Colorado rules limit Thanksgiving to 10 people, but up to 50 allowed at funerals

Incoming Rep. Lauren Boebert, an anti-big government Republican from Colorado who was just elected to Congress, has found a way to get around the state’s Thanksgiving gathering restrictions over COVID-19.

Instead of a “dinner,” she’s having a “funeral” for a dead turkey.

“In Colorado, Thanksgiving is limited to 10 people, but funerals are limited to 30,” Boebert told Fox News in a recent interview in Washington, D.C. “So I’m going to have a peaceful funeral for a turkey and have about 30 people at my house.”

The congresswoman lives in Garfield County, which is currently under “Level Orange – High Risk” COVID-19 restrictions. The restrictions say no more than 10 people can hold public – or even private – gatherings, and no more than two household members can gather, either. But houses of worship and events like weddings, funerals and baptisms can have up to 50 people, even higher than what Boebert said.

Boebert later told Fox that she should be allowed to invite more people because she’s added two more dead animals to the menu – a pig and a duck.

A Second Amendment enthusiast and vocal backer of President Trump, Boebert says the government shouldn’t be allowed to restrict people from gathering. “A government that is big enough to shut down your Thanksgiving dinner is a government that’s too big,” Boebert said.

She’s been personally affected by the state’s limits as the owner of a gun-themed restaurant in Rifle, Colo., called Shooters Grill. “During the early days of shutdown, Boebert, a 33-year-old wife and mother of four sons, said she tapped the family’s savings to make payroll and avoid layoffs at her restaurant, which has gained fame for the waitstaff openly carrying their firearms,” Fox reported.

Boebert also recently made headlines last year after then-Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said he wanted to confiscate guns like AR-15s. “I am here to say: Hell, no, you’re not,” Boebert said in a viral video.

An open-carry advocate, Boebert often wears a Glock pistol on her hip. When she takes office and moves to Washington, she plans to apply for a permit in Washington to carry a concealed handgun. She told Fox she wants to meet with the Capitol Police chief to talk about carrying her gun in Capitol complex because she’s concerned for her safety.

“I’m not walking around with security. I am the security,” Boebert said. “So I’ll carry in my office. I know that it’s OK for members to carry there and I am going to set up a meeting with the Capitol [Police] chief and talk to him about further options to carry. … If there aren’t enough provisions there to make sure that I feel like I’m safe and not disarmed, then I may try to make some amendments to the rules in Congress.”

Boebert is worried that she may be a “target” in Washington, D.C.

“D.C. is increasingly dangerous, right now – especially [with] the politics surrounding D.C.,” Boebert said. “People are going to know who I am, and I think that just kind of makes for a larger target. And so I want to make sure that I’m able to defend myself.”

Author: Joseph Curl

Source: Daily Wire: GOP Rep-Elect Plans Turkey ‘Funeral’ To Bypass State Restrictions On Gatherings

“Democrats helped preside over school closures that have devastated millions of families.”

Are you sitting down? If not, do.

A self-described progressive journalist who writes for The New York Times says President Donald Trump was right about keeping schools open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump right? That’s right.

Times opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof, who has won two Pulitzer Prizes and often appears on the liberal news network CNN, wrote a piece Wednesday headlined “When Trump Was Right and Many Democrats Wrong” shortly after New York City officials announced schools would be shutting down again.

“Some things are true even though President Trump says them,” Kristof opened. “Trump has been demanding for months that schools reopen, and on that he seems to have been largely right. Schools, especially elementary schools, do not appear to have been major sources of coronavirus transmission, and remote learning is proving to be a catastrophe for many low-income children.”

“Yet America is shutting schools — New York City announced Wednesday that it was closing schools in the nation’s largest school district — even as it allows businesses like restaurants and bars to operate. What are our priorities?” Kristof asked, later adding that shutting down schools “should be the last resort.”

Kristof says he’s been writing since May about the importance of keeping schools open, and “initially the debate wasn’t so politicized. But after Trump, trying to project normalcy, blustered in July about schools needing to open, Republicans backed him and too many Democrats instinctively lined up on the other side. Joe Biden echoed their extreme caution, as did many Democratic mayors and governors.”

The writer blames Democrats. “So Democrats helped preside over school closures that have devastated millions of families and damaged children’s futures. Cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., have closed schools while allowing restaurants to operate.”

Kristof also writes that Europe has reopened schools with little problem.

“In both Europe and the United States, schools have not been linked to substantial transmission, and teachers and family members have not been shown to be at extra risk (this is more clear of elementary schools than of high schools). Meanwhile, the evidence has mounted of the human cost of school closures,” he writes.

Kristof’s claims are borne out by facts. More than 1 million youngsters have been diagnosed with COVID-19 as of Nov. 12, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) revealed on Monday. That number represets 11.5% of all cases.

“Since the start of the pandemic, 133 children have died, meaning the fatality rate has fallen to 0.01 percent,” The Daily Mail reports.

The AAP told Kristof that schools provide much more than learning for children.

“Children learn best when physically present in the classroom,” notes the American Academy of Pediatrics, Kristof writes. “But children get much more than academics at school. They also learn social and emotional skills at school, get healthy meals and exercise, mental health support and other services that cannot be easily replicated online.”

“Let’s follow Europe: Close bars, and try harder to keep schools open,” Kristof concludes.

Author: Joseph Curl

Source: Daily Wire: NYT Columnist Admits ‘Trump Was Right,’ Dems ‘Wrong’ On Crucial COVID Policy

The FBI is reportedly investigating a “Trump Train” incident in which dozens of supporters of President Trump driving pickup trucks in Texas surrounded a Biden campaign bus on an interstate.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into a Friday incident in which a group of Trump supporters, driving trucks and waving Trump flags, surrounded and followed a Biden campaign bus as it drove up I-35 in Hays County, a law enforcement official confirmed to The Texas Tribune Saturday,” the paper reported.

The incident, caught on video and posted across social media, prompted the Biden campaign to say they were canceling an event in the state. The Washington Post reported that Biden campaign staffers called 911 to to get a police escorted to their next location.

Texas House Representative Cheryl Cole (D) wrote on Twitter that “unfortunately, Pro-Trump Protestors have escalated well beyond safe limits. Sorry to all who looked forward to this fun event.”

In another report, CNN said a Biden campaign official described the incident “as an attempt to slow down the bus and run it off the road.”

According to a source familiar with the incident, the vehicles were a “Trump Train group.” These groups are known in parts of the state and organize events that involve their cars with flags and Trump paraphernalia and drive around to show support for President Donald Trump. The group began yelling profanities and obscenities and then blockaded the entire Biden entourage.

At one point they slowed the tour bus to roughly 20 mph on Interstate 35, the campaign official said. The vehicles slowed down to try to stop the bus in the middle of the highway. The source said there were nearly 100 vehicles around the campaign bus. Biden staffers were rattled by the event, the source said, though no one was hurt.

But Naomi Narvaiz, a Texas Republican Party official in San Marcos, told the paper that Trump supporters “decided we would jump on 35 to show support for our president. I didn’t see anyone being overly aggressive.”

Trump, meanwhile, took to Twitter to say simply, “I LOVE TEXAS!” and attached a video of the caravan surrounding the Biden bus.

Team Biden ripped the drivers.

“Rather than engage in productive conversation about the drastically different visions that Joe Biden and Donald Trump have for our country, Trump supporters in Texas [Friday] instead decided to put our staff, surrogates, supporters, and others in harm’s way,” said Tariq Thowfeek, Texas communications director for the Biden campaign. “Our supporters will continue to organize their communities for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Democrats up and down the ballot, and to the Texans who disrupted our events today: We’ll see you on November 3rd.”

The Tribune reported that Texas GOP Chairman Allen West dismissed questions regarding the issue, saying in a statement to the paper, “It is more fake news and propaganda. Prepare to lose … stop bothering me.”

The paper also said Friday’s incident was promoted on social media under the hashtag #FollowTheBus. “Trolling is Fun!” one post said. “Join us in #SanAntonio to escort the Biden bus coming through San Antonio,” it added.

Author: Joseph Curl

Source: Daily Wire: FBI Investigating ‘Trump Train’ That Surrounded Biden Bus In Texas, Report Says

A House Republican has introduced a resolution that calls for the removal of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who he says lacks the “mental fitness” for the job.

Pelosi, 81, a career politician who has served in the House for 33 years, is third in the line of succession for the presidency, essentially putting her two heartbeats away from the White House.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) finds that unacceptable. “It’s clear that Nancy Pelosi does not have the mental fitness to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives. I’m introducing a resolution to push for her removal,” he wrote on Twitter on Sunday. He introduced the resolution on Monday.

“Nancy Pelosi’s unwillingness to abide by the Constitution, combined with her recent actions, call into question her own mental fitness,” he wrote on Twitter. “It’s critical that the House of Representatives demand her removal from the line of succession.”

Fox News obtained a copy of Collins’ resolution, which says Pelosi “is unable to adequately serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives and should therefore be removed from her position.”

The resolution also says Pelosi “has spent the majority of the House of Representative’s time pursuing baseless and fruitless investigations” against President Trump and his administration, including last year’s impeachment inquiry. “On October 31, 2019, Speaker Nancy Pelosi oversaw the first party-line vote to begin an impeachment inquiry into a president in the history of our country,” the resolution says.

The resolution lays out a litany of past actions by Pelosi, including when she “ripped up the State of the Union speech” delivered by the president in February “before the American people.”

The resolution also notes that Pelosi “visited a shuttered hair salon in San Francisco where she received a blow-out without wearing a mask in violation of San Francisco’s laws concerning the coronavirus;” and “cast blame on the salon’s owner for ‘setting her up.’”

“Over her tenure of her speakership, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has started to demonstrate a decline in mental fitness, calling into question her ability to adequately serve the House of Representatives and the American people,” the resolution says.

Collins also pointed out that during an interview this month on ABC News, Pelosi “appeared confused and exhibited bizarre behavior” by “blurting out randomly ‘Good Morning, Sunday morning.’”

Pelosi last month also raised the possibility of impeaching Trump again as part of a ploy to stop him from filling a recently vacated Supreme Court seat, saying on ABC that Democrats “have arrows in our quiver.”

Host George Stephanopoulos pressed Pelosi on the issue, asking, “But to clear, you’re not taking any arrows out of your quiver, you’re not ruling anything out?”

Pelosi then gave a puzzling answer, responding, “Good morning. Sunday morning. The, uh, we have a responsibility, we take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We have a responsibility to meet the needs of the American people, uh, that, uh, is, uh, when the we weigh the equities of protecting our democracy requires us to use every arrow in our quiver.”

Author: Joseph Curl

Source: Daily Wire: House Republican Introduces Resolution To Remove Pelosi As Speaker Over ‘Mental Capacity’

The largest COVID-19 vaccine study in the world began Monday, with the first of 30,000 Americans volunteering to take the shots.

The experimental vaccine, developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Moderna Inc., is in phase three of the development process, which includes tests at clinical sites across the country.

“Having a safe and effective vaccine distributed by the end of 2020 is a stretch goal, but it’s the right goal for the American people,” NIH Director Francis S. Collins said in a statement. “The launch of this phase-3 trial in record time while maintaining the most stringent safety measures demonstrates American ingenuity at its best and what can be done when stakeholders come together with unassailable objectivity toward a common goal.”

The trial is expected to enroll approximately 30,000 adult volunteers who do not have COVID-19.

“Although face coverings, physical distancing and proper isolation and quarantine of infected individuals and contacts can help us mitigate SARS-CoV-2 spread, we urgently need a safe and effective preventive vaccine to ultimately control this pandemic,” said the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci. “Results from early-stage clinical testing indicate the investigational mRNA-1273 vaccine is safe and immunogenic, supporting the initiation of a Phase 3 clinical trial. This scientifically rigorous, randomized, placebo-controlled trial is designed to determine if the vaccine can prevent COVID-19 and for how long such protection may last.”

The vaccine efficacy trial is the first to be implemented under Operation Warp Speed, a multi-agency collaboration created by President Trump and led by the Health and Human Services Department that aims to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of medical countermeasures for COVID-19, NIH said.

“Thanks to President Trump’s leadership and the hard work of American scientists, the investigational vaccine developed by NIH and Moderna has reached this Phase 3 trial at record pace,” said HHS Secretary Alex Azar. “Operation Warp Speed is supporting a portfolio of vaccines like the NIH/Moderna candidate so that, if the results of clinical trials meet FDA’s gold standard, these products can reach Americans without a day’s delay.”

NIH said in a statement:

NIAID scientists developed the stabilized SARS-CoV-2 spike immunogen (S-2P). SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes COVID-19; the spike protein on its surface facilitates entry into a cell. Moderna’s mRNA-1273 uses the mRNA (messenger RNA) delivery platform to encode for an S-2P immunogen. The investigational vaccine directs the body’s cells to express the spike protein to elicit a broad immune response. A Phase 1 clinical trial found the candidate vaccine to be safe, generally well-tolerated and able to induce antibodies with high levels of virus-neutralizing activity. Moderna initiated Phase 2 testing of the vaccine in May 2020. …

The trial is designed to evaluate the safety of mRNA-1273 and to determine if the vaccine can prevent symptomatic COVID-19 after two doses. As secondary goals, the trial also aims to study whether the vaccine can prevent severe COVID-19 or laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection with or without disease symptoms. The trial also seeks to answer if the vaccine can prevent death caused by COVID-19 and whether just one dose can prevent symptomatic COVID-19, among other objectives.

During the trial, volunteers will receive two intramuscular injections about 28 days apart. Participants will be randomly assigned 1:1 to receive either two 100 microgram (mcg) injections of mRNA-1273 or two shots of a saline placebo. The trial is blinded, so the investigators and the participants will not know who is assigned to which group.

Author: Joseph Curl

Source: Daily Wire: HERE WE GO: Virus Vaccine Put To Final Test In Thousands Of Volunteers

Remember Hillary Clinton? Yes, she’s the presidential candidate who lost the election — in a landslide — nearly four years ago.

And yet she’s still got a platform, at least among the mainstream media, and she’s shifted from whining about her humiliating loss to launching conspiracy theories about the man who crushed her.

“Well, I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he’s going to go quietly or not. And we have to be ready for that,” the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee told host Trevor Noah on Monday’s “The Daily Show.”

Clinton said Trump is trying to undermine the election by claiming that voting by mail would lead to widespread fraud.

“There have been so many academic studies and other analyses, which point out that it’s just an inaccurate, fraudulent claim,” Clinton said.

“There isn’t that problem. All the games that are played … to try and keep the vote down — that’s the real danger to the integrity of our election, that combined with disinformation and misinformation and all the online shenanigans we saw in 2016,” she said.

Clinton alleged that Republicans are trying to prevent people from voting by making sure lines at polling sites are long, especially in minority areas, and by ensuring that voting by mail won’t be an option.

“Republicans have two prongs to their strategy to try to win. The first is: try to prevent many people who they think won’t vote for them from voting. So, make the lines really long, where young people vote of African Americans vote, or Hispanics vote,” Clinton said. The second prong, she said, is to “Try to make vote by mail as difficult as possible, when in fact that is how Donald Trump votes, and everyone who knows vote by mail understands that.”

Clinton also said that if there’s a fair election, Trump will lose.

“I want a fair election. If people get to vote and they, for whatever reason, vote for Donald Trump — OK. We’ll accept it, not happily,” she said. “But I don’t think that’s what will happen, because I think the more people who can actually get to the polls, whether by mail or in-person, and get their votes counted, then we are going to have the kind of election we should have.”

“And then it will be a win both in the popular vote and the Electoral College,” she said.

Democrats have been pushing hard to expand voting by mail. On Monday, former President Barack Obama sought to shoot down Trump’s claim that it would lead to widespread fraud.

“Voting by mail shouldn’t be a partisan issue –- especially during a pandemic,” the ex-president wrote on Twitter. “Everybody should be able to request an absentee ballot, and make their voice heard in every election.”

Obama also linked to a National Public Radio article that said the possibility for fraud was “such a minuscule amount it’s not statistically meaningful.”

Author: Joseph Curl

Source: Daily Wire: Hillary Clinton Warns Trump Might Not ‘Go Quietly’ If He Loses In November

A county in Oregon is exempting non-white people from a new order that requires facemasks be worn in public.

The reason? To prevent racial profiling.

Lincoln County health officials announced last week that all residents must wear face coverings when in public places in which they are likely to come within six feet of another person who is not from their own household.

“But people of color do not have to follow the new rule if they have ‘heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment’ over wearing the masks, officials said,” The New York Post reported.

Those exempted from wearing face masks, Lincoln County’s June 16 directive states, are “persons with health or medical conditions that preclude or are exacerbated by wearing a face covering,” “children under the age of 12,” persons with certain disabilities that do no allow them to wear one, and “people of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public.”

“No person shall intimidate or harass people who do not comply,” health officials said.

The Post cites ACLU Racial Justice Program Director ReNika Moore, who told CNN, “For many black people, deciding whether or not to wear a bandanna in public to protect themselves and others from contracting coronavirus is a lose-lose situation that can result in life-threatening consequences either way.”

CNN quoted Trevon Logan, who is black, as saying a mandate to wear face coverings are “basically telling people to look dangerous given racial stereotypes that are out there. … This is in the larger context of black men fitting the description of a suspect who has a hood on, who has a face covering on,” said Logan, an economics professor at Ohio State University.

“It looks like almost every criminal sketch of any garden-variety black suspect,” he said.”We have a lot of examples of the presumed criminality of black men in general. And then we have the advice to go out in public in something that … can certainly be read as being criminal or nefarious, particularly when applied to black men.”

Some on social media agree. “I don’t feel safe wearing a handkerchief or something else that isn’t CLEARLY a protective mask covering my face to the store because I am a Black man living in this world. I want to stay alive but I also want to stay alive,” Aaron Thomas wrote on Twitter, which has more than 123,000 “likes.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday instructed people to wear “cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.”

The federal guidance included a video of U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams showing how to turn a bandana, scarf or T-shirt into an acceptable mask.

“Health equity, and the complex interactions between race and health, have always been an area of emphasis for my office,” Adams said in a statement sent to CNN. “I understand the concerns communities of color would have about being racially profiled, and am working with the NAACP, the NMA, and other organizations representing people of color to ensure no one is unduly harmed by COVID-19, or our response to it.”

Adams notably said on March 1 on Twitter: “Seriously people—STOP BUYING MASKS!” saying they are “NOT effective in preventing [the] general public from catching #Coronavirus, but if healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!”

This article has been expanded to include more details from the Lincoln County health directive and reformatted for clarity.

Author: Joseph Curl

Source: Daily Wire: Oregon County Issues Face Mask Order That Exempts Non-White People

Every time there’s a calamity in America, there are those people we just can’t stand to hear from: Like Alyssa Milano. Or worse, Kathy Griffin.

But there are those people we’d all like to hear from: Like Mike Rowe. Or better, Charles Barkley.

Barkley, the avuncular former NBA star with the terrible golf swing, is weighing in on the “defund the police” movement now sweeping the most “progressive” (read: regressive) cities in the county.

And he’s not a fan.

“We need the cops, most of the cops do a fantastic job, but instead of defunding and all this other stuff, let’s just do police reform. Everybody should be on board for that whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, conservative or liberal,” Barkley said Tuesday on CNN.

After George Floyd’s death on Memorial Day, calls emerged to wipe out all police departments across the country. Barkley said we all – all of us Americans – feel terrible about Floyd’s tragic death.

“This is not black or white, this is just about humanity,” Barkley said. “To see a grown man die before our eyes. If you’re not upset by that if you’re white, Jewish, Chinese, anything, there is something wrong with you.”

The baller mocked both Democrats and Republicans as “clowns,” saying they should join forces to move swiftly on police reform.

“The Democrats and the Republicans can’t even talk about police reform,” he said. “That’s the number one thing they should do before they do anything else. That’s something we have been talking about since [former NFL quarterback Colin] Kaepernick kneeled, and these clowns in the Democratic Party and Republican Party, that’s the number one thing they should do before they do anything else,” Barkley said.

Last week, Barkley came out in defense of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who social warriors sought to cancel after he said he would “never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country.”

“Drew Brees, whatever he said, I felt he talked about, hey the flag means different things to different people. But the way he was portrayed on television and radio today was not fair at all. Drew Brees has done some amazing things in New Orleans in his life, I’m not even talking about football,” Barkley said.

“He made a mistake in a statement. But this level of, ‘We’ve got to kill everybody who says something we don’t agree with’… I’m never going to go with the mob. I want to make it clear, I did not like what he said right away. But the vitriol and animosity and hatred that he’s gotten for the last 24 hours, I thought it was overkill. That’s just my personal opinion,” said the NBA icon.

Author: Joseph Curl

Source: Daily Wire: Charles Barkley Dismisses ‘Defund Police’ Movement: ‘Most Cops Do A Fantastic Job’

The White House on Monday canceled its daily Coronavirus Task Force briefing after President Trump lashed out at the media for what he called “hostile questions.”

While the White House said in its announced schedule on Sunday that a briefing would be held Monday at 5 p.m. EDT, multiple correspondents said the briefing has been canceled.

“After the President said this weekend that his virus briefings were ‘Not worth the time & effort,’ the White House canceled today’s Coronavirus news conference,” one reporter wrote on Twitter.

Kayleigh McEnany, the newly appointed White House press secretary, told reporters that there would be no briefing, The New York Times reported, but added that the briefings may rsume later in the week.

Over the weekend, Trump blasted the briefings, writing on Twitter: “What is the purpose of having White House News Conferences when the Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions, & then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately. They get record ratings, & the American people get nothing but Fake News. Not worth the time & effort!”

And on Monday, before the White House announced the daily briefing would be canceled, Trump tweeted: “There has never been, in the history of our Country, a more vicious or hostile Lamestream Media than there is right now, even in the midst of a National Emergency, the Invisible Enemy!”

On Thursday, Trump was roundly mocked for supposedly suggesting the possibility of injecting disinfectant into patients to fight the coronavirus. He didn’t say that, instead saying only: “And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or, or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets on the lungs and it does a tremendous number, so it will be interesting to check that. So that you’re going to have to use medical doctors. But it sounds, it sounds interesting to me. So we’ll see.”

His comments came after Bill Bryan, head of the science and technology directorate at the Department of Homeland Security, discussed the findings of the federal government’s study on sunlight, humidity and temperature — as well as disinfectants’ — effect on the coronavirus.

“We’re also testing disinfectants readily available. We’ve tested bleach, we’ve tested isopropyl alcohol on the virus, specifically in saliva or in respiratory fluids. And I can tell you that bleach will kill the virus in five minutes; isopropyl alcohol will kill the virus in 30 seconds, and that’s with no manipulation, no rubbing — just spraying it on and letting it go. You rub it and it goes away even faster. We’re also looking at other disinfectants, specifically looking at the COVID-19 virus in saliva,” Bryan said.

On Friday, a White House official ordered a CNN reporter to swap her front-row seat with another reporter at the back of the briefing just before Trump appeared for his daily press conference with the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

The reporter, CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins, refused to swap seats, as did the other reporter. The official then said the Secret Service would get involved.

The seating chart in the briefing room is set by the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA), currently headed up by ABC’s Jonathan Karl, another reporter Trump doesn’t like.

Chris Johnson, a reporter with the Washington Blade, sent out a print pool report to other reporters detailing what happened.

“Earlier today before the briefing, a White House official instructed the print pooler to take CNN’s seat in the briefing room because the seating would be swapped for the briefing. Given the seating assignment is under the jurisdiction of the White House Correspondents’ Association, not the White House, pooler refused to move. The White House official then informed the print pooler swapping wasn’t an option and the Secret Service was involved. Again, pooler refused to move, citing guidance from the WHCA. The briefing proceeded with both CNN and print pooler sitting in their respective assigned seats,” Johnson wrote.

Friday’s briefing marked the first time Trump had held the briefing and then left without taking questions.

Author: Joseph Curl

Source: Daily Wire: White House Cancels This Week’s Coronavirus Briefings After Trump Rips Media Coverage

Forget the mom-and-pop shops, big business rules.

Huge, publicly traded companies have already sucked up hundreds of millions of dollars from the emergency funding Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) set aside for small businesses in the $2.2 trillion package passed by Congress last month.

The PPP started out with nearly $350 billion and was intended to help small businesses survive mandatory shutdowns or business slowdowns during the coronavirus crisis. But at least 75 companies — some of them with market values topping $100 million — have requested and received cash from the fund.

In fact, the federal government has paid out more than $243 million of the total $349 billion to publicly traded companies, new research published by Morgan Stanley shows.

“The research shows that several of the companies that have received aid have market values well in excess of $100 million, including DMC Global ($405 million), Wave Life Sciences ($286 million) and Fiesta Restaurant Group ($189 million). Fiesta, which employs more than 10,000 people, according to its last reported annual number, received a PPP loan of $10 million, Morgan Stanley’s data showed,” CNBC reported.

“At least 75 companies that have received the aid were publicly traded and received a combined $300 million in low-interest, taxpayer-backed loans, according to a separate report published by The Associated Press.

The AP put the number even higher. “At least 94 companies that disclosed receiving aid since the program opened April 3 were publicly traded, the AP found, some with market values well over $100 million. And about 25% of the companies had warned investors months ago — while the economy was humming along — that their ability to remain viable was in question.”

“I think you’ve seen some pretty shameful acts by some large companies to take advantage of the system,” Howard Schultz, former Starbucks chairman and CEO, told CNBC. Instead, he said the government should act “as a backstop for the banks to give every small business and every independent restaurant a bridge to the vaccine. And that is the money and the resources to make it through.”

Massive restaurant chains have also cashed in. While the PPP was designed for companies with fewer than 500 employees, restaurants and hotels were exempt from the limit if they had fewer than 500 employees per location.

The owners of large restaurants chains like Potbelly, Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Taco Cabana qualified for the maximum $10 million in loans. Shake Shack, which revealed on Friday that it received a $10 million loan, faced massive backlash and by Sunday announced that it would return the money.

“When I hear that these big chains are getting millions of dollars, it’s like a slap in our face,” said Ram Mehta, owner of In-Fretta Pizza outside Dallas, in an interview with the Daily Mail. “It’s not fair.”

Funding for the PPP ran out last week, but Congress on Tuesday finally reached a deal to add $310 billion in small-business loans.

Author: Joseph Curl

Source: Daily Wire: Huge Companies Suck Up Hundreds Of Millions In Stimulus Cash Meant For Mom-And-Pop Shops

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