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‘We’ve been essential for 2,000 years,’ pastor said in message to governor

A network of California churches filed a lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday, defying the state’s coronavirus lockdown orders against holding indoor church services while state officials encourage protests.

Che Ahn, the lead pastor of Harvest Rock Church, addressed the Democrat governor in his message Sunday at the Pasadena location, CBSLA reported.

“I want us to pray right now that we will win that court case. No one is above the Constitution. No one is above the law,” Ahn told his congregation. “As a pastor, I believe we’ve been essential for 2,000 years.”

Liberty Counsel is representing Harvest International Ministry, which also has churches in Corona, Irvine, and is connected to thousands of ministries around the world.

“I just feel the hypocrisy of encouraging protests. We are all for that but let’s just be consistent,” Ahn said.

“Newsom encourages tens of thousands of people to gather for mass protests, he bans all in-person worship and home Bible studies and fellowship. Such repression is well-known in despotic governments, and it is shocking that even home fellowship is banned in America,” Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, said in a statement on the lawsuit. “This outrage will not stand!”

Ahn’s congregations are the latest to join the battle between Newsom and houses of worship over coronavirus restrictions.

Three Northern California churches – Calvary Chapel of Ukiah, Calvary Chapel of Fort Bragg and River of Life Church in Oroville – filed a lawsuit Wednesday, represented by the American Center for Law & Justice, seeking to block Newsom’s July 1 ban on singing in houses of worship to stop the spread of coronavirus.

After facing another spike in COVID-19 cases, Newsom announced last week that all bars across the state must close and that restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums, and card rooms must suspend indoor activities.

Some houses of worship had to shut down again, too. The governor announced that all gyms, places of worship, malls, personal care services, barbershops, salons, and non-critical offices in counties on the state’s “monitoring list” had to shut down under the new order. The order affects more than 30 counties which are home to about 80 percent of California’s population.

Fox News’ Morgan Phillips and Andrew O’Reilly contributed to this report.

Author: Caleb Parke

Source: Fox News: California church network sues Gov. Newsom over ban on worship, home Bible studies

Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz went to Seattle’s Capitol Hill Organized Protest area recently and shared with Fox News footage of his interaction with Jaiden Grayson and other leaders of the movement.

“Every day that I show up here, I’m not here to peacefully protest,” Grayson told the “U.N. Me” filmmaker, who also embedded himself in Minneapolis protests earlier this month.

“I’m here to disrupt until my demands are met,” Grayson continued. “You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down.”

The CHOP group has blocked off six city blocks in downtown Seattle, where the East Precinct is located, as an act of protest for the police-involved death of George Floyd on May 25. On Tuesday, protesters reached an agreement with the city to reduce the occupied area to three blocks and to allow traffic. The agreement came a day after the Seattle City Council voted to ban police from using chokeholds and crowd-control devices like tear gas and pepper spray.

Grayson said that they will not stop until their demands are met “by any means necessary.”

“It’s not a slogan. It’s not even a warning,” Grayson said. “I’m letting people know what comes next.”

“If the Seattle Police Department turns in their badges, we’ll have made a move forward,” Grayson said.

The group has published a list of demands for the city council and mayor, including abolishing the police, prisons, courts and criminal justice system “as we know it today.”

“The unraveling of that system is also what will fuel the black minds in the black bodies that will recreate a new world,” she told Horowitz in the video.

Grayson, who identified herself as “an African brought to America,” commended Horowitz. “I don’t understand why more journalists are not asking those questions. We run to black people the minute that they’re killed and we have been seeing them be killed for so long that the PTSD from that is unbelievable. You have people still b–ching about 9/11, unbelievable. One act of terror.”

Every day that I show up here, I’m not here to peacefully protest. I’m here to disrupt until my demands are met.

— Jaiden Grayson

A man who said he was an original member of the Seattle Black Panther Party explained that police are needed and that the movement had “taken a move in the wrong direction.”

“Shutting down the streets and calling it some kind of autonomous zone is a bunch of bulls–t,” he said in the footage.

But the majority of those gathered at what Horowitz called a “Confederacy of Dunces,” didn’t share that sentiment.

“If there’s no change, there might be a lot more destroying until there is!” a hooded man wearing sunglasses and a black face cover, told him, “but I think some destruction and looting kinda sends the message to people and breaking their s–t is justified.”

Another said, “‘F–k the property. f–k the consumption, f–k capitalism.”

A woman then said, “white people owned slaves so f–k them.”

One protester told him “a super devout Christian guy came here and he was spouting about God is glory, he hates homosexuals, he hates abortion. He was sitting there, you know, spreading very divisive words and he was allowed to do it. Nobody hit him. He didn’t get tackled to the ground.”

A bystander can be heard replying, “That Christian guy did get tackled. They had him on the ground choking him out.”

Horowitz has previously filmed an expose on the United Nations’ inability to live up to its stated purpose and founding ideals of a more peaceful world. Another video of his led to an executive order by President Trump. He taped a Middle East conference co-hosted by Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill that was paid for in large part by the government. During the event, a rapper performed an anti-Semitic song. The Department of Education issued a lawsuit against the universities and Trump signed an order against anti-Semitism on college campuses.

In 2016, Horowitz filmed a short video amid the Black Lives Matter movement asking predominantly black and Hispanic residents in Harlem, N.Y., if cops’ lives matter, too. He also asked white people in gentrified Brooklyn if violence was justified.

Author: Caleb Parke

Source: Fox News: Seattle CHOP organizer: ‘I’m not here to peacefully protest’

Over 300,000 meals have been served through the Los Angeles Dream Center since mid-March — a feat the founder calls a “miracle of biblical proportions.”

With support early on from Kanye West and from companies like Chick-fil-A and other local businesses, the Dream Center has been providing about 11,000 meals a day in the second-largest school district in America.

“Every morning I wake up and stand in the parking lot with our dedicated staff, I am blown away that day after day, week after week, there is enough food to provide to folks that need it,” Matthew Barnett, Dream Center co-founder, said in a statement to Fox News.

LA Dream Center co-founder Matthew Barnett hands out meals to a family. (LA Dream Center)

“The Los Angeles Dream Center has transformed into the Grand Central Station of food distribution and other basic essentials. I’m so grateful that our team has stayed healthy, and that we’ve found a safe way to meet the urgent needs within our community. I can’t say thank you enough to the various donors who’ve made this a reality,” Barnett added. “This is what a neighborhood, a community, and a church should always look like.”

The Christian nonprofit jumped in as soon as the Los Angeles Unified School District closed on March 13. Their doors open seven days a week, from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., to provide food and other essential items.

Volunteers at the LA Dream Center hand out meals and essential items. (LA Dream Center)

Because of the “Jesus Is King” rapper’s generous support, Barnett said they were able to expand their drive-thru meals to delivering to vulnerable seniors who need to remain isolated in their homes.

Outside of their Echo Park location, and because they have mobile food banks, the Dream Center is also delivering food to 20 communities in Watts and Skid Row.

On Friday, the LA Dodgers teamed up with the LA Dream Center to make hot dogs for lunch. (LA Dream Center)

Chick-fil-A has been donating sandwiches every day for the Dream Center’s efforts, and Anthem Blue Cross has provided hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer.

Numerous other local food vendors have been donating meals as well, and organizations such as the Justin Turner Foundation have made financial contributions. On Friday, the LA Dodgers even teamed up with the Dream Center to distribute ‘Dodger Dogs’ for lunch.

Author: Caleb Parke

Source: Fox News: Kanye West, Chick-fil-A partner with LA Dream Center to serve 300K meals during coronavirus pandemic

Ohio governor signs ban on abortion after first heartbeat

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signs bill banning abortion after heartbeat is detected.

Ohio stripped Planned Parenthood funding from its annual budget and is now set to increase funding for pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

The state Senate passed a bill last week that includes $5 million for over 200 crisis pregnancy centers that primarily serve low-income women. The proposal increasing the funding by five times comes after a federal appeals court upheld an Ohio law that pulled funding from Planned Parenthood, which received $1.5 million in annual state funds.

“This is the first budget opportunity we’ve had since then to invest additional funds into crisis pregnancy centers,” Senate President Larry Obhof, a Republican, told Tony Perkins on Washington Watch.

The Republican-controlled state is expected to pass this version of the two-year, $69 billion state operating budget.

Critics say pro-life centers offer inaccurate medical advice, but supporters say the funding boost will help provide counseling to women with unplanned pregnancies, free ultrasounds, parenting classes and baby items.

Jamie Miracle at NARAL Pro Choice Ohio told WOSU the pro-life centers are “fake women’s health centers that provide incomplete care at best and lies and manipulation at worst.”

Sen. Sandra Williams, a Cleveland Democrat, tried to remove the $5 million allocated to the pro-life centers.

“The funds in this program do not go to evidence-based initiatives proven to reduce infant and maternal mortality,” Williams said. “Rather, they go to organizations with anti-choice agendas who often offer inaccurate medical information.”

However, her amendment failed and the proposed budget passed unanimously, which Obhof believes will be the final version of the bill, which needs to be reconciled with the House version and signed by Gov. Mike DeWine by June 30.

Caleb Parke is an associate editor for You can follow him on Twitter @calebparke

Author: Caleb Parke

Source: Fox News: Ohio strips Planned Parenthood from budget, set to boost pro-life pregnancy center funding

Rev. Franklin Graham: If Trump succeeds, we all succeed

Samaritan’s Purse president discusses the president’s first year in office.

Rev. Franklin Graham is calling for a “special day of prayer” for President Trump in light of “demonic attacks” against him.

Graham, the CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, is joined by more than 250 faith leaders across the nation to set aside Sunday, June 2, to pray that “God would protect, strengthen, embolden, and direct him.”

“I don’t think any president in modern history has come under attack day after day after day by almost all the media,” Graham told Tony Perkins on “Washington Watch,” a national radio show put on by the Family Research Council. “That’s just never happened. And it distracts the president. It weakens our country.”

Graham, who called Trump “the most Christian-friendly president in my lifetime,” said this isn’t an endorsement of Trump but rather simply a day set aside for prayer.

“I think of Pastor Brunson and Turkey; he’d still be in that prison if it hadn’t been for Donald Trump. And he has a desire to help the church, to help Christians…Is he a perfect person? Absolutely not. Is he the best example of the Christian faith? No way,” Graham said. “But there’s something in his heart where God has placed him there to defend the Christian faith and religious liberty. And so I appreciate that about him, and we need to try to lift him up in prayer and support him where we can.”

Perkins, who is also joining Graham for the day and said churches in the “Watchmen” network are as well, said the Bible calls for Christians to pray for their leaders.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re Republican or Democrat,” Perkins said. “I prayed for our previous president. I didn’t agree with his policies, but I did pray for him… I believe this can happen—where leaders are led by God to do the right thing because people are praying for them.”

Faith leaders who have signed on to the day of prayer include John Hagee, pastor of Cornerstone Church and national chairman of Christians United for Israel, the largest pro-Israel organization in America; former Republican Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; Dr. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas; Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King; “Duck Dynasty” stars Phil and Al Robertson; Rev. Sam Rodriguez, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference; Dr. Darrell Scott, CEO of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump; and Dr. James and Shirley Dobson, who lead “Family Talk.”

Graham said he was surprised that a few evangelical leaders refused to take part in the day of prayer for Trump.

Author: Caleb Parke

Source: Fox News: Franklin Graham, 250 Christian leaders call for ‘day of prayer’ for Trump

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