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The summer is almost here, and many are hoping to get a little R&R at their local beaches. But if you’re in New York City, you’re going to be out of luck… so says Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Even though Memorial Day is right around the corner, the city still refuses to let large groups of people come together. And this includes the beaches — you can go for a walk on the beach, apparently, but you can’t do anything else.

What will happen if you disobey this edict from Mayor de Blasio? What will happen if you dare take a refreshing dip in the waves?

You’ll be “taken right out of the water”!

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday said that there will be ‘no swimming’ at any of the city’s beaches and warned residents that they would ‘be taken right out of the water’ if they decide to take a dip.

Wow, sounds a little harsh, don’t you think?

Mayor de Blasio added that fencing will be available at the public beaches and if authorities need them, they’ll use them.

In other words, if too many citizens dare go against the order, those fences will be put in position. de Blasio also warned that “tougher measures” might have to be implemented as well.

This is bad news for NYC residents.

If you didn’t know, they’ve got LOTS of beaches; from Wolfe’s Pond Beach in Staten Island to Orchard Beach in the Bronx to Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn.

But you can’t swim at any of them due to the pandemic.

Mayor de Blasio was really annoyed when people flocked outside during the warm weather this past weekend, and said:

The police department will be out, the sheriff’s office will be out watching very carefully on the Upper East Side in particular.

We’re not going to tolerate people congregating. It’s as simple as that.

It’s the phrasing, Mr. Mayor. It just sounds draconian and borderline tyrannical. Do you understand that?

As a result, many residents feel their rights and freedoms are under fire … and issuing endless threats and warnings isn’t really helping.

Above all, we don’t feel like this is the Land of the Free!

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Source: The Daily Wire

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: NYC Mayor de Blasio Warns Citizens – If We Catch You Swimming At The Beach, You’ll Be “Taken Right Out Of The Water”

America can’t afford more dirty politicians.

We’ve seen a slew of them in recent years, as accusations and charges continue to fly around Capitol Hill.

We’ve got problems on state government levels as well.

Citizens elected these people to run their towns—but many are turning out to be grossly incompetent.

…or in this case, potentially breaking the law.

Democratic Cincinnati City Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard was arrested this week, and she’s facing some stiff charges.

And if she’s found guilty on all charges, she could face up to 50 years in prison!

From Fox19:

Democratic Cincinnati City Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard was arrested on federal charges Tuesday in an attempt to sell her council vote for money, according to the Department of Justice.

Dennard was taken into custody in downtown Cincinnati on charges of honest services wire fraud, bribery and attempted extortion.

Dennard tried to sell her vote for cash? Seriously? And the charges just keep piling up.

How is this the behavior of a responsible elected official?

And by the way, this investigation included “theft of funds from programs receiving government money.”

Dennard allegedly asked for $10,000 to $15,000 for personal expenses from an employee at a law firm.

The FBI also discovered text messages and recordings of conversations. And these supposedly contain even more evidence against the Democrat councilwoman.

Like I said, we can’t afford to have so many dirty politicians.

If Dennard is guilty of these accusations, she’s a perfect example of what we DON’T need.

Aren’t you tired of this? Don’t you think we should demand more of our elected officials?

Source: Fox19

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: Ohio Democrat Arrested On Federal Charges – She Faces Up To 50 Years For Trading Votes For Cash

The 2020 elections are coming up fast, and President Trump is doing everything he can to Make America Great Again.

This includes our elections.

But Republican Jason Chaffetz just uncovered a very shady plan in the far-left state of California … and Trump needs to know about it.

It’s called ballot harvesting, and it can cause LOTS of problems.

What is ballot harvesting?

Ballot harvesting is when campaign staffers assist in the collection of votes from citizens like you and me.

Instead of people turning in ballots at secure locations, they drop them in the hands of campaigners. Yes, even into the hands of 20 year old millenials with an agenda.

Just think about that for a second…

This means those votes could be altered or even conveniently “lost” on their way to being turned in.

In fact, this had led to many instances of confirmed voter fraud across the country.

Now, this practice is illegal in many states but – surprise, surprise! – it’s perfectly legal in California!

As Chaffetz says:

In California … ballot harvesting was legalized by Democrats in the state legislature. They don’t consider it cheating in that state.

It was used to flip seven Republican seats to the Democratic column in 2018.

That’s right, they’ve already used this underhanded technique to gain control in California!

In his new book, “Power Grab,” Chaffetz says ballot harvesting shouldn’t be allowed because the ballots are “vulnerable to manipulation.”

How could anyone really know just how many votes were lost or changed? How could anyone trust this method?

And yet, all of this is perfectly legal in California. It figures, right?

And if it stays legal, it means voter fraud could explode in Cali during the 2020 election.

This is why President Trump must attempt to put a stop to ballot harvesting, not just in California but everywhere. Our democratic process must remain clean!

Trump will win 2020 fair and square. But if the election is NOT fair, Democrats might be able to steal this country back…

And we can’t afford to let that happen! We need Trump for another four years!

Source: Fox News

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: Jason Chaffetz Calls Out California – He Just Uncovered Their Plan To Steal 2020 From Trump

Google employees have hit the panic button.

Earlier this week, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas confirmed the suspicions of many:

Google has plans to meddle in the upcoming 2020 election, as a disturbing new report proved.

A senior Google executive was the whistleblower in question, and the report also included leaked documents.

Apparently, the company’s goal is to “prevent a Trump situation in 2020,” and they’re going to do whatever it takes to stop it.

But now that they’ve been found out, it’s damage control time:

The first thing they did was delete the Project Veritas’ YouTube video that exposed the company’s anti-American plot.

Then Google staffers started to panic (via Gateway Pundit):

“And the Google executives have deleted their social media pages.

Jen Gennai, the Google executive caught on video bragging that ‘Congress can pressure us but we’re not changing,’ panicked, deleted her Twitter account and made her Instagram ‘private.’”

Gennai was featured in that deleted undercover video, by the way.

She’s The Head of Responsible Innovation, and she said Google had been working hard to “prevent” a repeat of 2016 in 2020.

And now she’s deleted her Twitter account and secured her Instagram profile … why? Because there’s likely more evidence to be found.

Then Guarav Gite, the Google engineer that proved the company’s manipulation of algorithms based on its own definition of “fairness,” deleted his Facebook page.

Obviously, this report has caused mass panic at Google HQ.

If there was nothing to the report, there’d be no reason for high-ranking employees to take such drastic steps, right?

If you’re deleting entire social media accounts, that means you’ve got something to hide.

Recently, Congressmen Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said Google should be “stripped of its section 230 immunity” and an investigation should begin immediately.

There’s no knowing how much Google has already manipulated news and information to suit their liberal agenda.

But it’s clear they have plans to do the same thing for the 2020 election.

And something must be done to stop them … this company has FAR too much power and influence to be ignored.

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: After Google’s Anti-Trump 2020 Plan Comes Out, Google Execs Race To Destroy The Evidence

This new plan is just what our overworked border officials needed!

The situation at our border continues to worsen, as our overworked authorities are desperate for help.

The startling increase in asylum seekers has bogged down operations at the border, and the courts have been pushed to their breaking point.

There are simply too many incoming individuals to process.

However, the Donald Trump administration has a solution for expediting the asylum requests, and alleviating that growing stress.

Basically, it involves setting up temporary “immigration courts” at border checkpoints.

It would give authorities and asylum seekers an “express” immigration hearing, according to a report from CNN and a Trump administration official:

“Site assessments have been completed for almost all the ports of entry to determine where such temporary immigration courts, described by sources as “soft-sided,” would be needed…

The facilities could be used to conduct hearings via video teleconference, which has previously been used by immigration courts elsewhere in the country.”

In each of the past three months, the number of detained migrants topped 100,000.

Furthermore, we’re running out of ways of holding these detained individuals; for now, most are held in border patrol facilities for 21 days (the max time allowed by law).

Then they’re given a court date and released into the U.S.

The problem with this is that many don’t bother to return for that court date, and most are never found and deported.

It’s a failed system, and part of the reason is because we simply can’t process these people with any accuracy or efficiency.

These temporary courts could be the answer.

As for those who are returned to Mexico to await their court hearings:

“Migrants who are sent to Mexico to await their court hearings return to the US through a port of entry along the southern border to then be transported to their hearing.

The temporary courts would allow migrants to have their hearings near or at the port, rather than being bussed miles away, said the official.”

It’s definitely a step in the right direction as far as efficiency and speed is concerned.

Of course, this still doesn’t solve the overall problem; it’s merely a legal Band-Aid.

But for now, it could work well … and while it’s being implemented, Trump can continue to work on stemming the endless tide of asylum seekers.

Mexico seems to be doing their part thus far, deploying 6,000 National Guard members to their own border.

So, things are looking up — but don’t you agree that the Trump administration needs to push even HARDER for better border security?

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: After Border Authorities Beg For Immediate Help, President Trump Leaps Into Action

Even Donald didn’t see this one coming.

It’s one of the biggest lies Democrats tell:

Women hate Republicans. They hate conservative values. And they REALLY hate Donald Trump.

They’ve been pushing that false claim since 2016, despite the fact that the numbers never support such a theory.

For example, do you realize just how much money women have given to the 2020 Trump campaign…?

If you were to believe the Democrats, there should be almost nothing. Again, because “women hate Trump.”

Okay, so how come 10,375 women donated to Trump in the first quarter of 2019?

And why is that DOUBLE the closest Democrat challenger for the 2020 election?

From The Daily Caller:

“More women donated to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign than any of the Democratic 2020 presidential candidates, according to FEC data.

California Sen. Kamala Harris had the second highest number of female donors with 3,850.”

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, President Donald Trump has, far and away, the most female donors.

They’re voting with their money: for Donald Trump. Numbers like this are showing a sharp turn towards a Trump victory in 2020.

Don’t believe me? The numbers don’t lie:

Number of female donors by candidate (Q1 2019):

Donald Trump: 10,375

Kamala Harris: 3,850

Bernie Sanders: 3,271

Beto O’Rourke: 2,289

Cory Booker: 2,020

Pete Buttigieg: 1,335

Elizabeth Warren: 1,330

Amy Klobuchar: 1,321

Yes, thanks to these numbers, Trump gains a big advantage for 2020.

Democrats are reeling over this because they still want to believe that most females will back a Democratic candidate.

But overall, Trump’s fundraising to this point has yielded a whopping $7,592,966 from women!

Obviously, the Democrat claim that women loathe Trump isn’t even close to true, just like the lie that all minorities dislike POTUS.

At this rate, it looks like 2020 won’t even be close.

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: Trump’s 2020 Chances Take A Sharp Turn – American Women Just Voted With Their Money

No, Obama never got such an invitation.

Another day, another first for President Donald Trump.

And in fact, this is a first for ANY U.S. President.

Despite the mainstream media telling everyone that the entire planet hates Donald and Melania, many world leaders respect the First Couple.

That includes the Prince of Wales and his wife, too.

Maybe that’s why Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have extended a very special invitation to the Mr. and Mrs. Trump.

And its unique intimacy is what sets this invitation apart.

From The Daily Caller:

“Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will reportedly host the unexpected meeting at the couple’s official residence when the first lady and president travel to the U.K. in June…

It will reportedly be a first for an heir to the throne to host a U.S. president in such an intimate capacity.“

That’s what’s most interesting about this, really.

This isn’t a PR event or anything like that; it’s a simple quiet tea, as two families would have if they were good friends.

Furthermore, it’s coming on the same day as Queen Elizabeth II’s state banquet.

So, the Trumps will be attending both the big gala event on behalf of the Queen, then retiring to a simple, friendly tea with the Prince and his wife.

And no, this hasn’t happened before. Obama wasn’t invited to any such thing, that’s for sure.

Sure, the royal family still has their problems with Trump, but this sort of proves they’re willing to be open and polite, doesn’t it?

Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall

It’s a great show of kindness across two countries, and the Trumps are FINALLY getting some respect!

I wonder how Donald and Melania keep scoring these international firsts … maybe they’re not anywhere NEAR as hated as the MSM would have us believe.

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: Donald And Melania Just Received A Very Special Invitation – It’s A FIRST For Any US President

Democrats thought Donald wouldn’t dare – Barack is devastated.

Barack Obama made plenty of mistakes in office.

Some will argue that his hugely negative impact on American business and the economy was his worst blunder.

Others will say skyrocketing welfare and other assistance programs hurt America the most.

But perhaps above all else, Obamacare was his worst failure.

And ever since Donald Trump stepped into the Oval Office, he’s been looking for ways to eliminate the disaster that is the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Now we learn that due to the strides he has taken, America will save huge.

From Breitbart:

“A White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) study released on Friday found that Americans will save $450 billion through Trump’s Obamacare reforms.

The CEA suggested that Trump’s repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate and the expansion of short-term insurance plans and Association Health Plans (AHPs)…

…will save Americans billions over the next ten years.“

Yes. Billions.

Furthermore, the White House decided that Trump’s deregulatory moves did NOT qualify as “sabotage” of the ACA.

In fact, these moves gave Americans more healthcare options, like short-term plans that have proven to be very popular and effective.

And as these plans don’t have to comply with Obamacare insurance regulations, insurance companies can offer cheaper, more customizable plans.

Plus, businesses have more options, too.

That’s because Trump expanded the AHPs, which are health insurance pools sponsored by an industry, trade, or professional association that provides healthcare for its members.

And this means businesses can offer workers FAR more affordable insurance options.

In the end, Trump’s destruction of Obamacare is a win-win for everyone in the country.

Pro-Obamacare politicians said repealing the individual mandate and the expansion of short-term plans and AHPs would lead to higher premiums.

But that isn’t what happened. Everything just got way more expensive.

Now, however, thanks to the Trump administration, the government will save $185 billion over the next 10 years.

And citizens will save billions more!

How’s that for a major victory, fellow patriots?

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriotjournal: President Trump Saves Taxpayers $450B – Drops Hammer On Obama Grail

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