Watching the disconnect between how the media tries to portray Biden and how he portrays himself is a sight to behold at times. Constantly, we are bombarded with claims that the former VP is “moderate” and steady. He wouldn’t do anything too crazy, right? Well, except abolish the filibuster and pass a bunch of progressive dream bills that is. But does that really make him not a moderate?

This is the kind of idiotic logic we’ve had to endure since Biden became the presumptive nominee, and his position on guns is no different. In fact, Biden took to social media yesterday to proclaim exactly what he’s going to do when it comes to the Second Amendment.

The fallacies present here have been knocked down so many times that it almost seems pointless to respond to them. All guns are “weapons of war” in the abstract, but an AR-15 is no more designed for war than a bolt-action rifle made by Remington. Every gun shares characteristics with weapons that end up being deployed on battlefields. That does not make them out of bounds under our Constitution, and any attempt to draw such lines is completely arbitrary.

Further, a ban on high-capacity magazines has already been struck down by the courts because there was no legal basis for it at all. Is Biden proposing to flaunt a decision by the courts? Does that sound very moderate to you?

Regardless, the media were ready to step in and make excuses, trying to convince people that their lying eyes aren’t seeing what Biden is putting out there.

CNN’s Daniel Dale has essentially become a “fact-checking” mouthpiece for the Biden campaign. Even when Biden says pointedly that he’s going to take away people’s guns, he’s right there to tell us that that’s not what he really meant. It’s sad at pathetic. This instance was no different. Dale immediately put this up.

“Despite what Biden is saying, I’m going to say he’s saying something different” is quite the line from Dale. So is Biden just too out of it to know his own positions? Is that the excuse here? Never mind that Biden’s last “ban” on “assault weapons” was a failure that had no marked impact on gun crime. You’d think a fact-checker might be interested in that, but I guess not.

We know what’s really going on here, though. While the media will pretend otherwise, Biden is a radical on guns just as he’s a radical on nearly every other issue. That he couches it in his doddering reality as a half-lucid old man doesn’t change his political positions.

Biden is telling you that he’s coming for your guns. Believe him.

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Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Joe Biden Admits It — He’s Coming for Your Guns

The member of the “People’s Revolution Movement” who had his bicep blown off in Konesha two nights ago may have just helped Kyle Rittenhouse’s claim of self-defense. If you aren’t familar with the details, Gaige Grosskreutz charged with a pistol at Rittenhouse after he was being beaten on the ground by another man who subsequently shot and killed. New evidence also shows that someone fired at Rittenhouse first during the first altercation in which a third man was shot in the head. He was then chased down the street where he encountered Grosskreutz.

Be sure to check out RedState’s full breakdown of the events by clicking here.

Now, a friend claims that Grosskreutz regrets not shooting and killing Rittenhouse, going so far as to say he wanted to empty “the entire mag into him.”

While this statement may or may not be admissible in court, it does bolster Rittenhouse’s claim that he rightfully feared for his life. It will also be something the police have to take into account during their investigation. Rittenhouse, according to the video, was not the aggressor in either location where shooting took place. In the first instance, a man charged him, throwing something at him while clearly posing a threat. That was the first discharge of the weapon. The mob then chased him down the street. After stumbling, he was hit with a skateboard and discharged his weapon several times again, killing the man trying to assault him. It was then that Grosskreutz was videoed running at Rittenhouse with a pistol in his hand. The final shot was fired at that point, blowing Grosskreutz’s bicep up in what has now become a viral video.

At the end of the day, I see noway that a 1st degree murder charge stands here. Every piece of evidence says this was self-defense. And while it may be correct to say this 17 year old shouldn’t have been there armed with a gun, the right stop others from harming or killing you doesn’t go out the window over concerns of vanity. Regardless of why he was there, Rittenhouse had a right to shoot those attacking him. Whether this will serve as a lesson for future “protesters,” we’ll see. It’s a shame something like this had to happen for people to realize how dangerous these riots are getting. This entire ordeal is a gross failure of state and local officials who had the power to prevent the carnage and destruction. If police aren’t allowed to do their jobs and anarchy reigns, people are going to get killed. It was inevitable and it will happen again unless things change.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Rioter Who Got His Bicep Blown Off Admitted He Wanted to Kill the Teen Shooter

Wisconsin is currently being run by Democrats, so you expect some level of illogical policy to emanate from their handling of the coronavirus. To be fair, they’ve done well compared to most of the other states in their region. Neighboring Michigan, for example, has been an horror show, with some of the highest death rates in the nation.

Regardless, Wisconsin has also decided to take mask wearing mandates to the level of parody. Now, employees of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource are being made to wear masks, not just in the office, but at home while on Zoom calls. Yes, people who are alone, in their own homes are being asked to wear masks.

The reasons behind this are as dumb as you’d imagine. Apparently, the leadership at the DNR believe that the mere act of having people wear masks on Zoom calls will proselytize the masses into putting largely ineffective pieces of cloth over their own faces. To be clear, there’s no scientific reason for this mandate. Per their own admission, it’s pure virtue signaling.

Of course, the idea that anyone is going to decide for or against wearing a mask based on seeing someone from the Department of National Resource on an internet call seems fairly ludicrous, probably because it is. The infantilizing of people has become a bit of an obsession throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Want to go use your boat on an empty lake? Well, you can’t because it might send the wrong message. Want to go to church and listen to a sermon? Can’t do that either. Of course, you can go protest in massive groups for “social justice,” because politics apparently dictates the transmission rate of the coronavirus.

In the end though, none of this is based in science. As I’ve laid out recently (see The Case for Masks Has Taken Another Body Blow), we are seeing next to no correlation between heavily mask wearing countries and case loads, nor the prevention of second waves of the virus. Japan is the most masked up country in the world. They are experiencing a large spike right now. For the most part, mask wearing appears to have far more of a psychological impact, giving people a false sense of security, than physically stopping the virus. That shouldn’t be surprising. Professional PPE has existed for a long time. Professional PPE has never consisted of a bandana or a piece of cloth with rhinestones on it.

How we’ve reached place where a majority of the population are convinced those things will protect you is a testament to the power of hysteria and politicians looking to pass the buck. After all, if masks were admitted to be largely ineffective, they would lose a battering ram by which to pummel the public’s behavior with instead of themselves for their own failures.

No one is deciding mask usage based on zoom calls. All this boils down to is more buck passing and virtue signaling to make people feel like they are doing something when they aren’t. Perhaps Wisconsin’s citizens will recognize the absurdity coming from their state the last few years and act accordingly.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Wisconsin Puts a Mask Mandate In Place That Will Leave You Face Palming

It’s been a banner day for Joe Biden. Usually relegated to the dark recesses of his basement, he’s run a campaign that’s weak and cowardly, but also seemingly effective. For some reason, his handlers decided to give him access to a computer today though, and the clips have been nuts.

Earlier, he claimed Donald Trump was the “first” racist president. That isn’t true, both because Trump isn’t a racist, and because our history is filled with racist presidents, including slave traders (see Joe Biden Slips Further Into Mental Collapse, Declares Trump the ‘First’ Racist President). Not to be outdone by that bit of insanity, he went on to also claim a nurse breathed into his nostrils to “get him going” when he was once in the hospital. I’m not a medical professional, but I’m confident that’s not a thing nurses do.

Yet, Biden wasn’t done for the day. He decided to shill for China and basically accuse Americans of being stupid, racist, or both.

I love the Chinese woman giving the thumbs down when Biden talks about Trump blaming China. Perhaps that woman should reflect on her priorities. I’m all for ethnic pride. It’s one of the really cool things about America’s mix of cultures and backgrounds, but China is a dumpster fire, communist state. Anyone, including any Chinese-American, not willing to call out China’s malfeasance over this virus should explain what their logic is.

Regardless, Biden then goes on to make the silly claim that Americans see all Asian people as the same. We are apparently just big, dumb racists, and if a president talks frankly with us about what China has done, we might take it out on some South Korean or something. Wait, what?

This is infantilizing voters to a ridiculous degree. I don’t know about Biden, who can’t even tell the difference between his sister and wife, but I think most people can indeed tell the difference between someone from Vietnam and someone from Xian.

The more serious admission here is Biden insinuating he’d just lie to people and protect the Chinese communists because he doesn’t think Americans can be responsible with the truth. That strikes me as pretty insane. People don’t want to be coddled and lied to about foreign adversaries, including the Chinese. They want straight talk. China started this virus, they hid the virus, and they lied about the virus after it started to spread outside their borders. No amount of yelling at Trump will change that.

Of course, a lot of this is par for the course for Biden. He’s been shilling for the Chinese for decades. His son made millions via corrupt dealings in the country. Just a few years ago, Biden chastised those who could suggest a powerful China is a dangerous entity. This is the same guy who’s been wrong about every major foreign policy issue of the last forty years. That he’d be on the side of defending China after this pandemic isn’t surprising, but it’s disgusting nonetheless.

Joe Biden is not a person that needs to be president. He’s a person who needs a retirement home.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Joe Biden Goes on Wild Tangent, Basically Accuses Americans of Being Stupid and Racist

There’s probably a lesson in here somewhere.

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan, the highest ranking uniformed officer on the force, was violently assaulted today during a “protest” on the Brooklyn Bridge. This occurred in conjunction with two other officers suffering injury. One of the attacks was caught on video.

Here’s the report via the New York Post.

The city’s top uniformed cop was injured when he was attacked by a group of people who were at a George Floyd protest on the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday morning, police said.

Chief of Department Terence Monahan received “non-life-threatening injuries” during the scuffle, an NYPD spokesman said.

Monahan’s finger was broken when he was struck with an object, police said. At least two other officers were seriously injured.

You may remember Monahan from his previous media coverage. He was notably filmed taking a knee with protestors during the height of the unrest which swept American cities following the killing of George Floyd.

James Gagliano didn’t miss that bit of irony.

The attempts to appease “protesters” have yielded little results in these cities. The assault on Monahan is just the latest piece of evidence on that front. For every protester you may get on your side, even temporarily, there’s always someone else looking to cause unrest and violence. Police are not going to retake control of these cities by straddling the line between enforcing the law and promoting their own quasi brand of wokeness. These “protests” blocking streets shouldn’t be allowed at this point. When things get violent, arrests need to be made. Most of all, political prosecutors need to actually do their jobs and put these people in jail.

For the most part, none of that is happening, hence how you get New York’s top uniformed officer beaten up on the street while two more of his officers suffer more serious injuries. Anarchy begets anarchy. There is no middle ground to be had here, no matter how much New York’s leadership wishes it to be so. Retake control of the streets or this will continue, including the massive spike in violent crime the city is suffering under.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: NYPD Chief Who Knelt With Protesters Ends Up Violently Assaulted By the Mob

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who bent the knee to Joe Biden several weeks ago, has finally commented on the sexual assault allegation against him. As badly as other Democrats have handled their answers about Biden, I think this one takes the cake.

.@AOC on Biden sexual assault allegations: “Frankly, this is a messy moment, and I think we need to acknowledge that — that it is not clear cut … [Tara Reade] has never explicitly said, ‘Don’t vote for Joe Biden’” [via NPR]
— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) May 7, 2020
AOC, supposed champion of women and the #metoo movement, is actually arguing that Reade never told people to not vote for Joe Biden, so it’s probably cool or something.

I mean, I expect lunacy anytime she’s involved, but did no one bother to tell her how bad this looks? She’s excusing the possible assault on political grounds, which may not be her intent, but is certainly the perception being put forth. So now alleged rape victims need to also put out a comment to make sure and not vote for the guy who they say raped them? You’ve got to be kidding me.

As a contrast, here’s AOC following the Kavanaugh travesty.

We’re saying it loud and clear:

On Nov. 6th, if you are an elected official that minimizes, covers for, or ignores sexual assault, then we will replace you by electing survivors to office. #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh

✊🏽 Let’s go:

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) October 5, 2018

Democrats have painted themselves into a corner here. The Reade issue isn’t going away and they’ve botched their responses from the beginning. They could have easily not been total hypocrites and not perpetuated the “believe all women” myth when it was convenient. They chose not to and are reaping the rewards of that.

Further, Reade has now completed an interview with Megyn Kelly. If they thought this story was “closed,” it’s going to be blown wide open again after Reade describes in detail the allegation she’s making.

For her part, AOC has shown herself to be far more about power than the change she claims to care about. She’s not the revolutionary she labels herself as, which is why she endorsed Biden despite gaining no concessions whatsoever from him. The entire Democratic Socialist movement is led by frauds and it’s glorious to see them exposed.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: AOC’s Response to the Joe Biden Sexual Assault Allegation Will Have You Laughing Out Loud (or Crying)

If Tara Reade had any illusions she was going to get the Blasey Ford treatment, I’d guess those are gone now. There have been no high-dollar Democrat lawyers donated to defend her, nor personal security paid to protect her. The media aren’t there to perpetuate her story and put her on the cover of magazines.

Instead, Reade has had to shoulder her accusations almost entirely alone, receiving death threats and a relentless barrage from the very people who coined the phrase “believe all women.”

In fact, things are getting so bad now that they are actually accusing Reade of committing a crime.

Debra Messing has now deleted that tweet, but the story remains up at Medium. I’m not going to bother linking to it, as I’d rather not give them the clicks and I’m not going to quote it.

The original piece is actually over a week old and was written by grifter brothers Brian and Eddie Krassenstein. You may recall them from their very public Twitter ban, but if you don’t, think of Seth Abramson’s account, but crazier.

Last night, that story started making the rounds again after a week of attempts to trash Reade and make her story go away. It’s becoming conventional wisdom on the left that she’s not only lying about Joe Biden sexually assaulting her, but that she’s also a political operative and crook.

Whether Reade’s accusation is ultimately true or not may be a question never answered. Especially if Biden is permitted to continue to deny access to his Senate records. But there’s no doubt that what was left of the #metoo movement has now been eviscerated.

No Democrat gets to flip the switch the next time a Republican they don’t like is accused. They’ve blown any possible moral high ground they once claimed to own, all to prop up a senile, nearly 80-year-old presidential candidate who can’t even remember how many grandchildren he has.

We’ll see if it was worth it for them.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Liberals Now Accusing Tara Reade of Crimes to Try to Discredit Her Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden

Information surrounding the Michael Flynn railroading has went from a trickle to a flood at this point. New documents are getting released and we are starting to see just how corrupt the prosecution against him was.

Last night, we learned that FBI officials were conspiring to “get him to lie” so they could charge him or “get him fired.” The entire thing was a setup from beginning, prompted by James Comey’s order to go talk to Flynn.

Now, things are starting to look even worse. Apparently, the case against Flynn was originally closed and deemed non-viable before being oddly re-opened.

The “7th floor” in this case means the very top of the FBI were involved. James Comey and Andrew McCabe are the most visible in that calculation, but obviously, everyone knew what was going on.

The indication here is that the evidence simply wasn’t there. The original case agents had decided there was nothing to the idea that Flynn had lied, or at least that he didn’t have intent to do so. The case gets closed and labeled “not viable” until Comey and company get themselves involved again. Perhaps they were satisfied with him being fired originally?

But then the plan to take down Trump kicked into high gear, with the Mueller investigation to come just a short time later. Comey likely realized that he needed a scalp and Flynn fit the bill, so the case gets re-opened, it’s handed off to Mueller, and the rest is history.

Let’s also be clear that Mueller was part of this. He had these documents and knew the entire thing was a setup. Yet, he went along with it anyway, ruining Flynn’s life in the process. Mueller is not a hero, he’s not a statesman. He’s yet another corrupt company man, seeking to exert his political will while protecting the institution he cares more about than the rule of law. All of these people need to be nailed by the DOJ for their behavior. To not do so would set a precedent that’s incredibly dangerous.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Revealed: Michael Flynn Case Originally Deemed “Not Viable,” Re-Opened At the Urging of Top FBI Leadership

This seems like a totally normal suggestion to be made by a “journalist,” and I’m not even really being sarcastic because it’s 2020 and all.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle was interviewing former Obama bro Jim Messina today, who was ranting about Donald Trump, calling his press briefings a clown show. Instead of asking her guest to pull it back a bit or countering that ridiculous charge, Ruhle smeared herself with honey and ran right into bear country.

Here she is actually suggesting Joe Biden set up his own “shadow government” to counter Trump.

There are a few different, more technical words to describe that, but I’ll just stick with crazy because I don’t think she actually means what it sounds like she means. Regardless, the idea that a presidential candidate should form his own mock government to fight against the current president would be widely mocked by the media if a Democrat were in office. How do we know? Because Mitt Romney barely criticizing Barack Obama during Hurricane Sandy earned him near-universal scorn. But shadow governments during a pandemic? All good.

Of course, there’s a reason Biden hasn’t done this. He’s simply not capable of it.

This is a guy who can’t function off a teleprompter at this point, and many times, he can’t function on one as was illustrated today. Biden is not going to slyly begin soothing the American spirit with lofty speeches and policy proposals in competition with Trump. He’s lucky to know what day it is.

But this does show how insane our mainstream media are. They are quite literally suggesting full-on sedition and undermining of the government during a crisis just for partisan gain, whether they mean to escalate it to that level or not.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: MSNBC Host Crazily Suggests Joe Biden Set up a ‘Shadow Government’ to Combat Trump

Call off the search, Joe Biden has been found.

After days of people wondering exactly where the former VP has been, Biden decided to appear before some friendly faces on The View today. He was interviewed remotely from what I’m assuming is his home, as it’s the same background he’s had for the last several videos he’s made. Apparently, all the rest he’s been getting the last few weeks has done nothing to sharpen Biden’s mental faculties, as he ended up devolving into incoherence rather quickly.

Wait, what? Yeah, I’m not going to even attempt to translate that. I have no idea what Biden is attempting to say there.

It got worse, though. Biden then started incessantly touching his face, even licking his fingers, at a time when everyone is being told to not do either of those things for the safety of everyone around them.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2020 Democrat nominee. Well, for now at least.

I’m really starting to think he doesn’t make it to the convention. There’s a reason Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York is basically auditioning to be the nominee right now. It’s possible the Democrats decide to dump Biden later in the year, as he’s certainly demonstrating evidence of dementia. This is not a person who’s going to be able to wage any type of real campaign, even a shortened one due to Wuhan virus.

Democrats screwed up here. They had a chance to nominate several other “moderate” (but not really moderate) candidates and instead chose the geriatric, senile guy. Now they’ve got nothing but bad choices in front of them. Do they ride this out with Biden, hoping he remains upright long enough to compete? Or do they override their voters and replace him as the nominee closer to November?

However they handle it, Trump has to like his odds.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: A Half-Sedated Looking Joe Biden Devolves Into Incoherence on The View

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