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Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes has announced that he is suing Joe Biden, CNN and “all of these reporters who call this multiracial patriotic group white supremacists and Nazis.”
Despite the fact that the current Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio is Cuban and African American, Biden and his media lackeys have been smearing the group as “white supremacists” since President Donald Trump walloped him in the debate on Tuesday.

Tarrio is the Florida state leader of Latinos for Trump.

McInnes announced his intent to sue while speaking to Newsmax host Chris Salcedo.

The Proud Boys are made up of patriotic men from all ethnicities and backgrounds, but have long been a boogeyman for the left to point fingers and make outrageous claims about in order to stir up fear and division.

McInnes has previously sued the SPLC. He told Newsmax that smearing people as Nazis is the “new N-word,” as far as he is concerned.

Last month, a Black Lives Matter supporter attempted to murder a Proud Boy after a memorial for a Trump supporter who was killed by Antifa in Portland. This was surely in no small part due to the lies peddled about them by leftist media and scumbag politicians.

Author: Cassandra Fairbanks

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Proud Boys Founder Announces He’s Suing Biden, CNN and ‘Reporters Who Call Multiracial Patriotic Group White Supremacists and Nazis’

The Black Lives Matter bail fund that was promoted by Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris bailed out a man who is accused of raping an 8-year-old girl.
The Minnesota Freedom Fund, which was promoted by Harris, secured the release of the alleged pedophile in July.

“Timothy Wayne Columbus, 36, faces up to 30 years in prison for allegedly sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl in 2015, court records show. He was released from a Minneapolis jail in early July on $75,000 bail, according to jail records,” the Daily Caller reports. “One day after his release, Columbus signed a document asking the court to return any refunded bail to the MFF, indicating that the fund played a role in securing his release from jail, a court document obtained by the DCNF shows.”

The Caller also obtained a court document that provided chilling details of his assault on the child.

“Victim stated ‘Tim’ laid her on the couch and held her down as he unbuckled his pants and pulled down her pants. Victim stated he then ‘put his thing inside me,’” the statement of probable cause read.

“Victim stated ‘Tim’ told her not to tell anyone and continued to penetrate her,” the statement added.

Documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation also showed that the organization helped post bail in August for a man accused of assaulting a 71-year-old woman as he burglarized her home.

“One week after his release the man was found to be in violation of his bail. The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office told the DCNF on Wednesday there is still an active felony warrant out for that man’s arrest,” the Daily Caller reports.

Additionally, they helped to bail out a violent criminal who “allegedly stomped on and robbed a victim on the streets of Minneapolis on May 25, the same day George Floyd died while in police custody.”

A tweet from Harris promoting the fund is still active on the candidate’s Twitter account.

“The MFF has struggled to spend the $35 million it received following Floyd’s death. The group revealed in early September that only about 6% of the $3,475,000 it has spent since Floyd’s death had gone to help bail out of jail people facing protest-related charges,” the Caller reports.

At least 13 Biden staffers have also donated to the shady fund.

Author: Cassandra Fairbanks

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Black Lives Matter Bail Fund Promoted By Kamala Harris Bailed Out a Man Who Raped an 8-Year-Old Girl

Right-wing artist and activist Scott LoBaido has unfurled a massive banner of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio holding Lady Liberty’s severed head over the Staten Island Expressway.

The giant banner is 20′ by 30′, or roughly the size of a large two car garage, and features de Blasio happily holding the bleeding head while rocking a Che Guevara shirt.

“Go big or go home!” LoBaido wrote on Facebook.

The New York Post reports that “while cops asked LoBaido to take the print down about an hour and a half after it went up, the controversial artist said he’s got plans to hang it elsewhere in the city in the future.”

This wasn’t the first art LoBaido blessed Staten Island with this week.

The day before he dropped the banner, he also painted a thin blue line in the street outside the 122nd Precinct stationhouse in New Dorp where he recently held a rally.

Unfortunately, his work was defaced by a Black Lives Matter activist within minutes. The vandal was chased off by an angry bystander.

SILive reports that LoBaido completed the line without a permit explaining that Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t get a permit to paint Black Lives Matter on the streets of New York.

“The mayor never got a permit to do that street art, so I guess it’s fair game,” he added.

Author: Cassandra Fairbanks

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Right-Wing Artist Unfurls MASSIVE Banner of Bill de Blasio Holding Lady Liberty’s Severed Head Over Staten Island Expressway

Hunter Biden’s overseas travel has cost taxpayers more than the Secret Service details for all of President Donald Trump’s children combined.

According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, taxpayers paid $193,696 for Hunter Biden’s Secret Service entourage — which is nearly four times the recorded security bill of the four adult Trump children—combined.

“While his father Joe Biden was vice president, Hunter Biden traveled with a Secret Service entourage to at least 10 different countries, including China, Qatar, and South Africa, according to a government expenditure database. He racked up 28 separate bills, all of which involved taxpayer payments to a ‘miscellaneous foreign contractor’ or ‘miscellaneous foreign awardee,’” the Free Beacon report explains. “Many of the bills explicitly said that the money was used to pay for accommodations for the Secret Service, but others were scant on details.”

No other presidential family members that are disclosed in the database even came close to the cost of Biden’s travel. The next highest was Malia Obama, whose travel expenses cost taxpayers $41,023.

In comparison, all of Trump’s children combined are recorded to have cost about $40,000.

The database is not a complete look at presidential family spending, however, as the Secret Service withholds a large amount of information for security reasons.

“This is not the first time the Biden family has used the Secret Service for its personal benefit. While in the White House, Joe Biden charged rent for the Secret Service agents stationed in his Wilmington, Del., property, costing taxpayers $171,600 between 2011 and 2017. Biden’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment,” the Free Beacon report added.

Author: Cassandra Fairbanks

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Hunter Biden’s Overseas Protection Cost Taxpayers Four Times More Than Secret Service Details for All of Trump’s Children Combined

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has pulled in a massive fundraising haul in the third quarter of the year, raking in more than both Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Nancy Pelosi — despite their campaigning for funds off the impeachment efforts.

The progressive left darling brought in $1.42 million, with $1.1 million of that coming from small donations of $200 or less.

Pelosi brought in $1.145 million and Schiff banked $1.26 million. All three of these top fundraisers are running for re-election in 2020.

“Political observers told The Post it is unprecedented for a rookie representative in office for less than a year to out-raise powerful veteran leaders such as Pelosi and Schiff,” the New York Post reported.

“This is very rare, unique — I can’t recall anyone raising this much money during the first year in office,” political consultant George Arzt told the Post. “AOC is a celebrity who gained attention from people across the country, and many on the left support her.”

Brendan Quinn of the Center for Responsive Politics said that Ocasio-Cortez has “become iconic.”

Though Ocasio-Cortez out-raised her fellow House Democrats, she was beat out by several Republicans.

House GOP Minority Whip Steve Scalise raised $3.45 million, former House GOP Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes raised $2.6 million, and GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy brought in $1.6 million.

Author: Cassandra Fairbanks

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Socialist Bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Out Fundraises Both Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff

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