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President Trump will debate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday. Asked how his debate preparation is coming along, President Trump told reporters on Sunday that a couple of high-profile Republicans were helping him prepare for the big event.

According to President Trump, both former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani have played the role of Joe Biden during debate prep with the president.

The president also said he wasn’t joking when he proposed that he and Joe Biden both be tested for performance-enhancing drugs ahead of Tuesday’s debate.

“I am not joking,” said Trump. “I mean, I’m willing to take a drug test. I think he should too.”

The president said he noticed Biden’s debate performance against Bernie Sanders was markedly better than his earlier performance against “Pocahontas and Kamala Harris.”

“And I said, ‘How did he go from there, with those horrible performances, to where he was ok?'” said Trump.

“People say that he was on performance-enhancing drugs. A lot of people have said that. A lot of people have written that,” said Trump.

When a reporter asked the president who said that, he told the reporter to “check out the internet.”

Asked how much time he’s committed to debate preparation, Trump said he’s busy “running a country.”

While Biden certainly appears to have his senior moments, some Republicans are worried the president is falling into the classic incumbent trap of under-preparing for the first debate. At least it’s nice to know the president has some sharp Republicans playing the part of his opponent.

Tuesday’s debate will be hosted by Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace will moderate the 90-minute debate which begins at 9 p.m. e.s.t.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Trump Has These High-Profile Republicans Helping Him With Debate Prep

President Trump is a little busy these days, bringing peace to the Middle East and overseeing the country through a global pandemic and a spate of leftist violence, and, yet, the president still managed to field 867 more questions than Democratic nominee Joe Biden did during the same time period beginning mid-July.

According to The New York Post, President Trump answered roughly five times the number of questions from reporters than Democratic nominee Joe Biden did from July 19 to Sept. 15, according to a review of the candidates’ appearances. The president also answered questions using his brain, not a teleprompter, and didn’t rely on staff members to call upon friendly reporters asking planted questions.

(Via The Post)

Trump answered a total of 1,141 questions from a Washington press corps that he maintains is openly hostile to his administration, while Biden responded to just 274 questions from local networks and liberal cable news channels like CNN and MSNBC.

During the week of Aug. 9, the president took 196 questions from journalists while Biden answered just three.

Biden has repeatedly dodged questions from embeds covering his campaign and rejected “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace’s request for an interview in July after Trump sat for a hard-hitting interrogation with him. …

Biden took zero questions from reporters during an eight-day period in late July and early August, according to the data.

After formally introducing Kamala Harris as his vice president on Aug. 12, the septuagenarian candidate sat for just one interview — with People magazine — over another nine-day period.

Even after significantly ramping up his travel following months of total isolation in his Delaware basement, the former vice president continues to spurn questions from reporters covering his events.

Joe Biden’s cognitive health is a big concern for voters who worry the candidate is too old mentally and physically to fulfill the duties and demands of the office of the president. Voters also worry the 77-year-old candidate is a Trojan horse for far-left radicals. One needs to look no further than Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) — who has the most liberal voting record in the US Senate, a Senate with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in it — to know this concern is well justified. It also doesn’t allay fears that the Biden team refers to Kamala as “day one ready,” and Kamala herself has called a Biden presidency a “Harris administration.

If Joe Biden becomes president, his basement strategy isn’t going away. He’ll still have to hide from the press or risk being deemed unfit and removed via the 25th Amendment. Only the liberal media wants Kamala president and probably won’t run interference for Hidin’ Biden like they are now.

People may lament President Trump’s stream of consciousness on Twitter and talking to liberal reporters, but at least the media has access to the commander-in-chief and knows what Donald Trump is thinking. Nobody has a clue what’s going on inside Joe Biden’s mind, if anything is at all anymore. The smart money is on children, leg hair, and lying dog-faced pony soldiers.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Numbers Don’t Lie: Trump Answers a Lot More Questions From Reporters Than Biden

On Wednesday, House Republicans on the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis sent a letter to the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom, calling upon Tedros to answer questions under oath regarding false statements made by the WHO and other troubling aspects of the WHO’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The WHO previously told Republicans on the House Oversight Committee that Chinese officials informed the WHO about a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan on December 31, 2019. But the WHO quietly contradicted that claim last week when it updated its official timeline showing the WHO learned about the outbreak from a U.S. website.

“This revelation confirms that China failed to notify the WHO of the outbreak, in violation of the Internal Health Regulations (IHR), and must be held accountable,” Republicans wrote on Wednesday. “By refusing to disclose the truth, you have shielded China from accountability. Your public statements regarding the initial outbreak coupled with the WHO website and your June 15 letter to this Committee demonstrate an endorsement of the CCP propaganda efforts to cover up the origins of this virus and mislead the world.”

Committee Republicans stated “the WHO’s negligence and lack of transparency resulted in a loss of faith” in the WHO’s ability to handle pandemics, including the current one. In late May, President Trump announced the end of voluntary WHO contributions, officially notifying Congress and the United Nations of the withdrawal this Tuesday.

“Unequivocally, no organization should receive American taxpayer dollars that refuses to tell the truth and is unaccountable to the nations it serves,” the Republican letter reads.

Committee Republicans repeated an earlier request for documents and communications between the WHO and the Chinese Communist Party and requested Tedros and other top officials at the WHO sit for transcribed interviews to address these important concerns.

Republicans also called on the WHO “to publically and formally acknowledge China’s violation of the [International Health Regulations]” for failing to notify the WHO about the outbreak.

The letter was signed by Reps. Steve Scalise (R-LA), Jim Jordan (R-OH), Jackie Walorski (R-IN), James Comer (R-KY), Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO), and Mark Green (R-TN).

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Republicans Demand Answers From WHO After False Statement About China’s Coronavirus Response

The Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee (RNC), and authorized joint fundraising committees set a new record with a $266 million haul in the second quarter. The RNC and Trump committees raised $131 million in the month of June alone.

“The Trump campaign’s monumental June fundraising haul proves that people are voting with their wallets and that enthusiasm behind President Trump’s re-election is only growing,” said Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale. “No one is excited about Joe Biden, which is why he has to rely so heavily on surrogates like Barack Obama and radical Hollywood elites. In stark contrast, President Trump is tapping into support from real Americans all across the country who have reaped the benefits of his America First agenda.”

The second-quarter haul represents more than $111 million over the previous quarter’s haul, a 71 percent increase. According to the RNC, $14 million was raised on the president’s birthday, making it the largest single-day online haul.

In a press release, the RNC noted the record haul was largely fueled by a digital, mail and online donor base, which the RNC believes “speaks to the strength, breadth and depth of support for President Trump by Republicans.” In contrast, the RNC said Joe Biden, despite constantly holding fundraisers, has failed to rally voters and donors to his cause.

“After yet another haul of record-breaking support, the voters are speaking loud and clear – they support President Trump,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “As Joe Biden remains hidden in his basement, President Trump is leading this country to a Great American Comeback that will reignite our economy, restore law and order, and usher in a new era of strength.”

Over the past two years, the Trump re-election effort has raised nearly one billion dollars and has more than $295 million in cash on hand.

It was reported last month that Biden and the Democratic National Committee had just over $122 million in cash on hand. The Biden team hasn’t released fundraising totals yet for the month of June.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Trump Team Sets Record Fundraising Haul in Second Quarter

Andrew Weissmann, the rabidly anti-Trump prosecutor responsible for assembling and commanding Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of Democratic lawyers — the team that wasted almost two years and over 30 million dollars investigating the Trump campaign — is now fundraising and stumping for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

On June 2, the former Trump investigator is scheduled to host a virtual fundraising event for former Vice President Joe Biden, sure to be replete with the candidate’s signature gaffes and the campaign’s technical glitches. The event, a “virtual fireside chat,” will be headlined by Weissmann and moderated by former New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram, according to the Biden campaign.

Andrew Weissmann helped fill the Mueller team with anti-Trump investigators, many of whom contributed to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Weissmann himself even attended what was supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s “victory” party on election night in 2016, as reported by Business Insider. Weissmann also sent former acting Attorney General Sally Yates an email praising Yates for her insubordination in refusing to defend the Trump administration’s travel ban on terrorism-producing countries.

In the Special Counsel’s office, Weissmann mainly oversaw the case against former Trump campaign official Paul Manafort. Manafort was found guilty on eight felony counts, including tax evasion and wire fraud, and sentenced to 7.5 years in federal prison in April 2018. Manafort was recently released and sent home from prison due to the Wuhan coronavirus.

Weissmann left the Special Counsel’s office in 2019 to reportedly teach at New York University and pursue his longstanding interest in preventing wrongful convictions, something Weissmann has been accused of perpetrating himself throughout his controversial career as a federal prosecutor.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Top Mueller Deputy Now Fundraising and Stumping for Joe Biden

Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified before Congress that her knowledge about corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden’s lucrative position on the board came only from what she read in press reports and a briefing she received by the Obama State Department ahead of her Senate confirmation hearing. But newly uncovered documents show the former ambassador’s knowledge of the two subjects was much greater than she told Congress under oath.

Citizens United obtained State Department emails this week showing former Ambassador Yovanovitch was involved in discussions regarding Burisma and even attended a meeting with representatives of the company, contradicting her testimony before Congress. The new documents were first reported by investigative journalist John Solomon.

According to Solomon, the unearthed emails show the ambassador and her staff were engaged in discussions and meetings with Burisma as the energy company scrambled to settle a corruption investigation before the inauguration of President Trump.

(Via Just the News)

Yovanovitch, for instance, was specifically warned in an email by her top deputy in September 2016 — three years before her testimony — that Burisma had hired an American firm with deep Democratic connections called Blue Star Strategies to “rehabilitate the reputation” of the Ukrainian gas firm and that it had placed “Hunter Biden on its board,” the memos show.

She also met directly with a representative for Burisma in her embassy office, less than 45 days before Trump took office, a contact she did not mention during her impeachment deposition.

The discussions about Burisma inside Yovanovitch’s embassy were so extensive, in fact, that they filled more than 160 pages of emails, memos and correspondence in fall 2016 alone, according to the State Department records obtained under FOIA by the conservative group Citizens United.

The contacts included a detailed private letter hand-delivered to Yovanovitch by one of Burisma’s lawyers in September 2016, a briefing later that month from her staff on Burisma’s issues, and a meeting scheduled between the ambassador and a Burisma representative shortly before Christmas 2016 as the Obama administration was preparing to leave office.

During her testimony, Yovanovitch appeared to contradict herself as she downplayed her knowledge about Burisma and the Biden family’s conflict of interest. Yovanovitch testified, neither “[Joe Biden] nor the previous administration ever raised the issue of Burisma or Hunter Biden with me.” But, under questioning by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), the former ambassador clarified the Obama administration prepared her to answer questions specifically about Hunter Biden and Burisma during her Senate confirmation hearing.

In a Fox News interview with Laura Ingraham, Solomon said the new evidence indicates one of two things about the former ambassador’s testimony: “She falsely testified knowing she had these contacts. The second is she didn’t review her documents before she testified, and it was a proceeding where we were removing the president of the United States possibly.”

So the former ambassador is either lazy or a liar. Trump was right to fire her.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Democrats’ Impeachment Witness Has Some Explaining to Do

Incarcerated individuals were used to make phone calls on behalf of the Bloomberg campaign. A confidential source told The Intercept that women prisoners at the Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center in Oklahoma made phone calls to California on behalf of the Bloomberg campaign. The prisoners were required to disclose that calls were being paid for by the Bloomberg campaign but did not disclose the fact that they were prisoners.

Michael Bloomberg confirmed on Twitter that prison workers did indeed make phone calls on behalf of his campaign but denied knowing that such labor was being used before The Intercept’s reporting on Tuesday. Bloomberg also announced that his campaign has ended its relationship with the company that was using prison labor to make phone calls for the candidate.

“We only learned about this when the reporter called us,” Bloomberg tweeted, “but as soon as we discovered which vendor’s subcontractor had done this, we immediately ended our relationship with the company and the people who hired them.”

The former New York City mayor has already been criticized for his previous support of the stop-and-frisk policing strategy, which critics argue leads to a disproportionate number of certain minority groups being stopped at higher rates than other individuals. So it’s really not a good look for the billionaire to have been caught using prison labor to make his campaign calls.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Bloomberg Was Using Prison Labor To Make Campaign Calls

An expert legal witness testified Wednesday that the current legal case for impeaching President Trump is “woefully inadequate” and “dangerous,” as the House Judiciary Committee holds its first impeachment inquiry hearing.

In his opening statement, Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University Law School, told lawmakers that, while he is not a “supporter” of the president, he is concerned about the “integrity” of the impeachment process based on the case being built against Trump.

“One can oppose President Trump’s policies or actions but still conclude that the current legal case for impeachment is not just woefully inadequate, but in some respects, dangerous, as the basis for the impeachment of an American president,” Turley said.

At the center of the impeachment inquiry, which began in September, is Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. During the call, Trump pressed Zelensky for investigations that could help him politically, including relating to former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

Turley, in his opening statement, said, “The reference to the Hunter Biden deal with Burisma should never have occurred and is worthy of the criticism of President Trump that it has unleashed. However, it is not a case of bribery.”

He argued the “issue is not whether these comments are correct, but whether they are corrupt.” Turley said if Trump “honestly believed that there was a corrupt arrangement with Hunter Biden that was not fully investigated by the Obama administration, the request for an investigation is not corrupt, notwithstanding its inappropriateness.”

“In my view, there is no case law that would support a claim of corrupt intent in such comments to support a bribery charge,” Turley said. Still, he said, “There is no question that an investigation of the Bidens would help President Trump politically.”

Turley, a Republican witness, will testify alongside three other legal scholars — Stanford Law professor Pamela Karlan, Harvard Law professor and Bloomberg columnist Noah Feldman, and University of North Carolina Law Professor Michael Gerhardt — all of whom are witnesses for the Democrats.

“President Trump will not be our last president and what we leave in the wake of this scandal will shape our democracy for generations to come,” Turley said. “I am concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger.”

He added: “If the House proceeds solely on the Ukrainian allegations, this impeachment would stand out among modern impeachments as the shortest proceeding, with the thinnest evidentiary record, and the narrowest grounds ever used to impeach a president.”

“If we are to impeach a president for only the third time in our history, we will need to rise above this age of rage and genuinely engage in a civil and substantive discussion,” he said.

The hearing is slated to set the stage for the next phase of the House impeachment inquiry into the president. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., last week announced the hearing which he said would weigh whether the president’s actions reach a level of “high crimes and misdemeanors” and warrant articles of impeachment.

Nadler invited the president and counsel to participate in the hearing, but the White House declined.

“This baseless and highly partisan inquiry violates all past historical precedent, basic due process, rights, and fundamental fairness,” White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrote in a letter to Nadler on Sunday, accusing the chairman of “purposely” scheduling the proceedings to coincide with the president’s attendance at the NATO Leaders’ Meeting in London.

The hearing on Wednesday is expected to be of similar format to the House Intelligence Committee’s public hearings last month. The hearing will begin with a 45-minute period for the Democrats, most likely led by Judiciary Committee counsel Norm Eisen. Republicans will then get 45 minutes. Then, the hearing will go to five-minute rounds for each of the 41 members.

Trump’s July 25 phone call with Zelensky prompted a whistleblower complaint to the intelligence community inspector general and, in turn, the impeachment inquiry in the House. Trump has challenged the accuracy of that complaint, though the transcript released by the White House did support the core allegations that he pressed for politically related investigations.

The president’s request came after millions in U.S. military aid to Ukraine had been frozen, which Democrats and witnesses who testified before the House Intelligence Committee claimed shows a “quid pro quo” arrangement. Trump denies any wrongdoing, and Zelensky has said he did not feel pressured.

This week, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., transmitted a report with the majority’s findings from their inquiry, which concluded last week. The report concluded that Trump withheld nearly $391 million in military aid from Ukraine, conditioning its delivery as well as a White House visit for Zelensky on a public announcement that he was conducting investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden’s, business dealings in Ukraine, as well as issues related to the 2016 election. The Democrats’ report also accuses Trump of committing obstruction by instructing witnesses not to comply with congressional subpoenas.

Meanwhile, Republicans on the Intelligence Committee drafted a report of their own, which rejected Democrats’ claims, stating there is no evidence for impeachment.

“The evidence presented does not prove any of these Democrat allegations, and none of the Democrats’ witnesses testified to having evidence of bribery, extortion, or any high crime or misdemeanor,” the Republican report read.

Author: Brooke Singman

Source: Fox News: Impeachment legal case is ‘woefully inadequate,’ ‘dangerous,’ legal expert Turley testifies

Arizona’s Kayla Mueller was a humanitarian aid worker who was abducted in Syria by ISIS after she left a Doctors Without Borders hospital in 2013. It was revealed that Kayla Mueller had been raped by now-dead ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and tortured before her death in 2015.

In an interview with USA Today, Mueller’s parents praised President Trump for the death of their daughter’s rapist and wished that President Obama had been more of a decisive leader like President Trump because maybe then their daughter would still be alive.

(Via USA Today)

On Sunday, the Muellers praised President Donald Trump and the soldiers who pulled off the mission.

“We are so grateful for them … we are so grateful,” Marsha Mueller said. They were glad there was no loss of life on our side. They are grateful their daughter and the others who were tortured and killed by ISIS have not been forgotten.

“I still say Kayla should be here, and if Obama had been as decisive as President Trump, maybe she would have been,” Marsha Mueller said.

“For me what matters most I’m hoping now we will finally get the answers we have been asking for all along,” Marsha Mueller said. “I think this administration truly might help us. I don’t think they are as closed about what happened.”

During the Obama administration, the Muellers were told to keep their daughter’s captivity a secret and threatened with prosecution if they attempted to pay a ransom.

For obvious reasons, Kayla’s parents are strong supporters of President Trump. Carl, Kayla’s father, has spoken at Trump rallies. The president mentioned Kayla when he announced the death of al Baghdadi on Sunday.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Parents of Killed ISIS Hostage Praise Trump, Slam Obama

The Biden campaign has been busy writing letters to The New York Times, Facebook, Twitter – anyone who dares to repeat the “conspiracy theory” that Hunter Biden made millions as a board member of a Ukrainian energy company that was being investigated by a prosecutor who Vice President Joe Biden got fired by blackmailing the Ukrainian government.

When Democrats and the media don’t want something investigated, they call it a “conspiracy theory.” This is in contrast to the “Russian collusion” nonsense they believe about President Trump, which can never be investigated enough — and we are always moments away from finding that smoking gun!

A Trump ad — which ran on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – repeated inconvenient facts about the Bidens, and Democrats have been going crazy ever since! Both the Biden campaign and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are calling on Big Tech to step up censorship and prohibit the president from engaging in protected political speech.

Elizabeth Warren has an ongoing feud with Facebook over its policies protecting first amendment rights. Warren said in a tweet, “Facebook changed their ads policy to allow politicians to run ads with known lies — explicitly turning the platform into a disinformation-for-profit machine.”

Warren of all people should be defending the rights of politicians to tell lies. For decades, she falsely claimed to be a Native American. And more recently, she can’t stop repeating the lie about losing a job because she was pregnant.

In a bizarre decision, Warren then decided to test the waters of Facebook’s tacit embrace of the First Amendment by running a political ad supporting Donald Trump. The ad falsely claims that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had endorsed Trump for president. “We intentionally made a Facebook ad with false claims and submitted it to Facebook’s ad platform to see if it’d be approved. It got approved quickly and the ad is now running on Facebook. Take a look.”

Warren then proceeded to lie about TV networks censoring lies in political ads. “If Trump tries to lie in a TV ad, most networks will refuse to air it,” Warren claimed. But even so-called “fact-checkers” were quick to point out that federal law requires broadcast networks to run campaign ads. So Warren lies even when she’s accusing other people of lying.

And Warren’s claim that “Facebook already helped elect Donald Trump once,” sure sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. In Warren’s mind, all this Trump-being-president stuff could have simply been avoided if Facebook had done a better job censoring “fake news” back in 2016.

In a speech at Georgetown University last Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a strong defense of his company’s decision not to censor political speech on its platform. “I know many people disagree, but, in general, I don’t think it’s right for a private company to censor politicians or the news in a democracy,” Zuckerberg told the crowd. “As a principle, in a democracy, I believe people should decide what is credible, not tech companies.”

For instance, people decided Warren’s claims of Native American ancestry were not credible years before Warren revealed her DNA results.

“While I worry about an erosion of truth, I don’t think most people want to live in a world where you can only post things that tech companies judge to be 100% true,” Zuckerberg said.

Warren was outraged at Zuckerberg’s speech. She doesn’t want people hearing what the Republicans have to say! Elizabeth Warren wants a monopoly on telling lies.

Kamala Harris is simply calling for President Trump to be banned from Twitter.

In a statement, a Biden campaign spokesperson said, “Zuckerberg [had] attempted to use the Constitution as a shield for his company’s bottom line, and his choice to cloak Facebook’s policy in a feigned concern for free expression demonstrates how unprepared his company is for this unique moment in our history and how little it has learned over the past few years.”

Democrats need Facebook to know what the liberal media figured out years ago: If Republicans are allowed to speak, people will start listening to them. And if Big Tech caves into demands from Democrats to censor their political opponents, Big Tech really will have a role in deciding the next president.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: The Democrats’ Strategy For Winning In 2020 Seems to Rely Heavily On Censoring Republicans

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