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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski had a full meltdown both on the air and on Twitter Wednesday over a few tweets from President Donald Trump.

The far-left Brzezinski freaked out during a segment on the basement-rated Morning Joe, basically because Trump dares to fight back against Mika and her husband Joe Scarborough, who regularly lie about Trump and smear him as a liar, racist, and Nazi.

But Mika didn’t go the full-Karen until she got to this part of her tantrum, where she demanded to talk to Twitter’s manager — which should make anyone with a heart and soul laugh out loud.

“First of all, Twitter, you shouldn’t be allowing this; and you should be taking these tweets down, and you should be ashamed of yourself,” Karen said. And then came the best part: “You’ll be hearing from me on this, because this is BS.”

She attacked the president as “sick” and full of “germs” and “disgusting” because he’s a Republican, and therefore required to roll over like a Mitt Romney whenever the media lie about him or smear him or attack his family.

Karen, I mean, Mika, seemed especially enraged over Trump reminding people about an incident in Scarborough’s past where a young woman in 2001, a 28-year-old intern, was found dead in Scarborough’s congressional district office.

Oddly enough, though, this incident was something Scarborough himself liked to joke about. Here’s a clip of him doing just on Don Imus’s nationally syndicated radio show.

Anyway, Karen Mika took her meltdown to Twitter where she demanded Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey take her calls! And that Trump’s tweets be removed immediately! And that — get this — Twitter blacklist the president of the United States.

Yes, she wants Trump blacklisted from Twitter over a tweet.

Yes, because Trump tweaked Sellout Joe Scarborough over something Sellout Joe Scarborough has joked about, Sellout Joe Scarborough’s bitter and neurotic wife Karen is demanding the president of the United States be blacklisted.

These tweets represent the Karenest Karening in the history of Karendom:

Karen has now claimed victory!

She will be speaking with your manager later today

And while Mika fights this battle for him, Joe will be at home ironing and baking muffins.

Or maybe he’ll be on the phone with his old congressional pals yukking it up over old times…

…because your dead intern is hilarious — right, Joe?

Author: John Nolte

Source: Breitbart: Nolte: Mika Brzezinski Melts Down, Goes Full ‘Karen’ over Trump Tweets

Jeff Zucker’s fake news outlet is such a discredited failure that even during impeachment far-left CNN could not attract a million average viewers.

The cable television ratings for November are in, and CNN is in far-last place in the cable news wars… again.

Throughout the entire month of November, a month with two weeks of “historic” and heavily-hyped impeachment hearings, CNNLOL could only attract 760,000 viewers throughout the day and an even more pathetic 999,000 viewers during primetime.

What’s more, in the all-important 25-54 age demo, when compared to this same month last year, CNN’s primetime ratings collapsed an incredible 36 percent. CNN’s demo numbers are also down 22 percent throughout the day.

If you are really looking for a reason to point and laugh at CNNLOL, the fake news network LOST primetime viewers last month… Please explain to me how a so-called news outlet LOSES viewers during impeachment? Yep, CNN lost 11 percent of its primetime viewers compared to last year, while MSNBC climbed 12 percent and Fox jumped 15 percent.

It gets better…

Compared to CNNLOL’s epic fail of just 766,000 total day viewers, MSNBC attracted 1.2 million and Fox News more than doubled CNNLOL with 1.6 million.

During the primetime hours, MSNBC’s 2.06 million primetime viewers more than doubled CNNLOL’s humiliating 999,000 number.

Fox News nearly tripled CNNLOL with 2.8 million primetime viewers.

As far as the 25-54 age demo, CNN’s collapse was jaw-dropping compared to MSNBC and Fox.

Here are the raw numbers with the percentage change compared to last November…


FOX: 1.6 million total viewers, +8% — 260,000 demo viewers, -11%
MSNBC: 1.2 million total viewers, +18% — 190,000 demo viewers, +5%
CNNLOL: 760,000 total viewers, flat — 180,000 demo viewers, -22%


FOX: 2.8 million total viewers, +15% — 420,000 demo viewers, -12%
MSNBC: 2.06 million total viewers, +12% — 352,000 demo viewers, +6%
CNNLOL: 999,000 total viewers, -11% — 239,000 demo viewers, -36%

CNN’s highest rated show, Cuomo Prime Time, ranked at #23, not in all of cable, but just among the three cable news outlets. Fourteen Fox News shows filled up those 22 slots behind CNNLOL.

CNN’s godawful morning show New Day, averaged just 556,000 viewers, compared to Fox & Friends, which more than tripled New Day with 1.7 million viewers. Fox & Friends also walloped MSNBC’s Morning Joe, which averaged just 1.2 million viewers.

Author: John Nolte

Source: Breitbart: Nolte: Embattled CNN Fails to Attract One Million Viewers During Impeachment Month

CNN’s Brian Stelter used up three-and-a-half minutes of his basement-rated Sunday show to blow the lid off of President Trump’s Twitter typos.

Well, two things we can all spell is “3.6 percent unemployment” and “a 40 percent decline in viewers.”

Prepare to be galvanized…

If you look closely, and you have to look closely because the CNN logo is strategically placed to obscure it, but CNN chief Jeff Zucker’s diminutive hand can be seen reaching up into Brian Stelter’s jumbo-sized backside to control the meat puppet that is Brian Stelter.

Uninformed sources tell me it went down something like this…

ZUCKER: You’re going to do two minutes mocking Trump’s Twitter typos.

STELTER: FFFhhhrrrrt SSWhhhhrrrppp cvnvbgvfjuooaieur…

ZUCKER: You’re supposed to eat those donuts one at a time.

STELTER: Come on, typos? They still make fun of us over the two-ice-cream-scoops thing.

ZUCKER: Now it’s three minutes.

STELTER: Come on, Daddy. Don’t make me.

ZUCKER: Now it’s three-and-a-half minutes. Wanna go for the full hour?

STELTER: Fine. I’ll do it. Fine. You know, I know you hate this guy, but this is embarrassing.

ZUCKER: *walks around the room raving like a Bond villain* No, no… This is it! This is the silver bullet that will finally take Drumpf down!. We’ll expose his idiocy before the world–

STELTER: The world? Including mom, 26 people watch my show…

ZUCKER: — and the world will throw back its head and laugh and laugh and laugh and finally see what I see — or at least what I can see when I wear my lifts — and at long last we will have him! Have him, I tell you! Have him!

STELTER: Granted, I’m not the brightest butter in the ball, but don’t you think we’re just playing into his hands? Falling into his trap? On top of us coming off as petty… again, the typos are not only humanizing, they confirm his brand as an everyday guy speaking directly to the people without a committee, without a filter.

ZUCKER: I want big, flashy graphics. We’ll have Tapper follow up tomorrow. It will lead The Lead! Tell Tapper I want his best resting-bitch-face!

STELTER: I can’t do that. Jake pretends I’m invisible. I mean, he literally pretends I’m invisible. He says things like “Where’s that voice coming from?” and leaves the room.

ZUCKER: Get the lube…

STELTER: Please not that.

ZUCKER: I’ll get my glove…

STELTER: I can do it good on my own, Daddy. I swear.

ZUCKER: And we get to point out again just how perfect my precious, little Barry is! God, I miss Barry. Don’t you miss Barry?

STELTER: FFFhhhrrrrt SSWhhhhrrrppp cvnvbgvfjuooaieur…

Listen, I make my living as a writer, and compared to my Twitter account’s spelling and grammar mistakes, Trump looks like Emily Dickinson. And I’m not running the free world, fighting the latest impeachment scam, dealing with a treasonous Deep State, and beating back a gang of crybaby Never Trumpers, shrieking Democrats, and countless billion-dollar media corporations targeting me for annihilation. All I do is write a few pieces a day and then go watch TV.

Get this…

According to CNNLOL’s in-depth reporting, Trump makes a misspelling error on Twitter once every five days.

How is that not pretty amazing?

Over the 3.5 years he’s been in office, over more than a thousand days, he’s only made 188 misspellings.

How is that not impressive?

Stelter gushes over the fact Barry Obama made zero mistakes (you know, not counting Benghazi, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, spying on the media, Solyndra, the trillion dollar stimulus heist, the IRS scandal, Hillary’s secret email account, NSA spying, Bowe Bergdahl, his Veterans Administration killing off a bunch of veterans, spying on the Trump campaign instead of terrorists, and allowing his vice president’s son to loot at least three countries that we know of). But everyone knows Obama doesn’t write his own tweets, at least not before they’re focus-grouped, written, re-written, and proofread by a committee of at least six.

My favorite part, though, is when Stelter darkens the room and puts a flashlight under his chin(s) to scare us with this ominous hot take: “Of course, if you can’t get the small stuff right, people worry about the big stuff.”

You mean, the “big stuff” like record low unemployment, ISIS wiped out, al-Baghdadi on a slab, millions and millions of new jobs, the wall being built, endless wars ending, a two-hundred-year-old border dispute between Syria and Turkey solved, loading the judiciary with grown-ups, low energy prices, the VA problem fixed, no stupid wars, middle class incomes on the rise, and Mexico finally helping to secure our border…? Is that what you mean, Zucker Puppet, big stuff like that?

Gee, I can’t imagine why no one watches CNN anymore.

Author: John Nolte

Source: Breitbart: Nolte: CNN’s Brian Stelter Does Deep-Dive Data Analysis on Trump’s Twitter Typos

A poll of likely general election voters shows President Donald Trump beating three out of four possible Democrat presidential candidates.

The poll also shows that if former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz makes a run as an Independent, he is much more of a drain on the Democrat candidate than on Trump.

Without Schultz on the ballot, former Vice President Joe Biden beats Trump by seven points; 50 percent to 43 percent, with seven percent undecided.

With Schultz in the race, the race tightens with 45 percent choosing Biden, 43 percent choosing Trump, and six percent going for Schultz.

Head to head, Trump squeaks out a single point lead against Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), 45 percent to 44 percent (12 percent undecided).

With Schultz in the race, Trump beats Harris by four points, 42 percent to 38 percent. Schultz earns 7 percent of the vote.

The poll did not look at head-to-head competitions between Trump and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) or former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX), but with Schultz in the race, Trump beats Warren 42 percent to 39 percent; Schultz earns 8 percent.

Trump wallops O’Rourke 42 percent to 33 percent; Schultz earns nine percent.

As of now, Schultz has fairly high name recognition (48 percent), but only 18 percent view him favorable, while 40 percent view him unfavorably.

The Republican Party overall polls better than Democrats, with 39 percent choosing the GOP to “lead the country forward,” against 37 percent who say the same about Democrats. Only 19 percent want a third option.

Those polled are almost evenly split on the issue of building a wall at the southern border. A plurality of 48 percent oppose the wall, while 46 percent want to see it built.

Medicare for all is a loser; a plurality of 42 percent oppose it, with only 36 percent supporting “replacing our current healthcare insurance system with Medicare for all.”

The good news for Democrats is that, at least according to this poll, in Biden they have a candidate who can beat Trump. The bad news is that Biden has already made two presidential runs and flamed out both times. Biden is a terrible presidential candidate, prone to gaffes, bizarre outbursts, and getting a little handsy with the ladies, including with children.

In this #MeToo era, there is no way Biden can run a national campaign without being haunted by these photos.

As a successful vice presidential candidate in 2008 and 2012, the spotlight was not on Biden, and then there is the age issue: the Serial Young Girl-Toucher turns 78 in 2020.

Biden is also up against the Democrat’s activist base, which is desperate to run a woman or minority (preferably both) and leave the era of white males in the past.

A concern for Trump is that his highest number of support in any of these polls is 45 percent. An incumbent should be polling, at the very least, in the high forties if he wants to feel good about re-election.

But Trump won the presidency in 2016 with just 46.1 percent of the national popular vote (to Hillary’s 48.1 percent), and as much as he might like to break 50 nationally, the president knows this is a state-by-state dogfight for electoral votes; he knows winning Pennsylvania is the key to a second term, not the popular vote.

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Author: John Nolte

Source: Breitbart: 2020 Poll: Trump Beating Everyone but Joe Biden

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