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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke to John Catsimatidis on his radio show “The Cats Roundtable” on Sunday morning.

Rudy Giuliani criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci, the long-time Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), for his involvement in the agency’s grant of $3.7 million to the “EcoHealth Alliance to study the risk of future coronavirus (CoV) emergence from wildlife using in-depth field investigations across the human-wildlife interface in China in wet markets.”

About ten days ago, Fox News’ Bret Baier reported the stunning news that officials have “increasingly high confidence” the COVID-19 pandemic originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Level 4 biological testing lab located in Wuhan, China.

Baier told Sean Hannity that his sources believe the virus was accidentally transferred from a bat to an intern working at the lab (patient zero) who unknowingly began spreading the virus into the population of Wuhan.

Here’s what Rudy had to say about the grant:

Back in 2014, the Obama administration prohibited the U.S. from giving money to any laboratory, including in the U.S., that was fooling around with these viruses. Prohibited! Despite that, Dr. Fauci gave $3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory — even after the State Department issued reports about how unsafe that laboratory was, and how suspicious they were in the way they were developing a virus that could be transmitted to humans.

We never pulled that money. Something here is going on, John. I don’t want to make any accusations. But there was more knowledge about what was going on in China with our scientific people than they disclosed to us when this first came out. Just think of it: If this laboratory turns out to be the place where the virus came from, then we paid for it. We paid for the damn virus that’s killing us.

Giuliani said that if he were a U.S. attorney today, “I’d open an investigation into the Wuhan laboratory. And I’d want to know what did we know? How much did we know about how bad the practices were there? Who knew about it? And who sent them money anyway? And that person would sure as heck be in front of a grand jury trying to explain to me — what are you asleep?”

At a White House briefing, President Trump was asked about this grant that was initiated in 2014. His response? “Who was president then, I wonder?”

Author: Elizabeth Vaughn

Source: Red State: Rudy Giuliani Slammed Dr. Fauci Over His Agency’s $3.7 Million Grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology

I don’t quite understand why the Democrats moved heaven and earth in the days leading up to the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday to resurrect Joe Biden’s flagging campaign.

Anyway, now that Sen. Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign, they’ve achieved their goal.

Tucker Carlson asked his viewer’s tonight, “Can Joe Biden find his car in a parking lot? Can he navigate a salad bar?”

Sanders didn’t exactly endorse the former Vice President, but he did say he would work with him to defeat President Trump. “Today I congratulate Joe Biden, a very decent man who I will work with to move our progressive ideas forward.”

After watching the following “Best of Joe Biden” video compiled by Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson, Democrats may be feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse.

Democrats, are you sure about this? Watch:

And here’s a little something extra. Democrats are having a little trouble figuring out how to wear a mask.

Author: Elizabeth Vaughn

Source: Red State: ‘Joe Biden’s Most Intelligent Moments on the Campaign Trail’ – Buyer’s Remorse? [Watch]

Earlier this month, I opened a post with the following sentence: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a despicable woman with no redeeming qualities. And I stand by that assessment.

Fox News contributor and investigator Dan Bongino calls Pelosi a master of disinformation, who contributes to the downfall of this country every day by promoting garbage, misinformation, disinformation, and not helping us to get through this crisis at all.

In his Monday podcast, Bongino told viewers that Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, are currently laying the groundwork for their next investigation of President Trump. It will be a two-fold attack based on Trump’s early denial that the coronavirus posed a serious threat to the U.S. and his administration’s delays of essential medical supplies to those on the frontlines.

That’s easy enough to believe. Of course, they will take advantage of this great gift from China which has managed to bring Trump’s booming economy to a screeching halt and to kill Americans at the same time. They never dreamed they’d be this lucky.

The most amazing thing about Pelosi is that she lies through her teeth, repeatedly. She’s an unconvincing liar, she’s inarticulate and she’s unlikable, yet she is so revered by those on the left. In a weekend interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, Pelosi “rewrote history.” Bongino played a clip from Tapper’s show (it begins at 6:15 in the video below).

Pelosi tells him that Trump’s denial was “deadly” and “his delaying of getting…equipment to where it is…it continues [sic] his delay in getting equipment to where it is needed is deadly…We have to have testing, testing, testing, that’s what we said from the start.” She babbles in a very inarticulate manner and finally asks, “What did the scientists say to him? When did the President know about this and what did he know? What did he know and when did he know it? That’s…for an after-action review. But as the President fiddles, people are dying. And we have to, we just have to take every precaution.”

Bongino’s Analysis:

This is truly astonishing how Nancy Pelosi is rewriting history now on CNN. Rewriting history. This same awful, lying political hack who tweeted on January 31…this is the same woman who, when Trump, responding to intelligence that the Wuhan virus was coming here, instituted a travel ban from that place and others. This is the same Pelosi who called it racist. Who is now claiming in her two-prong attack, they’re getting ready…They are preparing right now for another investigation into Trump and their attack is going to be two-fold…number one is going to be denial [of the evidence] and number two is going to be delay [of equipment].

But facts are stubborn things. Bongino pulls up the following tweets which, he says, Pelosi is pretending never existed and the Democrats won’t call her out on.

Word of the planned attack has already gone out, he tells viewers. “This is the new media narrative. Listen to Nancy Pelosi. Don’t listen to me…They are now into – already – the attack on Trump rather than trying to solve this crisis. They’re already setting you up. And morons like the now dumbest man in media, Chuck Todd, are getting ready to parrot the denial/delay talking points. Chuck Todd goes even a step further asking Sleepy Joe, in an interview, if Trump has blood on his hands.”

“This is an actual interview from an actual moron. Check this out.” (at 10:55 on the video below)

Todd asks Biden, “Do you think there is blood on the President’s hands, considering the slow response? Or is that too, too harsh of a criticism?”

This is a bridge too far even for Biden who tells Todd, “I think that’s a little too harsh.”

Bongino explains:

The Democrats are not interested at all in getting through this…led by Pelosi who is an awful, awful human being…They are preparing now. They are allocating their time in one of the great generational crises we’ve had to deal with. Financial, economic and healthwise. What are they wasting their time on now? The political attack’s coming the minute we mitigate this crisis. That’s what they’re doing.

Bongino offers context for the next clip. “There was a back and forth last week with Andrew Cuomo. President Trump says, ‘Hey, we shipped you thousands of ventilators that are sitting in storage. You’re telling us we’re denying you equipment? We shipped you the ventilators you need to keep people alive and you’re not using them.’

Cuomo says, ‘That’s some misinformation. That’s not true.’

“…The Democrats are busy investigating right now when they should be solving and they’re doing it by lying to you. Watch Cuomo, in the same interview, accuse Trump of promoting misinformation and then confirming the story that the ventilators are in the warehouse. This is CNN.” (begins at 14:29)

A (timid) CNN reporter asks Cuomo if it’s true that the ventilators were found.

Cuomo replies in a slow, deliberate manner:

Yeah. That is uh, that is incorrect and grossly uninformed. The uh, the point is we have ventilators in a stockpile and we didn’t send them to the hospitals yet. Of course we didn’t, that’s the whole point. The hospitals don’t need them yet. The hospitals aren’t at their apex. The hospitals have enough ventilators today. The numbers are going up. We’re planning for an apex – a high point – in about 21 days. That’s when we need the 30,000 ventilators, not today. Right now, we’re putting them into a stockpile. So, the point is. Well they’re in a stockpile, you must not need them is just ignorant. Of course, you don’t need them today. You need them when you hit the apex which is 30,000. That isn’t here yet.

From what I’ve heard, hospitals had a handful of ventilators, described as two, three or four, prior to this crisis. (I would assume, but I have not verified, that New York Hospitals had additional units delivered in the meantime because I don’t see how they could operate with only a handful.) Vice President Mike Pence had 4,000 ventilators delivered to New York last week that they haven’t needed yet. The state has managed to operate without using anything from the new delivery. The number of new cases is starting to decline in New York. But Cuomo claims he needs 26,000 more.

Bongino addresses the second prong of the coming attack, which will be that President Trump denied the intelligence. He cites a CNN report which they try to frame as an attack on the President, but “it’s really an indictment of the Bush and Obama administrations.”

CNN begins their article by, of course, bashing Trump. They cite a 2017 study jointly funded by the NIH and the CDC which found, “substantial concern exists that intensive care units (ICUs) might have insufficient resources to treat all persons requiring ventilator support” and that even the supplies held in the so-called Strategic National Stockpile “might not suffice to meet demand during a severe public health emergency.”

However, CNN cites ten occasions when the Government was warned by agencies between 2003 and 2013 about a lack of ventilators in the event of a pandemic. Neither the Bush nor the Obama administrations acted on any of those warnings.

The article lists the ten studies which took place between 2003 and 2013 and can be viewed here.

President Trump has wisely tapped the private sector to help manufacture products that are essential in this fight against the coronavirus and has enlisted Ford and General Motors to manufacture ventilators. On Friday, Ventec Life Systems and General Motors announced a partnership expected to produce more than 10,000 ventilators per month starting as early as April.

It is worth noting that, at the time of the 2017 NIH/CDC study, the DOJ was initiating a bogus Special Counsel investigation against our new President which continued on for two years. After a brief respite of several months, the House of Representatives began ramping up an impeachment inquiry to remove him from office. This was followed by an impeachment trial in the Senate which ended with his acquittal. Maybe if his administration hadn’t been so distracted by needless investigations, he might have paid more attention to the study which concluded we needed more ventilators in case we were hit by a pandemic.

But the fact remains that ten warnings were ignored by the Bush and Obama administrations.

Sadly, I have to agree with Bongino. The Democrats would never allow an opportunity like this to be wasted. Imagine a second impeachment inquiry underway in the months before Election Day.

But it might not work out quite the way they planned. The majority of Americans approve of the way President Trump is handling the crisis and after two bogus investigations, fewer Americans will believe them. Two weeks ago, the Democrats, pushed by Nancy Pelosi, tried to fill a coronavirus relief bill with Green New Deal and other unrelated items which delayed its passage.

And here’s a little something for the Democrats to think about. With everything else they’ve been focused on, it may have slipped their minds.

John Durham.

Author: Elizabeth Vaughn

Source: Red State: Dan Bongino: Pelosi, Dems Now Preparing New Investigation of Trump; Will Be Based on Denial, Equipment Delays

Bada bing!

On Thursday, White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro appeared on CNN. Hosting the show was Brianna Keilar.

As the clip begins, Navarro is saying,”We all, as a country, got dealt a bad hand by China.”

It takes a second for Keilar to absorb Navarro’s comment. Then, she puts her hand up and tells him, “Uh, Peter, that is just a waste of time to say that. I’m gonna leave it there. Peter Navarro.”

Navarro is gobsmacked. He interrupts, “No, hang on, wait a minute. Why is that a waste of time to say that?”

Keilar ignores him. “We’re just trying to get our hands around it. No. Peter Navarro. That’s it. We’re out of time. We’re out of time. And that’s just, that’s ridiculous. Peter Navarro. Thank you so much.”

As she continues speaking, Navarro says, “Good to talk to you. I’ll come back anytime.”

Keilar did not even try to be subtle. This exchange belongs in a textbook about media bias. When a “journalist” refuses to even listen to an opinion they disagree with, it can no longer be called journalism.

She declared her guest’s comment to be “just a waste of time” and “just ridiculous.”

Keilar deserves to be fired. Instead, CNN will probably give her a raise and a bonus. CNN posted the exchange on their website with the headline, “Keilar to Peter Navarro: You are wasting everyone’s time.” It’s as if the network is proud of this “loyal” behavior.

(The brief clip of this exchange can be viewed in the tweet below. A video of the full segment along with some highlights can be viewed at the bottom of the page.)

Partial Transcript: (via The Blaze)

Keilar: “Peter, in fairness, the government was clearly ill-prepared for this, this is not something that, you know, viruses happen, and how awful they are, but they are things that happen, your government knew in the summer when it did a drill that this, if this happened, this would be a problem, and there was a lack of preparation, which is why we have you on to talk about the supply chain.”

Navarro: “Sure, and may I comment on that?”

Keilar: “Right now. It looks like the capacity for the U.S. is gonna be about 200,000 ventilators and what experts are saying is there could be a million needed, so are you going to be able to meet that demand?”

Navarro: “So first of all.”

Keilar: “And is the president aware that relaxing restrictive measures is gonna mean that you need more than that?”

Navarro: “Let me, let me bring you up on the history here of what we inherited. In ’09 when the Biden, Obama administration had the H1N1 flu crisis, that should have been a wake-up call.”

Keilar: “Peter, why are you wasting your time on this and not solving the problem that you have? Peter, why are you even talking about this?”

Navarro: “You made the claim that this administration was ill-prepared.”

Keilar: “I did not!”

Navarro: “Run the tape, I just heard that!”

Keilar: “I mean, that is a fact, Peter. That is a fact!”

Navarro: “Why do I respond to you and you keep interrupting me?”

Keilar: “You’re wasting everyone’s time with this. It’s 2020. The president was elected in 2016. Can you get to a million ventilators?”

Author: Elizabeth Vaughn

Source: Red State: Stunning: Trump Official Says US was Dealt a Bad Hand by China, CNN Host Abruptly Ends Segment

On Sunday afternoon, President Trump sent the following tweet:

So now it is reported that, after destroying his life & the life of his wonderful family (and many others also), the FBI, working in conjunction with the Justice Department, has “lost” the records of General Michael Flynn. How convenient. I am strongly considering a Full Pardon!

The Back Story on Flynn

The long suffering General Michael Flynn served briefly as President Trump’s National Security Advisor (NSA). In order to understand Flynn’s long legal journey over the last three years, one must be aware of the animosity President Obama and his top intelligence officials felt toward him.

Flynn had served as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) during the Obama Administration from July 2012 to August 2014. Throughout his tenure, Flynn found himself strongly and frequently “at odds with the administration’s policies on ISIS and the Iran nuclear deal, among other things, which put him at odds with the Obama-friendly deep state.” Following his ouster, Flynn’s public remarks deepened the rift. For instance, in November 2015 during an appearance on Fox News, ” Flynn called for an investigation into the ISIS intel-skewing scandal, recommending that it “start right at the top.”

Over the transition period, Flynn, who had already been tapped as Trump’s NSA, held several conversations with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. During one of the calls, Kislyak brought up Obama’s just-announced sanctions. (Although it was perfectly legal for Flynn to discuss the sanctions with Kislyak, for whatever reason, he chose to lie to Vice President Mike Pence about the calls and President Trump quickly fired him.)

Kislyak had been under US surveillance and Obama intelligence officials had access to recordings and transcriptions of his calls. After listening to the calls, several of Obama’s DOJ officials decided Flynn was in violation of the Logan Act, a law enacted in 1799, which “prohibits private citizens from acting on behalf of the U.S. in disputes with foreign governments.” (No one has ever been prosecuted under this law.)

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York explains:

The Obama officials also said they were concerned by reports that Flynn, in a conversation with Vice President Mike Pence, had denied discussing sanctions. This, the officials felt, might somehow expose Flynn to Russian blackmail.

So Obama appointees atop the Justice Department sent FBI agents to the White House to interview Flynn, who was ultimately charged with lying in that interview.

As you can probably guess, their expressed concern that Flynn might become the target of a Russian blackmail scheme was a lie. This was a set-up.

PJ Media’s Debra Heine explains:

Obama already despised Flynn. But his hate likely turned to fear when his former DIA decided to throw his support behind Donald J. Trump, another boat-rocker who had a real chance of winning. Obama made a point after the 2016 election of advising Trump not to hire Flynn. But Trump didn’t listen.

Next thing Flynn knew, government spies were listening in on his innocuous phone conversations with Kislyak, his name was unmasked by someone in the Obama administration, and the contents of the calls were leaked to the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, (which remains the only serious crime to have emerged in the Russia investigation).

Dan Bongino explains the sequence of events on his podcast:

(Note: This is a summary of Bongino’s remarks.)

Bongino discusses Flynn’s opposition to the Iran Deal, that he had information on how dangerous the deal was for the US. Because of this and Flynn’s knowledge of other administration business, “they need to make Flynn go away. He knows too much. He’s got the goods. Obama officials watch Flynn supporting Trump on the campaign trail.” They’re afraid of what he might reveal. Obama spoke to Trump to try to discourage him from hiring Flynn. Trump hires him anyway.

On December 29, 2016, two important incidents occurred. Mike Flynn was vacationing in the Dominican Republic where he did not have secure communications. The Obama team knew this. Obama needs to do something to “piss off the Russians, but not start WWIII” hoping that they will contact Flynn and they do. Obama orders sanctions against Russia and expels 35 diplomats in retaliation for their interference in our election. Why would he do this nearly two months after the election?

As the Obama team hoped, Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak calls Flynn in the Dominican Republic. They discussed the events of the day including the sanctions.

And the Obama team now has a transcript and a recording of the call. They use this later when agents interview Flynn. They know that Flynn will not remember all the details of the call and they will use this in the future to set him up for a “false statement” charge.

On January 12, 2017, an Obama official leaked Flynn’s name and details of his December 29, 2016 call with Kislyak to David Ignatius at the Washington Post who then published a story about it. The identity of the leaker is unknown. Whoever leaked it has committed a felony.

On January 24, 2017, two FBI agents arrive unannounced at the White House to question Flynn, omitting the fact that they were conducting a criminal interview,

Both agents have said they believed Flynn had been truthful in answering their questions.

Yet, Flynn is later charged with lying to the FBI.

In December of 2018, Flynn fires his legal team and hires Sidney Powell.

The Intrepid Sidney Powell

At a September 2019 hearing, Powell accused prosecutors of “egregious misconduct” and “hiding exculpatory information.”

Specifically, she revealed the existence of a DOJ memo, dated January 30, 2017, which exonerates Flynn of colluding with the Russians. Investigative journalist Sara Carter said this document is “currently under protective order and Powell is working with prosecutors to get it disclosed.” And this memo is only part of the Brady material Powell is demanding.

The date of this memo is especially relevant because, as stated in former FBI Director James Comey’s memo written immediately after his February 14, 2017 Oval Office meeting with the President, Trump asked him to end the investigation into Flynn. Trump’s words to Comey, according to this memo, were “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.” Comey used these remarks as the basis of his obstruction of justice case against Trump.

Further, it was also revealed at this hearing that, at the same time, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had advised that Flynn had not violated the Logan Act.

Worse still, the next day, then-Fox News‘ Catherine Herridge reported the existence of a letter from the British government “disavowing” dossier author Christopher Steele. This letter, which said Steele was untrustworthy, was allegedly sent to Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice and to the incoming national security team during the transition. It is among the 40 documents Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, believes may contain exculpatory evidence and for which she filed a motion to obtain. If Susan Rice had indeed received this letter, it’s highly likely that Comey would have been apprised of it.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who led the House investigation throughout 2017 and 2018 into Russian collusion as the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, confirmed the existence of this letter.

So, during this pivotal meeting on February 14, 2017, Comey was likely aware of three crucial pieces of information. He knew that Flynn had been cleared of both colluding with Russians and of Logan Act violations. And he probably knew that the British government considered Steele to be untrustworthy. As we learned from the December 2019 Horowitz report, Comey was almost certain that the Steele dossier was bogus by then. FBI agents had interviewed Christopher Steele’s primary sub-source in January who had said it was “made up” over beers. Yet he withheld this information from the President. Most importantly, knowing this, he opened an obstruction case against Trump.

Latest Developments

(I posted on this last week here. I am reposting the relevant portion of the story below.)

Last week, investigative journalist John Solomon reported he had obtained a 2018 letter from the Special Counsel’s office to Flynn’s defense team which said, “According to an internal DOJ memo dated January 30, 2017, after the January 24 interview, the FBI advised that based on the interview the FBI did not believe Flynn was acting as an agent of Russia.”

The letter also states that Flynn had briefed the DIA on all of his contacts with Russia which is something he likely would not have done had he been colluding with the Russian government.

Okay, boys, so tell us again why the government continued to prosecute Flynn. Solomon explains that U.S. District Judge Emmett Sullivan, who has presided over the case has “so far has concluded that the exoneration of Flynn on the Russia collusion charge wasn’t relevant to his conviction since he pled guilty to a different crime, making a false statement to the FBI.”

Not relevant? He lied to the FBI about a crime he didn’t commit?

Flynn was caught in a perjury trap. The FBI had been looking for a way to charge him with a crime. Although they would have preferred Russian collusion, they settled for lying to the FBI.

So, ten days into Trump’s presidency, the FBI knows that General Flynn did not collude with the Russians. Yet via leaks to the media, the most notable being The Washington Post’s David Ignatius, Americans were led to believe the opposite. Ignatius published excerpts from Flynn’s conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition and presented a “false storyline of Flynn as a Russian stooge was broadcasted across the nation.”

Solomon spoke to Powell and was told the DOJ provided her with “three sentences from the DOJ memo.” Powell “has been unable to get the full document.”

“It’s just horrible,” Powell said. “They gave us a little three line summary of it and the letter and told us it existed but have refused to give us the actual document, which I know means there’s a lot of other information in it that would be helpful to us.”

In addition, Powell told Solomon that Special Counsel Robert Mueller “was fully aware of a letter sent in early January 2017 to Flynn from Britain’s national security adviser raising concerns about Steele’s credibility.” Solomon reports:

The British government “hand-delivered” a letter to Flynn’s team that “totally disavowed any credibility of Christopher Steele, and would have completely destroyed the Russia collusion narrative,” Powell said.

Flynn himself has no memory of receiving the communique, but people around him at the time do and confirmed the existence of the document, Powell explained. Flynn was questioned about it during his debriefings by Mueller’s team, she added.

“I was told that a copy of the document would have been given to [then-National Security Adviser] Susan Rice as well,” she added. “So the Obama administration knew full well that the entire Russia collusion mess was a farce.”

Instead of responding to the British government’s warning by abandoning the Russia collusion narrative and sparing her client the years-long ordeal of being targeted for investigation, top U.S. intelligence officials hid the communication, Powell said.

Her account confirms information that Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) provided for a May 2019 article for The Hill.

This isn’t the totality of what General Flynn has endured over the last three years, but it provides a good understanding of what Obama’s lieutenants set in motion at the end of his administration. The Mueller team continued the farce, finally forcing Flynn into pleading guilty to one charge of lying to the FBI.

If anyone deserves a pardon, it is this man, who served this country for 33 years. But, at this point, it would almost be better to force the holdovers from the Mueller team to answer for the missing documents and all of their lies.

Author: Elizabeth Vaughn

Source: Red State: President Trump ‘Strongly Considering’ a Full Pardon for General Michael Flynn, Here’s the Back Story

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