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President Trump is continuing to make gains in Arizona, reducing Joe Biden’s (D) lead by the thousands over the course of the last week.

Another Maricopa County drop on Monday evening showed Trump reducing Biden’s overall lead from 16,952 on Sunday afternoon to 14,746. According to the Arizona Republic, Trump fell short in the Monday evening drop of ballots in terms of overall pace, taking 49.2 percent of the 6,495 votes. Trump needs to take 60 percent of the remaining ballots in the state in order to take the lead.

The paper believes 63,000 ballots remain, over half of which are provisional, though Data Orbital estimates the remaining number to be around 61.6K:

Over the weekend, the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a lawsuit in Arizona alleging that in-person voters had their ballots wrongfully rejected, as Breitbart News reported:

The lawsuit details cases in Maricopa County, Arizona, where eligible voters showed up on election day to cast their vote and subsequently had their ballot rejected.

In one case, Mia Barcello said she marked her ballot at an Anthem, Arizona, polling site with an ink pen that permeated through the ballot. When the ballot was fed through a tabulation device, it was rejected, according to the lawsuit. Barcello said she was told to press a “green button labeled ‘Cast’ on the device but was not told that doing so “likely would cause her selections in all candidate races or ballot proposition affected by the putative overvote or other defect or irregularity to be automatically disqualified and not tabulated.”

Trump’s team has continually expressed confidence that he will emerge victorious in Arizona and has called on Fox News and the AP to retract their premature calls.

Author: Hannah Bleau

Source: Breitbart: Joe Biden’s Lead in Arizona Drops Below 15K; 63K Ballots Remain

Democrat officials in Pennsylvania are “privately” speaking to the Biden campaign about potential margins of victory for the former vice president in the battleground state as counting remains underway, according to reports.

According to Politico’s Josh Bresnahan, these Democrat officials have told the Biden campaign that they believe the presidential hopeful will win the state by anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 votes after all the counting is completed:

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) said that “millions” of mail-in ballots remained outstanding in the state’s overall count. Hours earlier, he claimed that “over 1 million mail ballots” remained:

“So we may not know the results either today, but the most important thing is we have accurate results,” he said during the Wednesday brief. “Again, even if that takes a little longer than we’re used to.”

Before handing the brief to Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar (D), Wolf added that he would “vigorously” stand against any attempts to “attack” the vote in his state.

Three days before the election, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) proclaimed that “if all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose.” On Election Day, he encouraged voters to seek help from Democrats, specifically:

While the Trump campaign claimed victory in Pennsylvania, skeptics believe Biden has the advantage in the uncounted votes, given their status as mail-in votes:

BTW: the reason Trump is now expected to lose Pennsylvania is that estimated vote-by-mail totals have risen sharply since Election Day.

The estimate then was 2.5 million ballots. Two days later, it’s almost 2.9 million.

That’s the difference between a Trump and a Biden win.

— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) November 5, 2020

The Trump campaign reported a legal victory in Pennsylvania Thursday morning, which will allow GOP observers to watch ballot counts:

Trump led in Pennsylvania by just over 135,000 votes as of 11:30 a.m. Eastern.

A spokesperson for the state’s high court quickly quashed the rumor that it had overruled the lower ruling. While the spokesperson denied that a filing had been made, minutes later, they said a filing had been made:

Trump led in Pennsylvania by just over 135,000 votes as of 11:30 a.m. Eastern.

A spokesperson for the state’s high court quickly quashed the rumor that it had overruled the lower ruling. While the spokesperson denied that a filing had been made, minutes later, they said a filing had been made:

Author: Hannah Bleau

Source: Breitbart: Report: Democrat PA Officials ‘Privately’ Feeding Biden Campaign His Potential Margin of Victory

David Shafer, chairman of the Georgia GOP, said on Wednesday that Georgia’s Fulton County instructed observers to leave and “continued to count ballots in secret” despite claiming that they were “closing up” for the night.

“At the @GaRepublicans State Headquarters monitoring reports from county tabulation centers. Problems with Republican and other public observers being allowed to view tabulation and canvass,” Shafer said on Wednesday.

“Fulton County told our observers last night to go home because they were closing up and then continued to count ballots in secret,” he added in a follow-up tweet:

The Atlanta County made headlines late Tuesday evening following reports of a burst water pipe at a ballot processing site, delaying absentee ballot counts.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) provided an update on Wednesday, telling reporters that his team asked counties to get their election results counted by the day’s end.

“Every legal vote will count,” he assured.

The state had roughly 200,000 outstanding ballots at the time of his update. Trump led by less than 79,000 votes, as of 3:35 p.m. Eastern, with 93 percent of votes counted in the Peach State.

Author: Hannah Bleau

Source: Breitbart: Chairman of GA GOP: Fulton County Told Observers to Leave, ‘Continued to Count Ballots in Secret’

Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden admitted that his 1994 crime bill was a “mistake” during a televised town hall on Thursday.

“In the meantime, an awful lot of people were jailed for an awful lot of minor drug crimes … was it a mistake to support it?” town hall moderator George Stephanopoulos asked.

“Yes it was. But here’s where the mistake came. The mistake came in terms of what the states did locally. What we did federally, we said — and you remember George, it was all about the same time for the same crime,” Biden said, explaining that he “took some really brilliant lawyers working for me in the judiciary” and “did a study and we determined what happens for the first, second, third offense for any crime in the criminal justice system at the federal level.”

“If you’re a black man, it’s the first time you commit robbery, how long would you go to jail,” he said, explaining that they did a comparison to white men for a variety of criminal offenses.

“Every single solitary maximum was reduced in there but what happened was, it became then, same time for the same crime,” he continued, adding that “black folks went to jail a lot less than they would have before, but it was a mistake.”

Stephanopoulos mentioned that the crime bill funded 100,000 police officers and asked Biden if he still believed that “more cops clearly mean less crime.”

“Yes,” Biden said, but only if they are “involved in community policing, not jump squads.”

The former vice president added that he would, as president, organize a national study group comprised of cops, social workers, and black and brown community members in the hopes that they “come up with significant reforms that need to take place within communities.”

Author: Hannah Bleau

Source: Breitbart: Joe Biden Admits 1994 Crime Bill Was a ‘Mistake’ During Town Hall

The upcoming presidential debate comes with a dose of anticipation, not just for the showdown between President Trump and Joe Biden (D), but between Trump and moderator Chris Wallace, given that the Fox News personality has a lengthy history of criticizing the president himself.

Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace will moderate the September 29 presidential debate, which will take place at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. While some progressives have balked at the thought of having a Fox News personality moderate the first debate, Wallace has remained a steadfast critic of President Trump, which could provide another contentious element to the debate, given the anchor’s public positions and remarks throughout Trump’s presidency. Such remarks prompted Bloomberg News to deem Wallace the “new face of the Trump resistance” last October, following Shepard Smith’s departure from the network.

Below are some of Wallace’s attacks on Trump and his administration.

1. Wallace said there was a “huge problem with the credibility of the White House.”

In July 2017, just months after Trump assumed office, Wallace stated that the White House had a “credibility” problem as the Trump-Russia collusion hoax began to heat up:

“There is a huge problem with the credibility of the White House because they kept saying there is no collusion, there have been no contacts, this is all a hoax, it is all fake news. And then it keeps coming up that people we haven’t heard about did have these meetings,” he said at the time.

2. Wallace suggested Trump “can blame” the Mueller probe on himself.

In August 2018,Wallace discussed Trump’s remarks on then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, concluding that Trump could only blame the Mueller probe on himself because he fired James Comey.

“Remember though, that the recusal of Sessions did not lead to the special counsel. It was the firing of Comey, of James Comey, the FBI Director that lead to the appointment of the special counsel,” he said. “And the only person the president can blame for that is himself.”

3. Wallace said Trump received “too much credit” for holding the Senate majority in the 2018 midterms.

On the night of the midterm elections, Wallace suggested that Trump was receiving “too much credit” after the GOP retained a majority in the Senate.

“I think we are…giving too much credit to Donald Trump for holding on to the Senate. The fact is, this was a historically difficult year for the Democrats. The Democrats had 26 seats that they had to defend. The Republicans had nine seats they had to defend,” he said, clarifying that he was not trying to diminish the president’s efforts.

However, he said he considered it a “tremendous overstatement to say that this is a — that Donald Trump pulled a hat out of the bag.”

“This was a — this was something he should have been expected to do. He did it,” he continued. “Congratulations to him, but let’s temper our excitement over Donald Trump’s performance tonight.”

4. Wallace reasoned that Mueller’s testimony did not give Trump a “clean legal bill of health.”

Following former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony last year, Wallace concluded that it did not give the president a “clean legal bill of health”:

“There were a lot of damaging facts that were related,” he said. “And to the degree that he came forward, and he didn’t often, but that Mueller did say some things that were negative about the president in terms of enumerating allegations in his report.”

5. Wallace believed there was “meat on the bones” of the partisan impeachment inquiry.

Shortly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced a formal impeachment iniquiry into President Trump, Wallace declared that it did, in fact, have something to it. He said:

The fact is that President Trump and his staff have really said quite a lot since Sunday in trying to explain or defend what they did that puts a lot of meat on the bones. The fact that the president says that in that congratulatory phone call with the president-elect at that time of Ukraine, he did talk about Joe Biden. He did talk about Joe Biden and his son and possible corruption and expressed some concern about wanting the Ukrainian president to look into that.

It may not bear fruit, but there is some meat on the bones here, both in terms of what the president said to the Ukrainian president and the actions that he had taken to stop aid before he made that call. So, there’s going to be something here for Congress to investigate, whether it ends up rising to the levels of articles of impeachment, we don’t know.

Wallace would later go on to say he felt “goosebumps” after Democrats finally voted to approve a resolution outlining the procedures for the impeachment inquiry.

“As they called the vote, I have to say I can feel goosebumps,” Wallace said. “You cannot overstate how dramatic this is and what a decision the Democrats have made to pursue this course.”

6. Wallace said there was “no question” Trump was “stoking racial divisions”

During a July 2019 interview with White House adviser Stephen Miller, Wallace stated, unequivocally, that Trump was “stoking” racial divisions in the country:

“Nobody has any problem with what the president’s policies have been. It’s when he goes into stoking racial fears,” the anchor said. “I’ve never called any of his tweets racists, but there’s no question that he is stoking racial divisions.”

7. Wallace took issue with Trump calling liberal-run areas “crime-infested.”

The Fox News anchor attempted to establish a “clear pattern” during a conversation with former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney last year, accusing the president of using distinct language when referring to minority lawmakers and their districts:

he told Mulvaney:

You say it has little to do with race, there is a clear pattern here. The fact is before his inauguration. The president tweeted about John Lewis, a black congressman. This is before his inauguration. ‘He should spend time in his crime-infested district.’ Then, two weeks ago he goes after these four members of “The Squad,” all women of color, and says they should go back to the crime-infested countries from which they come. Then he talks about Elijah Cummings, and he says his district is rat and rodent-infested. Infested, it sounds like vermin. It sounds subhuman, and these are all six members of Congress for people of color.

8. Wallace said Trump “engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history.”

Speaking at an event honoring the First Amendment at the Newseum in Washington, DC, last December, Wallace stated that President Trump is actively assaulting the freedom of the press:

“I believe that President Trump is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history,” he said at the event, accusing Trump of attempting to “uncut the media to try and delegitimize us.”

“I think his purpose is clear to raise doubts when we report critically about him and his administration that we can be trusted,” he said.

“Let’s be honest, the president’s attacks have done some damage,” he added. “A Freedom Forum Institute poll this year found 29 percent of Americans think the First Amendment goes ‘too far.’ And 77 percent say ‘fake news’ is a serious threat to our democracy.”

9. Wallace accused Trump of essentially promoting a Kremlin disinformation campaign.

During a discussion with Vice President Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short last December, Wallace asked if the president believed that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election:

Every major U.S. intelligence agency says it was Russia that interfered in the election. During a House Intel Committee hearings, a member of the Trump National Security council Fiona Hill said this idea that Ukraine interfered in the election is Kremlin disinformation, so why does the president think it’s still worth investigating whether Ukraine did something?

10. Wallace declared that House impeachment managers made a “powerful” case against the president.

In January, as the partisan House impeachment inquiry continued to heat up, Wallace proclaimed that the impeachment managers, led by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), presented a “powerful case” against the president. He said:

You can say if you think it’s impeachable or not. They have made a powerful case. They have a lot of witnesses. They have a lot of graphics. They have a lot of evidence. I can’t imagine what I have for 16 more hours, and I wonder, to some degree, whether when the White House gets its turn, they are going to be disadvantaged by this because yes, they will have new things to say.

11. Wallace dismissed Trump’s concerns about potential mail-in ballot fraud and claimed that there “isn’t a history of fraud with mail-in voting.”

As Trump and the GOP continued to warn of the risks posed by mass mail-in voting, Wallace declared that there “isn’t a history of fraud with mail-in voting.” He said:

They were two points I’d think about that. One, I have considered a lot of other groups; there just isn’t a history of fraud with mail-in voting—fewer than 1,000 cases since 2000 with billions of votes cast. So I think it is for 500 cases and all of them very minor and the fraud doesn’t particularly advantage one party or the other.

He repeated the same sentiment in May:

Well, you know, I’ve done some deep dive in it, there really is no record of massive fraud or even serious fraud from mail-in voting. It’s being carried out in Republican states, being carried out in Democratic states, there is no indication that mail-in voting, as opposed to in-person voting, tends to favor one party over another.

12: Wallace proclaimed that Democrat leaders like Joe Biden (D) are “not supporting” defunding police.

In June, Wallace attempted to push back on Trump’s warnings of Democrats seeking to defund the police, proclaiming that it “isn’t” coming from Democrats such as Biden.

“The vast majority of Democratic leaders in this country are not supporting that,” he said.

“They are not talking about defund police. I understand there is something of a split in the party, but I gotta say the vast majority of the party doesn’t want to go that far among other reasons because they know it’s too far to the left, too extreme for the vast majority of voters in this country,” he said.

““There are people on the far left of the party, the so-called Squad, people like Ilhan Omar, but we have seen this before, whether it was on the Green New Deal or Medicare for all that certainly is an element of the party, but not the majority of the party,” he added.

A poll released just days before showed that a majority of Democrats, 55 percent, supported the Black Lives Matter’s call to defund police:

13. Wallace praised Michelle Obama, stating that she “really flayed, sliced and diced Donald Trump” during her Democratic National Convention speech.

Wallace issued high praise for former first lady Michelle Obama following her impassioned Democratic National Convention speech, suggesting that she, effectively, took down the president:

She said that the speech was her main contribution to the Biden campaign. It was a heck of a contribution. She really flayed, sliced and diced Donald Trump talking about the chaos and confusion and lack of empathy, especially coming from this president and this White House, spoke more about the deficits of Donald Trump than the pluses of Joe Biden, but did talk about especially, not so much policies, but especially his empathy and what he has been through and his care for average Americans.

“She said we have to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it. And again, very practical, not just this is what you’re feeling should be, but you have to get out, you have to vote, you have to convince your neighbors to vote. This was a very effective speech,” he added:

14: Wallace said Biden “blew a hole” in Trump’s attacks.

Wallace also praised Biden following his relatively brief convention speech, describing it as “enormously effective.”

“Remember, Donald Trump has been talking for months about Joe Biden as mentally shot, a captive of the left. And yes, Biden was reading from the teleprompter and a prepared speech, but I thought that he blew a hole, a big hole in the characterization,” he assessed:

Notably, Wallace did not offer high praise for Trump’s Republican National Convention speech, describing it as “surprisingly flat.”

“There were impressive fireworks on the mall. But I have to say I was surprised at the lack of fireworks in the president’s speech tonight. First of all, it was far too long. 70 minutes exactly. I thought at times it felt like more a State of the Union speech, like a campaign speech,” he said.

“I have to say, in his delivery, again, I thought the president — who we have seen really turn on a crowd — was surprisingly flat and didn’t seem to have the bite that he usually does have in his speeches,” Wallace added.

15. Wallace hinted at Trump and GOP hypocrisy on filling the current Supreme Court vacancy.

Most recently, Wallace asked Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) if the GOP, and Trump, were acting in a hypocritical manner for charging forward in filling the SCOTUS vacancy prior to the election.

“You really don’t think there is any hypocrisy at all in saying we need to give voters… You stated a pretty firm principle in 2016 about Merrick Garland. It’s wrong to deny voters a chance to weigh in. You don’t see any hypocrisy between that position then and this position now?” he asked on Sunday:

On Tuesday, the Commission on Presidential Debates released the topics Wallace has chosen for the debate, which include:

  • The Trump and Biden Records
  • The Supreme Court
  • Covid-19
  • The Economy
  • Race and Violence in our Cities
  • The Integrity of the Election

The debate begins at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

Author: Hannah Bleau

Source: Breitbart: 15 Times Chris Wallace Went After Trump

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is calling to ban authorities from using non-lethal munitions, such as tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets, on protesters as violent riots continue to dominate U.S. cities.

“No more tear gas, no more pepper spray, no more rubber bullets on protestors. Ban them all,” Sanders wrote, linking to a piece titled, “Kenosha police fire tear gas to disperse crowd protesting shooting”:

The piece details the unrest that fell on the city Monday night, as protesters broke curfew, hurling various projectiles, including fireworks, at authorities.

“Police first fired the tear gas about 30 minutes after the 8 p.m. curfew took effect and protesters refused to disperse. But hundreds of people stuck around, lighting fires and screaming at police,” according to the report.

Violence escalated in Kenosha Tuesday night, prompting Gov. Tony Evers (D) to authorize 500 members of the Wisconsin National Guard to assist local law enforcement in maintaining law and order after initially previously rejecting the White House’s offer to provide further support. Protests reached a violent breaking point Tuesday, as two people were shot and killed and another wounded as a result of the riots.

Notably, Sanders did not condemn the violent acts of sheer lawlessness exhibited by protesters — who have committed acts of arson, destroying area businesses and livelihoods — in his tweet.

While Joe Biden’s (D) adviser released a brief statement condemning the riots, he has yet to do so personally.

Author: Hannah Bleau

Source: Breitbart: Bernie Sanders: Ban Officers from Using Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, and Rubber Bullets

Armed citizens moved to defend businesses in Kenosha Monday night as rioters torched the city, targeting businesses for the second night in a row.

Protests swept the city as arsonists brazenly targeted businesses. Jorge Ventura, a field reporter for the Daily Caller, was on the scene and caught up with armed citizens attempting to stop the angry rioters from destroying businesses:

“Nobody fuck with the business owners,” one man said in a video showing two armed men walking beside a building.

“They’re probably with you. Fuck with the government,” another shouted.

“These guys [business powers] are probably out here with the BLM protesters,” one of the men, hailing from Milwaukee, told Ventura. “They don’t want the government to shoot people. They’re against the government too, probably. The government fucks them every day. Taxes, shit like that.”

He made it clear that he believes the officer-involved Kenosha shooting incident is “bullshit” but drew the line at protesters destroying businesses:

Several videos from reporters on the ground show protesters vandalizing businesses and buildings completely engulfed by flames:

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) appeared to stand in solidarity with protesters, referring to the officer-involved incident, which is still being investigated, as “another attack against a Black man” and declaring racism a “public health crisis.”

“As folks across our state are making their voices heard, they should be able to assemble and report on these issues without any fear of being unsafe. If you are exercising that right, please do so peacefully, wear your masks, and keep physical distance as best as you can,” he said on Monday, prior to the second night of lawlessness:

Pete Deates, president of the Kenosha Professional Police Association, blasted Evers for his initial response to the incident, calling it “wholly irresponsible and not reflective of the hardworking members of the law enforcement community, not to mention the citizens of the City of Kenosha.”

Author: Hannah Bleau

Source: Breitbart: Watch: Armed Citizens Move to Defend Kenosha Businesses as Rioters Torch the City

The Trump campaign is suing three Iowa counties over their absentee ballots, which arrived “pre-filled with information” — something the campaign claims violates Secretary of State Paul Pate’s (R) instruction to mail blank forms to voters.

The Trump campaign has launched lawsuits against Johnson, Linn, and most recently, Woodbury County over the mailing of absentee ballot request forms featuring pre-filled information, including “names, dates of birth and a voting pin number that few people know,” according to the Associated Press (AP).

In March, Pate announced that absentee ballot request forms would be mailed out to every active registered voter in the state ahead of the state’s June 2 primary. Similarly, voters “just have to review, sign and return the forms to get ballots mailed to them beginning Oct. 5,” for the upcoming general election.

The issue, though, is the pre-filled information. The campaign contends that it violates Pate’s insistence that blank ballot forms be sent to voters to “ensure uniformity statewide,” according to the AP:

County officials say they are acting within their authority to promote absentee voting during the coronavirus pandemic. They say that leaving the forms blank would threaten to disenfranchise people who do not know their voting pin or driver’s license numbers, either of which must be provided under the state’s voter identification law.

Under a new law passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature, auditors cannot use their databases to fill in blank pin numbers on the forms as they have done in past elections. Instead, they must try to contact those voters by email or mail to correct errors themselves, a time-consuming process that will not always be successful.

Similarly, President Trump’s 2020 campaign, as well as the New Jersey Republican State Committee and the Republican National Committee (RNC), are suing New Jersey over Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) executive order “instituting the rules that would give voters an option to avoid voting in person during the coronavirus pandemic,” as Breitbart News detailed.

In addition to sending vote-by-mail ballots, along with pre-paid postage, to all active registered voters, Murphy’s executive order extends the deadline for the return of the ballots. Those returned through USPS “with a postmark on or before November 3rd to be counted as a valid ballot by the County Clerk, if received by 8:00 p.m. on November 10th.”

Additionally, “ballots without a postmark that are received by the county boards of elections within 48 hours of the closing of polls on November 3rd shall be considered valid.”

Per Murphy’s office:

Today’s executive order will also require a minimum of at least one polling place in each municipality and a minimum of 50 percent of polling places in each county to provide New Jersey voters with access to in-person voting opportunities, including accommodations for voters with disabilities. All public schools will close for in-person instruction on November 3rd to allow counties to use their buildings as polling locations, if necessary. Polling locations will be required to follow public health standards, including ensuring six feet of distance, requiring poll workers to wear face coverings and gloves, frequent sanitization of high-touch areas, and providing sanitization materials to all individuals at a polling place.

“In his haste, the governor created a system that will violate eligible citizens’ right to vote,” the lawsuit alleges.

“By ordering universal vote-by-mail, he has created a recipe for disaster,” it continues. “Fraudulent and invalid votes dilute the votes of honest citizens and deprive them of their right to vote in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

Author: Hannah Bleau

Source: Breitbart: Trump Campaign Sues Three Iowa Counties over Mail-in Ballot Request Forms ‘Pre-Filled’ with Information

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) kicked off Monday night with the official theme of unity, but it focused primarily on divisive party talking points, dominated almost entirely by race.

Several segments of the DNC’s first convention night focused on racial strife and division — a theme pushed by Democrats in the wake of George Floyd’s May 25 death, which spurred riots and violence against police officers across the country.

Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) was one of the first to deliver an address, with “Black Lives Matter Plaza” serving as her backdrop. She touted the false “peaceful” protesters’ talking points and invoked her two-year-old daughter, explaining that she wanted her to grow up in an America where the president “doesn’t fan the flame of racism and looks out for all of us.”

“We can’t just paint those words behind me. We can’t just say those words. We have to live those words. We have to undo the laws and systems that have codified racism for far too long,” she said, urging everyone to “challenge our own biases.”

Bowser then introduced members of George Floyd’s family.

“My brother George was selfless. He always made sacrifices for his family, friends, and even complete strangers,” his brother said, praising those “peacefully protesting in the name of love and unity” — a “fitting” legacy for Floyd, he said, listing others who “we’ve lost to hate and injustice.”

They then held a moment of silence.

The convention then played a segment featuring Joe Biden (D) speaking with a group of individuals, virtually, about racial inequality.

“Mayor, how are you prioritizing the many things you have to do as we try to tackle, in a way we haven’t before, systemic racism in the city?” he asked Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D), who said it is about “economic empowerment.” She did not mention the uptick in violence in her city.

Following the segment, the words, “We the people need a leader who will fight for racial justice” displayed on the screen, introducing a montage of voters calling for racial justice.

“Racism structurally, individually, and systematically is real,” Anton G. of South Carolina said.

“What I want to see in the next president of the United States is someone who fair. Who believes in equal justice under the law. I want him to lead us through this revolution that we’re experiencing right now,” one voter said.

One man referred to Biden as a “healer” and “unifier” who will “fight for the Black Lives Matter movement,” followed by a woman who called to “undo, remove, tear down, the remnants of structural and systematic racism in this country.”

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), speaking from Charleston, South Carolina, also brought up race.

“Six months ago, I stood not far from here and endorsed Joe Biden to be our 46th president. It was a decision I made with my feet firmly planted in this community — this community — for 80 percent of African Americans in this country can claim an ancestor who arrived on these shores in bondage,” he began, noting that the community is still healing from the white supremacist shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church.

He also spoke about the removal of the John C. Calhoun statue being removed and praised Biden, referring to him as an “adopted son of South Carolina.”

Failed Democrat primary candidate Beto O’Rourke (D) did not mince words during his appearance at Monday’s virtual convention, bluntly calling President Trump the “most destructive, hateful, racist president in the history of this country, who is literally tearing apart the fabric of the United States of America.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), one of the big headliners of the night, emphasized that the U.S. is “confronting systemic racism” and accused Trump of “leading us down the path of authoritarianism.”

The former presidential hopeful added that the “unthinkable has become normal” during Trump’s first term, declaring that “authoritarianism has taken root” in the U.S. He continued in fanning the flames of racial unrest by repeating the debunked Democrat talking point that President Trump has coddled white nationalists.

“Joe Biden will end the hate and division Trump has created,” he claimed. “He will stop the demonization of immigrants, the coddling of white nationalists, the racist dog-whistling, the religious bigotry, and the ugly attacks on women.”

Former first lady Michelle Obama, the final major speaker of the night, wrapped up the evening in a speech harping on the same themes of racial unrest, mentioning George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

She said in part:

And here at home, as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and a never-ending list of innocent people of color continue to be murdered. Stating the simple fact that a black life matters is still met with derision from the nation’s highest office. Because whenever we look to this White House for leadership or consolation or any semblance of steadiness, what we get instead is chaos, division, and total and utter lack of empathy.

Obama talked about kids and what she believes they are witnessing in the world under a Trump presidency.

“They see people calling the police on folks minding their own business just because of the color of their sin. They see an entitlement that says only certain people belong here,” she explained

“And they see what happens when that lack of empathy is ginned up into outright disdain. They see our leaders labeling fellow citizens enemies of the state while emboldening torch-bearing white supremacists,” she continued:

They watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages, and pepper spray and pepper bullets are used on peaceful protesters for a photo op. Sadly this is the America that is on display for the next generation — a nation that’s underperforming not simply on matters of policy but on matters of character. And that’s not just disappointing. It’s downright infuriating.

“Now, I understand that my message won’t be heard by some people. We live in a nation that is deeply divided, and I am a black woman speaking at the democratic convention,” she continued.

“But enough of you know me by now,” Obama added, urging people to vote for Biden “like our lives depend on it.”

Author: Hannah Bleau

Source: Breitbart: Democratic National Convention Dominated by Divisive Racial Justice Talking Points Despite ‘Unity’ Platform

The Trump campaign bested Joe Biden’s (D) campaign in July, outraising him by $25 million, according to final numbers released this week.

The Trump campaign, working with the Republican National Committee (RNC) and its joint fundraising committees, raised $165 million in July, compared to $140 million raised by the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The Trump campaign also announced that it officially surpassed the billion-dollar threshold “with a cycle to date haul of $1.1 billion” and touted its cash on hand advantage of over $300 million. Biden and Democrats reportedly have $294 million cash on hand.

“With 90 days until victory, our teams and supporters are in overdrive working to re-elect President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement, stressing the growth of enthusiasm across the country.

“From Maine to Nevada, the enthusiasm we are seeing from voters only continues to grow as Americans know the critical choice they face in November – a lawless cancel culture under Joe Biden, or a Great American Comeback under President Trump”:

The Trump campaign said it is continuing in its efforts of “powering the largest field program and data operation in Party history,” with the RNC hiring 300 field staffers, “bringing the total Trump Victory operation to over 1,500 – double that of Biden’s field operation,” according to the campaign’s release.

“With a grassroots army of 1.8 million Americans, the Trump Victory field effort is on pace to surpass the 2.2 million volunteers that helped re-elect President Obama in 2012,” the release added.

Trump Victory data obtained by Axios this week indicated that the campaign’s ground game is continuing to reap positive results. The GOP is reportedly closing the voter registration gap in key swing states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina:

According to the data obtained by Axios, the GOP has “lessened the margin by 133,000 registered voters in Pennsylvania and 87,000 voters in Florida” while gaining “a net 216,410 voters since Election Day 2016” in North Carolina.

Republicans have also reclaimed a voter registration advantage in Iowa and are outpacing Democrats in Arizona.

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump raised $4 million for her father’s reelection campaign in a virtual fundraiser this week.

Author: Hannah Bleau

Source: Breitbart: Trump Campaign Outraises Team Biden by Millions in July

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