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The Justice Department in October announced the arrest of 31-year-old Henry Kyle Frese, a (now former) Defense Intelligence Agency employee, for leaking to journalists.

Frese pleaded guilty to charges related to his disclosure of classified national defense information (NDI) to two journalists in 2018 and 2019, the DOJ announced in February of this year.

On Thursday, Frese, who had faced up to 10 years behind bars, was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

“When our nation’s secrets are published, in print or online, those secrets are made available to all of our adversaries,” said G. Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. “Frese’s choice to betray his oath to his country had real consequences and caused actual harm to the safety of this country and its citizens.”

Henry Kyle Frese of Virginia, a far left radical, was hit with two counts of willful transmission of national defense information.

According to the DOJ, Frese lived with, and had a romantic relationship with one of the reporters he was transmitting top secret information to in 2018 and 2019.

Mr. Frese reportedly leaked classified information to Amanda Macias, a CNBC national security reporter.

Frese gave Ms. Macias classified intelligence information that she and NBC News later used in reports on North Korea’s weapons systems, according to journalist Matthew Keys.

“In or about mid-April to early May 2018, FRESE accessed an intelligence report unrelated to his job duties on multiple occasions, which contained NDI classified at the TOP SECRET/SCI level, which related to a certain foreign country’s weapons systems,” the indictment said.

According to the indictment, Frese stated he was “down” to help the journalist who contacted him via Twitter direct message because “he wanted to see the journalist progress.”

“Frese violated the trust placed in him by the American people when he disclosed sensitive national security information for personal gain,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers. “He alerted our country’s adversaries to sensitive national defense information, putting the nation’s security at risk. The government takes these breaches seriously and will use all the resources at our disposal to apprehend and prosecute those who jeopardize the safety of this country and its citizens.”

Good riddance!

Will Bolton be next for printing classified information in his new book that is set to be released on June 23?

Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Far Left Defense Official Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Leaking Classified Information to Journalists

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning.

Rosenstein wrote a total of three scope memos giving Mueller permission to rove around unchecked in a fishing expedition to not only target Trump officials, but to play defense and cover up the Obama administration’s crimes.

On Wednesday, Rosenstein admitted under oath to Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham that there was no evidence of Russian collusion by August 2017.

Rosenstein penned his second scope memo in August 2017.

The August 2017 scope memo (released last month with redactions) revealed Mueller investigated Mike Flynn, a 3-star General and Trump’s National Security Advisor for the “crime” of “engaging in conversations with Russian government officials” during the Trump transition.

Flynn of course was already cleared by the FBI on January 4, 2017 when the field office found “no derogatory information” on Flynn and decided to close CROSSFIRE RAZOR.

And Rosenstein just admitted under oath that there was no evidence of Russian collusion by the time he expanded Mueller’s probe.


Rosenstein’s August 2017 Scope Memo Released – Reveals Mueller Investigated Flynn For the “Crime” of “Engaging in Conversations with Russian Govt Officials”

Rosenstein also penned a 3rd scope memo is December of 2017 and it still hasn’t been released to the public.

Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Rosenstein Admits There Was No Evidence of ‘Russian Collusion’ in August 2017 When He Penned Second Scope Memo Expanding Mueller Investigation (VIDEO)

He did it again!

Old Joe Biden struggled with the preamble to the Declaration of Independence during his at-home Coronavirus briefing.

Biden has been in government for almost 50 years and he still can’t get the basics down.

“We hold these truths etcetera — sounds corny but it’s real,” said Biden on Wednesday as he was praising America’s resilience.


A couple weeks ago Joe Biden jumbled the Declaration of Independence during a campaign speech.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by the you know, you know the thing.” said Biden.


Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: He Did it Again! Biden Struggles with Declaration of Independence, “We Hold These Truths… Etcetera” (VIDEO)

President Trump is a legend.

Washington Post reporter Jabin Botsford took a photo of President Trump’s notes from Thursday’s press briefing showing he crossed out “Corona” and replaced it with “Chinese” virus.

The media has been badgering President Trump over his use of the phrase “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan Coronavirus” when referring to a virus that originated in… China.

But the President isn’t backing down.

True to form, President Trump is hitting back harder and refusing to bow down to the media sycophants who are more concerned about offending their Communist masters than reporting the truth.

Trump annihilated a liberal hack reporter on Thursday morning during a press briefing on the Wuhan Coronavirus.

NBC hack reporter Kristen Welker asked the president why he did not take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Trump brought the fire and responded, “We were very prepared. And the only thing we weren’t prepared for was the media,” he said. “The media has not treated it fairly. I’ll tell you how prepared I was. I called for a ban from people coming in from China long before anybody thought it was… In fact it was your network. I believe they called me a racist because I did that.”

God bless President Trump for telling the truth while the den of vipers are attacking him!

Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: LEGEND: Close Up Photo of Trump’s Notes Shows He Crossed Out “Corona” and Replaced it with “Chinese” Virus

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) desperately begged GOP Senators to vote with Dems to subpoena witnesses as the sham impeachment fizzled out.

Republican Senators have now voted NINE TIMES to block the Democrats from bringing in new evidence and witnesses, leaving Schumer floundering.

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported, the Democrat House Managers for the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump have senators in “agony” and “bored out of their minds”, with many nodding off, walking around and even leaving the chamber for extended periods of time.

The Democrats have shown nothing new.

In fact, Adam Schiff has nothing new to say which is why he had to revert back to the Mueller investigation, Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Schumer responded to GOP Senators’ complaints that they’ve heard nothing new by begging them to allow Dems to subpoena witnesses.


Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Desperate Schumer Begs GOP Senators to Vote With Dems to Subpoena Witnesses as Impeachment Fizzles Out (VIDEO)

New photos of former President Bill Clinton with Epstein’s ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell and a sex slave on board the private jet “Lolita Express” has surfaced.

The Sun exclusively obtained the photos of Bill Clinton who was also pictured with his arm around Epstein’s masseuse and sex slave Chauntae Davies.

Chauntae Davies told The Sun that she was required to wear a pilot’s uniform in order to appear ‘professional.’

The photos of Bill Clinton were taken on a long distance flight to Africa where he participated in a 5-day ‘humanitarian’ trip with celebrities such as Kevin Spacey.

Bill Clinton with sex slave Chauntae Davies

The Sun also obtained photos of Slick Willie smoking a cigar while relaxing on board the Lolita Express.

The Sun reported:

Now, for the first time, Chauntae Davies has revealed the extraordinary details of Clinton’s long distance flight to Africa with Maxwell and a number of other celebrities.

The star-studded group – which included actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker – visited Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Mozambique, Johannesburg and Cape Town in a five-day humanitarian trip.

There is no suggestion Clinton, Spacey, 60, or Tucker, 48, did anything wrong during the tour, or knew of Maxwell’s alleged activities on Epstein’s behalf, or the abuse Chauntae suffered at his hands.

However, it will further raise concerns about how some of the world’s most famous and powerful people were drawn into Epstein’s circle at a time when he was committing horrific sex crimes.

Chauntae, now 40, told The Sun: “It’s clear that Epstein was using this private jet and his wealth to get close to rich and powerful people.

“Looking back at these images now it raises a lot of questions about why Bill Clinton was using the plane and what perhaps Jeffrey may have been trying to accomplish by having him around.”

We reported in 2016 before the election that Bill Clinton took numerous trips on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ to Epstein’s private “Orgy Island” where underage girls as young as 14 were prostituted for Epstein’s rich and famous clients like Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Prince Andrew.

Clinton’s claim that his Secret Service were with him every during every trip is bogus because according to reports he simply ditched his security detail in order to stealth travel with Epstein.

In May 2016 FOX News reported that Bill Clinton traveled with Jeffrey Epstein on his famous “Lolita Express” at least 26 times and frequently ditched his secret service detail.

Last summer shortly after Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking minors, Bill Clinton released a panicked statement claiming he knows nothing about Epstein’s horrific sex crimes.

A month later Epstein was found dead in his prison cell and the autopsy photos released sure looks like a wire was used to strangle Epstein.

After all, dead people can’t talk.

Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Bill Clinton Pictured with Epstein’s ‘Pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell and a Sex Slave on Infamous Private Jet “Lolita Express”

Voters in Pennsylvania, one of the ‘Rust Belt’ states that President Trump flipped from blue to red and won, are sick and tired of the impeachment hoax.

“I think what they’re doing is completely wrong and I will vote for him in the coming election,” one Trump supporter in Blair County said.

President Trump won Blair County, a blue collar county east of Pittsburgh by over 71%, crushing Mitt Romney’s 2012 performance.

Impeachment put a “nail in their coffin” another supporter said of the Democrats.

“If it did anything, it would make me want to support him more.”

It’s not just Trump voters in Pennsylvania who are sick of the Democrats and their impeachment hoax.

Last month CNN interviewed Dems in deep blue Pennsylvania who said they want nothing to do with impeachment.


Democrats voted to impeach President Trump for ‘abuse of power’ and ‘obstruction of Congress’ on Wednesday night.

The vote was partisan — NOT ONE Republican voted in favor of impeachment.

228 Democrats voted to impeach.
192 Republicans voted against the sham.

And now Pelosi is refusing to send the articles over to the Senate.

Pelosi and the Democrats will pay for their lawlessness in 2020.

Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Pennsylvania Voters Back Trump, Bash Impeachment – ‘It Makes Me Want to Support Trump More’ (VIDEO)

President Trump is considering a mix of White House lawyers and fierce fighters in the House such as Reps. Jordan, Ratcliffe and Meadows for his Senate defense.

ABC reported:

President Donald Trump is considering a mix of White House lawyers and some of the president’s most aggressive defenders serving in the House of Representatives to play a larger role in his defense, multiple sources familiar with the internal discussions told ABC News.

GOP Reps. Jim Jordan, John Ratcliffe and Mark Meadows are under consideration by the White House, along with Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee Doug Collins and Rep. Elise Stefanik. The members could be used in what once source described as a “support role” to counter the arguments made by the House impeachment managers – those members presenting the House case for his removal during the Senate trial. The House impeachment members have yet to be named by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Having House members go against House members, whether it be in public or in the media, is seen as a competitive strategy,” one GOP lawmaker told ABC News.

On the White House front, despite no formal team being named to represent Trump in a Senate trial, the president dispatched White House counsel Pat Cipollone to Capitol Hill last week for a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to plot the next phase.

Sources have told ABC News that the president is considering adding controversial attorney Alan Dershowitz to his team and that Dershowitz has privately made clear to the White House he is willing to help the president’s defense. The move that has been publicly pushed by Rep. Mark Meadows, a close ally of the president.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on two articles of impeachment Wednesday.

Of course, they added criminal charges of wire fraud and bribery to a report after voting in committee on two bogus charges:

1.) Abuse of power – a very broad charge that means nothing

2.) Obstruction of Congress – a made up crime. It is something they completely made up out of whole cloth

Fox News reporter Chad Pergram said House Democrats may actually hold onto the articles of impeachment in order to use it as a negotiating tool with McConnell.

Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: HUGE! Trump Considers Mix of White House Lawyers and Stellar House Members Such as Jordan, Ratcliffe and Meadows For Senate Defense: Report

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani taunted the Deep State-Democrat-media complex Sunday morning and said he will be sharing evidence he “has garnered through hundreds of hours of research.”

“Stay tuned,” Rudy said building anticipation.

Rudy Giuliani traveled to Hungary and Ukraine a couple weeks ago and met with officials in Kiev in his ongoing efforts to expose corruption and pay-to-play schemes involving the Biden crime family and other Democrats.

Mr. Giuliani revealed last Monday morning on Steve Bannon’s radio show “The War Room: Impeachment” that he was working to release a report on his findings from his latest trip to Europe to Attorney General Bill Barr and GOP lawmakers in Congress.

A few hours after his initial tweet on Sunday, Rudy began dropping bombshells one tweet at at time.

Rudy said Victor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor general investigating Burisma was not only fired after Biden threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine, but that he was poisoned and barely survived the poisoning.

“Shokin holds documents proving money laundering by Burisma & Biden’s,” Giuliani said. “He was fired due to VP Joe Biden’s threat not to release $1 billion in vital US aid.”

Giuliani then said, “Shokin’s medical records show he was poisoned, died twice, and was revived.”

“Lots of heads will roll in Ukraine if this opens up,” he added.

“All of a sudden Shokin gets this communique from Latvia that shows a $16 million laundering transaction — classic laundering transaction,” Giuliani said. “It goes from Ukraine, to Latvia, it’s disguised as a loan to another company to ‘Wirelogic’ I believe — it then goes to Cyprus, gets disguised as another loan — this is called “Digitech” then it’s dispersed as payment as board fees,” he added.

Giuliani added, “Now you don’t make two loans to make board fees unless you’re laundering the money. $3 million gets to Hunter Biden in that way.”

“That is a straight out violation of a money laundering statute,” he said.

Watch Giuliani’s interview with OANN’s Chanel Rion:

Giuliani dropped more Ukraine-Obama-Biden corruption…to follow this report.

Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Giuliani Drops Bombshells Revealing HUGE Money Laundering Operation Involving Bidens, Burisma – Records Show Prosecutor Investigating Burisma Was Poisoned

This is CNN.

CNN is the enemy of the American people.

On the anniversary of 9-11 attacks where Islamic terrorists hijacked airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and into a field in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 Americans, CNN is attacking ‘right wingers.

This is disgusting.

As CNN was spewing anti-American propaganda, the chyron read, “America’s 9/11 Amnesia.”

“The striking similarities between the KKK and Islamist jihadis,” CNN said.


Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: On Anniversary of 9-11, CNN Says ‘Right-Wingers Are America’s Deadliest Terrorists’ (VIDEO)

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