Ian Haworth


As the second impeachment of former president Donald Trump enters its second day, social media and legacy media alike are laser-focussed on the events in Washington, D.C. More specifically, they are entirely focused on the appalling events which unfolded in the Capitol on January 6, making the clear unquestionable conclusion that Trump — and by the transitive property of conservative bigotry, his supporters — is somehow responsible for this unique display of political violence.

This is easily demonstrated by looking at members of the legacy media who are now engaging in what can only be described as a social media offensive against Trump, a man who no longer holds office.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, host of the oxymoronic show “Reliable Sources,” promoted the idea that “MAGA media hosts are talking about the riot totally differently, delicately referring to ‘the events of January 6’ as a protest that ‘got out of hand…’” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes applied a logical trick which presented Trump’s impeachment trial as a “guilty until proven innocent” situation, assuming the contentious premise that Trump incited violence as he wrote “It is pretty striking that for all the talking points from Republicans and even Trump’s lawyers basically no one — as far as I can tell — actually defends what Trump did.” CNN’s Jake Tapper has repeatedly reported on the contextually insignificant Michigan Senate Majority Leader who has claimed that “it wasn’t Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol.”

It’s crucial that we understand what is going on here. This has little, if anything, to do with the riot on January 6 in Washington, D.C. This has nothing to do with legitimate criticism of unsubstantiated theories regarding these attempts. This has nothing to do with the impeachment trial, or the absurd notion that Trump is guilty of inciting violence.

In addition, this has nothing to do with the obvious display of hypocrisy from the same legacy media who ignored or justified the months of “mostly peaceful” riots witnessed across the country last year.

No, the goal of this strategy is to keep the floodlights on Trump while, in the shadows, Biden forces through the foundational pieces of the Democratic party’s radical agenda.

While we remain distracted by the frustrating and inconsistent obsession with the violence in Washington, D.C., compared to the violence of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, or by ridiculous claims of guilt in the farce that is the impeachment trial, Biden has been sitting in the Oval Office, signing an unprecedented 52 executive orders and actions in just the first 20 days of his administration.

Ultimately, we have been duped by this scam. While conservatives engage in the politically-fruitless fight over Trump’s second impeachment, Biden has been expanding socialized medicine, destroying American jobs in the energy sector, rejoining the detrimental Paris Climate Accord, forgiving the World Health Organization for acting as a wing of the Chinese Communist Party, building a platform of educational legitimacy for the anti-American “1619 Project,” working to destroy women’s sports, undermining the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and enforcing comparatively limitless immigration policies.

The Democrats will work to keep the collective focus of the country on Trump for as long as they can. He’s their ultimate distraction. Instead of allowing the Left to bait us into the debate they want, perhaps we ought to be asking what is happening in the shadows.

The views expressed in this piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

Author: Ian Haworth

Source: Daily Wire: While The Media Distracts With Impeachment, Biden Quietly Forces His Leftist Agenda Through

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