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During this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” President Donald Trump argued House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was pushing the 25th Amendment as a means to oust a sitting president not because of him but so that, if elected, former Vice President Joe Biden could be replaced by his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).

Trump told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that he saw Pelosi’s effort as part of a way to implement more far-left policies.

Partial transcript as follows:

BARTIROMO: I have got to get your reaction to what Nancy Pelosi said this weekend. She is questioning if those steroid treatments that you were on — I know you’re not on them anymore — are influencing your decision-making.

And, on Friday, she raised the idea of a presidential succession bill to alter the 25th Amendment process. She wants Congress to be able to take out a president if they deem he is unfit.

Here’s Nancy Pelosi this weekend. I have got to get your reaction. Listen to this.


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): The 25th Amendment creates a path for preserving stability if a president suffers a crippling physical or mental problem and is un — quote — in the amendment — “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office and transfers his powers.”

Specifically, Section 4 of the amendment empowers Congress to set up an independent body to confront such a crisis.


BARTIROMO: Mr. President, your reaction?

TRUMP: Well, I think she’s talking about Joe Biden, because, to be honest with you, he’s the one that’s got the problem.

And, obviously, it’s obvious to anybody that watches him speak. He’s the one that got — that has the problem. And they want to put a super radical left person in, like Kamala, who’s worse than — who’s further left than Bernie Sanders.

And that whole thing is breaking up now, because the left isn’t getting what they want. All of a sudden, they’re back into fracking and all the things that they talked about they wouldn’t do, and now they’re saying they’re going to do them. And the left is very unhappy.

I’m going to get a lot of people because of my great policies on trade. They’re going to — just like last time, Bernie Sanders’ people are going to vote for me because of what I have done on trade, because what I have done on trade is a miracle.

And we have a long way to go, because, frankly, they interrupted it with the impeachment hoax and various other things.

But, no, I think she’s talking, and a lot of people think that she’s talking about Joe Biden, getting him out.

BARTIROMO: Now, the…

TRUMP: And, frankly, that’s — that’s the way I view it. I certainly view it that way.

Author: Jeff Poor

Source: Breitbart: Trump: Pelosi Pushing 25th Amendment to Remove Joe Biden for Kamala Harris

Monday during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” President Donald Trump announced a nomination to fill the vacancy left behind by the death by Ruth Bader Ginsburg late this week.

Trump mentioned Friday or Saturday as a possible date.

“I think it will be on Friday or Saturday and we want to pay respect, it looks like we will have services on Thursday or Friday, as I understand it, and I think we should, with all due respect for Justice Ginsburg, wait for services to be over,” Trump said.

Author: Jeff Poor

Source: Breitbart: Trump: Supreme Court Nominee Announcement Likely Friday or Saturday

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson offered viewers audio of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo discussing former CBS morning anchor Charlie Rose and his handling of woman, and what it meant to him with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

Transcript as follows:

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: You know, I’m always careful when I talk to media, you know?


CUOMO: Do you know how many [bleep] phone calls I’ve gotten from people at ABC who say that reporters are calling and lying about things they heard about me to try to get stories about me when I was at ABC? Guys calling and saying, I heard he was the Charlie Rose of ABC. He used to invite women to the hotel and open his, you know, bathrobe. Do I look like the kind of [bleep] guy who’s got to do that?

COHEN: Sure, why not? But you’re in —

CUOMO: So I really have a good source that says that he forced one woman to have sex. I just want to know if you’ve ever heard anything like that. There is no woman.

COHEN: Right.

CUOMO: There is none of that. So here’s the problem. Women who do work, they’re saying, oh, yes, you know, some of these men — and naming me with other guys, you know, we bumped on to each other once in the elevator and he put his hand on my shoulder and he made me really uncomfortable.

I mean, what the bleep?

COHEN: It’s a problem. And now you saw —

CUOMO: So, I am careful with the media always. I’ve always told you, the media is not your friend.


Author: Jeff Poor

Source: Breitbart: Listen: Tucker Carlson’s Unearthed Audio of CNN’s Chris Cuomo Confiding in Michael Cohen on Sex, Media

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez acknowledged the waves of protests and civil unrest have something to do with the current COVID-19 flare-up going on around the country.

Gimenez also blamed other gatherings for the increase, which he said included socializing at beaches, bars and restaurants.

“I think obviously the protests had a lot to do with it,” he said. “We had, you know, thousands of young people together outside, a lot of them not wearing masks. And we know when you do that, and you are talking, and you are chanting, etc., that really spreads the virus.”

“So absolutely, the protests had something to do with it,” Gimenez continued. “But also our people, our residents, did not — I think they let their guard down and started to socialize. And again, that also has to do with it. So it’s all the above. I’m not saying it’s just that, but it was a contributing factor.”

Author: Jeff Poor

Source: Breitbart: Miami Mayor Gimenez: ‘Protests Had a Lot to Do with’ Florida Coronavirus Spike

Thursday on Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told listeners he planned to call a number of ex-Obama administration officials to testify before his committee.

Among those are former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Graham added he did not know if former National Security Advisor Susan Rice and former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes would be called to testify before his committee but said he was deferring to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, to investigate matters pertaining to the period between the 2016 presidential election and inauguration.

Partial transcript as follows:

HEWITT: Now I have a series of questions. I just would like to know yes, no, I don’t know as to whether or not you will be calling as a witness to the Judiciary Committee the following people. Will you be subpoenaing James Comey?


HEWITT: Andrew McCabe?


HEWITT: John Brennan?


HEWITT: James Clapper?


HEWITT: Susan Rice?

GRAHAM: Don’t know.

HEWITT: Ben Rhodes?

GRAHAM: Don’t know. I’m having, Senator Johnson’s going to look at all the things that happened from the election to transition. His committee’s going to look at all that.

Author: Jeff Poor

Source: Breitbart: Lindsey Graham: Comey, McCabe, Brennan and Clapper Will Be Called to Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) lamented House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) obstructionism throughout the processes of coronavirus relief efforts considered by Congress.

McCarthy argues Pelosi’s main priority was opposition to President Donald Trump, noting her opposition to the President’s Chinese travel ban earlier this year.

“Well, what it would do is something that we’ve been requesting for the last two weeks — more funding for the small business program,” he said. “This business program has worked very well. More than 1.6 million businesses requested the money to pay their employees, to pay their rent. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi has held that up for the last two weeks. What we have watched and the one question I have watching her on the Sunday show, name me one productive thing Speaker Pelosi has accomplished in this pandemic. When President Trump in January 31, put in the ban from China, February 24, she asked people to gather together in San Francisco.”

“She actually fought the ban,” McCarthy continued. “When we wanted to put the CARES Act together, she came in, held it up. Now we had a small business program working. She’s now held up the money. There’s 700,000 small business applications in right now trying to keep their doors open. Last week we watched five million people, new numbers for unemployment. How many more millions of Pelosi’s layoffs will we have to endure before she’ll put people before politics? Even at this moment to get this agreement, we could have been done yesterday, but the Democrats continue to hold up even though we have agreed to all the numbers.”

He also pointed to other instances Pelosi has opposed Trump for the sake of opposing Trump and reiterated she has accomplished very little.

“I’ve watched Nancy Pelosi disagree with this president every time. January 31, when he stopped the flights from China, she wanted to put on the floor a no-ban to make that much harder for the president to do. February 24, she asked people to gather in San Francisco in Chinatown,” McCarthy said. “When we wanted to be able to move the CARES Act, she held it up to get more funding for the National Endowment of the Arts. When we wanted more funding for small business, something she already voted for, she held it up.”

“When you look at per-capita testing, especially in the hot spots from New York or Louisiana, America has tested more than any other place in the world,” he added. “This is what the Speaker has done. Instead of work together, she has tried to fight every element. Again, name me one thing this Speaker has accomplished that’s productive during this pandemic. All she’s ever done is criticize. We need to work together as one. Look, the virus is here. We did not invite it. We did not want it, but we will defeat it together. At no other time in history, when we’ve had a challenge such as this, you’ve watched a speaker work with the president. We’ve only now watched the Speaker criticize every action.”

Author: Jeff Poor

Source: Breitbart: McCarthy: ‘Name Me One Productive Thing Speaker Pelosi Has Accomplished in This Pandemic’

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