in recent years for injecting politics into sports, managed to publish an article about Heinicke that didn’t reference his tweets. Instead, the outlet centered on Heinicke’s performance and prospects.

“I deserve to be in this league a little longer,” the outlet reported Heinicke as saying. “I’ve been on the other side not playing and it’s not fun, not as fun as this.”

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also tweeted support for Heinicke, a hopeful signal that merely supporting conservative ideas and criticizing the Left doesn’t mean the nail in the coffin for a talented player.

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Daily Wire: After Stellar Performance, Leftists Condemn Washington Football Team Quarterback For Being A Trump Supporter

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