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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a new book out celebrating his atrocious handling of the Coronavirus crisis.

Publishing a celebratory book about his shambolic and deadly handling of the coronavirus is just about the most Andrew Cuomo thing ever.

His state, New York, has suffered far more deaths than any other, the economic devastation to the state as a whole and especially America’s biggest city have been crippling, and his authoritarian rule has been marked by capriciousness, failure, and at the very least the strong appearance of bigotry.

In his book, Cuomo waives away the decision made by his administration to compel nursing homes to take in patients infected with COVID even while other hospital options not only existed, but were being vastly expanded with help from President Trump. Cuomo wants us to believe that his failure is actually just some conservative conspiracy to smear him. But the facts as we know them, and his unwillingness to accept an investigation, make it perfectly clear that this is not the case.

Many, if not most, New Yorkers understand that New York was hit very hard and very fast by the virus, and that Cuomo was operating with a lot of bad information from China and the World Health Organization (WHO). Honestly, if he were simply to say, “Look, I got that one wrong, we got a lot right, but that was a mistake and I take responsibility for it,” people would likely accept that, but that is not his way. Instead, he spikes the football in hardback form and blames others for his mistakes.

Among those mistakes has been his almost religious fervor for lockdowns even in the face of changing science. At this point, even the WHO has reversed its position on lockdowns, finally accepting that the human and economic costs outweigh the benefit in limiting the spread of the virus, but not Cuomo. When he isn’t involved in pointless bickering with his lockdown loving Tweedledee Mayor Bill de Blasio, he is threatening and imposing even more lockdown measures.

This hit hone for me recently as my local bodega was fined $900 by the city for not imposing mask regulations firmly enough. The way I found out about it was that the owner and employees were telling people to put on a mask when they came in, which they had never previously done. Some customers wore them, some not, and this immigrant-owned family business that regularly offers credit to customers short on cash, was punished.

Meanwhile, the new lockdowns targeted by zip code are having a vastly disproportionate impact on Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Progressives tell us these days that any disparate impact on an ethnic group is by definition bigotry, but not in this case. Using shaky science, Cuomo and de Blasio claim that these Jews are acting irresponsibly and have brought the lockdowns on themselves. The governor saying, “this is not a nuanced, highly sophisticated response, this is a fear driven response.” The governor is out to scare some Jews.

This is a story of absolutely profound hubris, nursed by an adoring news media, that chose Cuomo as their anti-Trump. Remember when Cuomo was just about to replace Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket? Remember the Cuomosexuals who were so aroused by his competence and straightforwardness? That was probably right around the time the book deal got signed. It was all a show; it was all Cuomo preening for the cameras at his press conferences and on his brother’s cable news sitcom. Far from the cameras, his mistakes were leading to unneeded deaths.

Andrew Cuomo would be an excellent actor to play a tough-as-nails Italian New York governor, who rolls up his sleeves, pounds the table and gets things done. He’s right out of central casting. Unfortunately, in real life he is a man far more interested in his political prospects and his book sales than he is in working to protect the citizens of his state.

Cuomo should probably be hoping that Donald Trump wins the election and serves a second term. It is now, as it has been all along, the best chance he has to escape scrutiny for his poor choices and excessive use of power. Once he can no longer hide behind not being Donald Trump his junk is going to be hanging in the wind for all to see.

As states with reasonable governors like Florida and Georgia are open and recovering, New York stays mired in partial lockdown and is already doomed to suffer long-term economic damage. It did not have to be this way. And self-aggrandizing book or no self-aggrandizing book, it is very clear that most of New York’s woes are directly Andrew Cuomo’s fault.

Author: David Marcus

Source: The Federalist: Emperor Cuomo Has No Clothes

The Democratic primary has been overshadowed by impeachment, but that’s not the only reason so few people are paying attention to it.

With barely a month to go before the Iowa caucus, the Democratic Party’s presidential primary should be accelerating into the news cycle like a Formula One racecar burning its wheels, but thus far has looked more like a skateboard on the beach. The latest debate was roundly ignored. To steal a joke from Bob Newhart, it practically got a negative rating, which means several people who don’t own televisions were surveyed and said if they did own one they also wouldn’t have watched it.

Honestly, how can this possibly be? This is, after all, a contest to decide which Democratic hero will square off against a president that most party members view as a combination of Hitler, Darth Vader, and Benedict Arnold. It features the first prominently gay major candidate, and a woman poised to capture the nod for the fairer sex a second straight time. Joe Biden is bringing his “aw shucks guy from Scranton” A game, and Bernie Sanders is yelling as loud as ever.

There a few plausible reasons why this primary just can’t seem to get much traction. One often cited reason is that Democrats have essentially overshadowed their own primary with impeachment. After all, networks like CNN and MSNBC that should be laser focused on the primary instead spend approximately 58 out of every 60 minutes predicting Trump’s imminent doom, as they have been for three years.

Given the “historic” nature of this impeachment and all the “bombshells” and whatnot, there’s just not a lot of oxygen left in the green room for primary punditry. Deepening this self-inflicted wound is the fact that several senators who are leading candidates may wind up cloistered in a Senate trial, off the trail, for as long as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., cares to keep them there.

It would be a mistake to place all the blame for the lackluster reaction to the race on impeachment or on the coverage Trump’s supersized personality generates. These are factors, to be sure, and as often as the media warns itself against being all Trump all the time, they just can’t quit him. But in fact, one of the biggest reasons for the boredom is the primary itself and its candidates. To see why, it’s useful to compare this current Democratic primary to the last GOP primary.

Both contests featured large fields that by the December before Iowa settled into a race between a top four. Like Biden today, Trump was hovering in the high 20s, with Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson each about 10 points back. That looks a lot like Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and to a lesser extent Pete Buttigieg. But there is a huge difference here: while Trump was a shocking front-runner, Biden is the most conventional candidate in the race.

Americans of every political stripe were transfixed by what most everyone thought was the Trump train wreck. The majority of Republicans in December 2015 were saying to themselves, “He can’t really win, can he?” Democrats were saying, “He can really win! Can’t he!” Meanwhile, the 25 to 30 percent of Republicans who had gone full MAGA were filling stadiums left and right and shouting their love of Trump to the high heavens. There is nobody out there doing much shouting about Joe Biden.

This could all change quickly. Impeachment may soon be a speck in the rearview mirror as Iowans caucus. That result can, as it often has, reshape the race and give it some vim and vigor. Current Iowa leader Buttigieg has a chance to catch a spark, and a war chest big enough to fan the flames. A strong Biden showing could solidify his lead, or there could be some unexpected surprise.

But for now the race remains in the doldrums. For all the talk about how electrified and fired up to beat Trump the Democrats are going into 2020, it has not translated into much interest in the race to decide who will give out that hoped for beating. That’s a curious thing.

Perhaps it’s why in polls so many Democrats say they are interested in a new candidate. Those are shoes that Michael Bloomberg would like to fill. But despite spending more on TV ads than NASA spends on space, his 5 percent polling is anything but astronomical.

This primary election needs some juice, and it needs it fast. If it remains a snoozefest and an afterthought, the eventual nominee will limp into the convention fighting Trump with little wind at his or her back.

Author: David Marcus

Source: The Federalist: Why The Democratic Primary Seems Invisible

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