Justine Coleman


President Trump signed the border wall following a news conference at the southern border on Wednesday.

The president visited Otay Mesa, Calif., to talk about new developments of his long-touted border wall, more than a year after he reviewed prototypes. Following the press conference, reporters said the president used a Sharpie to sign the wall and that other officials followed.

Trump told reporters that the border wall is “world class” and was designed after deferring to border agents on what would work best for them, such as making it see-through.

“It’s more expensive, but it’s the right thing to do,” he said, according to CBS.

The president said Mexico was paying for the wall by sending 27,000 troops to guard the border and added that he was happy with the country’s cooperation.

A year ago, the president promised to stop 99 percent of undocumented immigration at the same location. This was the final stop of a California fundraising trip for the president, NBC reported.

Author: Justine Coleman

Source: The Hill: Trump signs wall during visit to US-Mexico border

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