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A Colorado woman allegedly assaulted a 12-year-old boy Monday over a Trump sign, police say, according to multiple reports.

Police say that around 3:00 PM, a woman on a moped attacked a boy riding a bicycle brandishing a Trump sign, according to The Denver Post.

“The suspect made a U-turn and approached the victim and began assaulting him because of his political banner,” investigators said, according to CBS4 News. “The suspect then attempted to take the banner but was unsuccessful.”

When she saw the sign, the woman turned her moped around and punched the child four or five in the back of the head and arms, Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Aulabaugh said, according to The Denver Post. The woman also scratched him before trying to take his sign.

The suspect is a white female in her 20s or 30s who was driving a gray or blue moped, according to The Denver Post. She was wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans, and a tan jacket.

The case is under investigation and no arrests have been made yet, according to the report.

Author: Jordan Lancaster

Source: Daily Caller: Colorado Woman Assaults 12-Year-Old Boy Over His Trump Sign, Police Say

500,000 people created accounts on the social media platform Parler after Twitter banned two conservative accounts Tuesday.

Parler’s user base increased by 50% this week, bringing the total number of users to over 1.5 million, Mediaite reported Thursday.

The surge comes after Twitter permanently banned the account of Carpe Donktum, and locked the account of The National Pulse Editor-In-Chief Raheem Kassam. Both accounts, which were locked Tuesday, have over 200,000 followers.

Conservatives, who were already frustrated with Twitter for what they say is arbitrary and unfair banning of right-wing accounts, flocked to Parler after the two accounts were suspended. Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz both joined the platform.

“The left wants to defund the actual police,” Gaetz said in his first post on Parler. “I would just like to defund the thought police in Silicon Valley.”

Parler, which brands itself as the free speech alternative to Twitter, does restrict certain content, but the platform uses broadcast standards, which censors things like pornography but not political speech, according to Mediaite.

Conservatives first started joining Parler when the site was created in 2018. Parler co-founder and CEO John Matze said in 2018 that “big tech is not too big to topple, in fact, they are blinded by their size/power and are hurting themselves by ideologically targeting groups.”

Author: Jordan Lancaster

Source: Daily Caller: 500,000 Users Sign Up For Parler In Three Days After Twitter Suspends Pro-Trump Accounts

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