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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that the leaders on the left and White House officials remain “miles apart.” On another potential deal to pass a coronavirus aid package.

“We’re miles apart,” Pelosi told MSNBC during an interview on Wednesday, citing, in particular, a stalemate over education funding, eviction protections and additional money for food stamps.

While the White House has been working diligently to get a deal done – the Democrats are refusing to budge insisting that a number of outlandish items from their personal wish lists be included in an emergency bill intended to help the American people.

Republicans – weary of the mounting national debt – proposed a $1 trillion aid package which prioritizes the needs of Americans while the Democrats have insisted on a ridiculously pricey $3 trillion legislation which the House Democrats passed back in May.

“It’s a chasm,” Pelosi said.

Talks between the two sides broke down last Friday, putting at risk potentially trillions of dollars in aid for families, businesses and the U.S. economy, including a fresh round of $1,200 stimulus checks, extra unemployment aid for millions of out-of-work Americans and $100 billion to help reopen schools.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin reached out to Pelosi by phone on Wednesday, to urge Democrats to continue negotiations. Pelosi and Schumer both signaled however that hey were not willing to restart negotiations however after Mnuchin rejected a roughly $2 trillion package – which according to the treasury secretary, Pelosi wanted him to blindly agree to.

Mnuchin said that Pelosi “made clear that she was unwilling to meet to continue negotiations unless we agreed in advance to her proposal, costing at least $2 trillion.”

“My view on negotiations is you agree on the things that you can agree on, half legislation that’s good for the American public, and then come back for another bill,” Mnuchin said to FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo.

“The Democrats have no interest in negotiating,” Mnuchin said.

While the Democrats are contempt with sitting around and watching Americans struggle – the president has stepped in to take action – signing four executive actions on Saturday that would postpone the collection of payroll taxes for individuals earning less than $104,000 annually through the remainder of the year; partially restore supplemental unemployment benefits at $400 per week (25% of which would come from cash-strapped state’s budgets), extend student loan relief and discourage evictions.

Combined, the four measures would inject about $165 billion of liquidity into the U.S. economy in the short term and add about $10 billion to the nation’s ballooning deficit, according to new projections released by the Center for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Trump has pledged to pursue a permanent cut to the payroll taxes, but without legislation, those payments will still be required by the delayed due date.

Some of his proposals are expected to face legal challenges. Critics say the Constitution gives Congress the power of federal spending, meaning that Trump does not have the legal authority to issue executive orders allocating how much money should be spent on the pandemic.

Kamala Harris, the California senator with a questionable record as a prosecutor along with a number of far-left ideologies, will be Joe Biden’s running mate.

“I’ve decided that Kamala Harris is the best person to help me take this fight to Donald Trump and Mike Pence and then to lead this nation starting in January 2021,” Biden said in an email to supporters.

“I’m honored to join him as our party’s nominee for Vice President, and do what it takes to make him our Commander-in-Chief,” Harris tweeted.

Sen. Harris was a co-sponsor last year of “The Green New Deal” and has co-sponsored other far-left bills such as Bernie Sanders’ single payer “Medicare-for-all” bill.

Harris also called for a national moratorium on the death penalty. Targeting the second amendment, Harris proposed a ban on importing AR-15-style assault weapons and supported a national buyback program for such weapons.

The Senator makes history as the first Black woman to serve as a major political party’s VP pick.

Biden announced in March that his plan to pander to the left was to pick a woman as his running mate. Recently for the Democrats however, that was not enough, as they looked to seize on the current racial climate by demanding that Biden’s VP pick also be black.

Biden, whose approval ratings with Black Americans have been on a rapid decline as more and more of his racist comments have come to light – such as suggesting that Blacks had to vote Democrat or they’re “not black” – will look to focus very heavily on Harris’ skin color to win back brownie points.

Signaling the campaign’s line of attack against Harris, President Trump responded by tweeting out an attack ad soon after the announcement that called her “phony Kamala Harris.”

The Trump campaign also released a statement from Katrina Pierson, a Trump 2020 senior adviser, that said: “In her failed attempt at running for president, Kamala Harris gleefully embraced the left’s radical manifesto, calling for trillions of dollars in new taxes and backing Bernie Sanders’ government takeover of health care. She is proof that Joe Biden is an empty shell being filled with the extreme agenda of the radicals on the left.”

The decision, following months of secret meetings and closely held deliberations, would indicate the former vice president is setting aside their friction from the primary campaign.

Biden’s naming of 55-year-old Harris as his running mate comes 13 months after she embarrassed him on the debate stage in Miami at the first Democratic presidential primary showdown.

During the debate, Harris criticized comments by the former vice president spotlighting his ability to find common ground during the 1970s with segregationist senators – asserting that Joe Biden was in fact, a racist.

Biden’s poll numbers briefly edged down after the debate – and Harris enjoyed a very short-lived surge in the polls before her campaign ultimately lost support, forcing Harris to end her White House bid last December.

Even before she announced her White House bid in January of last year, Harris’ record as a “progressive prosecutor” was being scrutinized and criticized by some on the left.

And that record was in the spotlight at last summer’s second Democratic primary debate in Detroit, as the senator faced withering attacks from Biden and another rival, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.

The former vice president accused Harris of keeping nonviolent prisoners behind bars during her tenure as California attorney general because they were a source of cheap labor for the state.

“What happened? Along came a federal judge and said enough is enough and he freed 1,000 of these people,” Biden said as he argued that Harris was forced by a judge to release the prisoners.

Gabbard also jumped in to land heavy blows – accusing Harris of keeping “people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California.”

After a night of unprecedented looting and destruction in out-of-control Democrat run Chicago, city officials restricted travel by shutting down some train and bus services on Monday morning along with raising some bridges.

Officials completely shut down parts of downtown following the crime spree which tore through the infamous shopping district in the city known as the “Magnificent Mile.”

A local NBC outlet reported: “The Chicago Transit Authority shut down all train and bus service downtown “at the request of public safety officials,” the [Chicago Transit Authority] said. Buses will not run in the area bounded by Fullerton, Cermak and Ashland Avenue until further notice, the CTA said, with all train service temporarily suspended as well. The bridges over the Chicago River were lifted at around 4:30 a.m., preventing further entry into and exit from the downtown area.”

Social media exploded with videos showing hundreds of people looting stores such as Apple, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Best Buy, Coach, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. In some videos, gunfire can be heard.

The rioting and looting began Sunday afternoon after police chased an allegedly armed man who “turned and fired shots” at officers, Deputy Chief Delonda Tally said.

Police then returned fire, injuring the man, she said. A crowd at the scene then clashed with police, throwing objects at officers. Authorities said someone spread a false rumor that police had shot and wounded a child.

The situation quickly escalated and got out of hand. “The looting began shortly after midnight as people darted through broken store windows and doors along Michigan Avenue carrying shopping bags full of merchandise. Cars dropped off more people as the crowd grew. At least one U-Haul van was seen pulling up,” The Chicago Tribune reported.

“Just before 5 a.m., a Chicago police spokesman tweeted that shots had been fired at officers who returned fire near the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Lake Street,” the local NBC outlet reported. “No officers were injured, Tom Ahern said, adding that it was not known at the time if the offenders were shot.”

The destruction throughout downtown was so bad that even Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot – who’s lack of action to this point has emboldened criminals to this level – slammed the looters and rioters who descended upon the downtown area early Monday morning, calling the overnight events “an assault on our city” and telling criminals, “We are coming for you.”

Police said more than 100 people were arrested and at least 13 officers were hurt over the course of the events.

“We are waking up in shock this morning,” Lightfoot said. “These individuals engaged in what can only be described as brazen and extensive criminal looting and destruction. And to be clear, this had nothing to do with legitimate, protected First Amendment expression.”

“We are not going to let our city be taken over by criminals and vigilantes,” the mayor later added.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown condemned rioting and looting saying, “This was not an organized protest, rather this was an incident of pure criminality. This was an act of violence against our police officers and against our city.”

“Criminals took to the streets with confidence that there would be no consequences for their actions and I, for one, refuse to allow these cowardly acts to hold our city hostage,” Brown said. “CPD will not stand by as our beautiful downtown becomes someplace that people fear.”

Brown said the department is creating a “special team” of investigators tasked with scouring the hours of camera footage obtained overnight and asked any members of the public who took videos to share them with police.

In the meantime, he announced that officers would be working longer, 12-hour shifts, and “all days off” would be canceled until further notice. The city will also be restricting downtown access from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., he said.

“This is a beautiful city,” Brown continued, “and Chicago police officers will not allow this selfish criminal act to destroy what generations of hard work have built.”

Attorney General William Barr revealed that the United States is under attack, facing a new form of “urban guerilla warfare.”

Barr to Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Sunday that the left’s “lust for power” was the driving force behind this new anti-American assault.

He added that the media’s false characterization of the “Black Lives Matter” organization as a fed-up activist group was misleading the American people and leaving them vulnerable to what is actually a group of “Bolsheviks” focused of taking over the country and turning it into a communist run country.

Barr tore into the media for selling a “lie” to the American people in their horrifically biased coverage of the civil unrest caused by these two dangerous groups.

“You don’t see it on the networks. You don’t see it on the other cable stations. And yet you hear about these peaceful demonstrators. So it’s you know, it’s just it’s a lie. The American people are being told a lie by the media,” Barr said.

The media has become “extremely monolithic,” he concluded, “and it’s wedded in many ways to the Democratic Party.”

“They are a revolutionary group that is interested in some form of socialism, communism. They’re essentially Bolsheviks. Their tactics are fascistic,” he said.

Barr then continued by comparing the nationwide riots organized by similar minded Antifa to “a new form of urban guerrilla warfare.”

“The way the guerrilla…hides out among the people as a fish in the ocean…what they do is they are essentially shielding themselves or shrouding themselves in First Amendment activity,” he explained.

“They go into the demonstrations, which are exercising First Amendment activity, and they insinuate themselves in there to shield themselves. That’s where they swim. And what they do is they hijack these demonstrations and they and they provoke violence.”

The group’s radical leanings are reflective of the Democratic party’s far-left shift in recent years, Barr said.

“The left has “pulled away from the umbrella of classical liberal values that have undergirded” America and made a “secular religion” out of seeking “complete political victory,” he argued.

It began the day Trump won in 2016, “and from that point forward, there’s been the resistance,” Barr told Levin. “They were trying to impeach him from Day One. They have done everything they can..and I think it’s because of the desire for power that the left wants.”

Power has become a “secular religion of the left,” Barr asserted. “They want to run people’s lives so they can design utopia for all of us…and it’s the lust for power. And they weren’t expecting Trump’s victory. And it outrages them.”
“They’re not interested in compromise,” Barr told host Mark Levin. “They’re not interested in [a] dialectic exchange of views. They’re interested in total victory … It’s a substitute for religion.”

“They view their political opponents as evil because we stand in the way of their progressive utopia that they’re trying to reach, and that’s what gives the intensity to the partisan feelings that people feel today, because for them, this pilgrimage we’re all on is a political pilgrimage. Everything is reduced to politics for people who don’t have that perspective.”

Barr summarized that the left “really represents a Rousseauian Revolutionary Party that believes in tearing down the system, that what’s wrong about America today all has to do with the institutions we have and we have to tear them down.”

Hillary Clinton floated the idea that “sabotage” may hit the United States Postal Service (USPS) ahead of the November presidential election.

Hillary claimed that Republicans will try to take down the USPS as part of the “Trump strategy” to secure the reelection in November.

While nobody knows why the irrelevant former presidential candidate continues to speak, Hillary seems to have her story cheating in elections is more of a Democrat thing.

Democrats have been caught committing every voter associated crime from bribing polling officials to ballet harvesting, and now they are pushing for a full-fledged mail-in voting election which would be fully vulnerable to their particular form of deception.

On Tuesday, Clinton shared a Philadelphia Inquirer article — which details residents’ frustrations over mail delays and USPS staffing cuts — and warned that the problems in Philadelphia could become the entire country’s problem under “Republican” watch.

“I fear Republican sabotage of the USPS, including slowing mail delivery, is a Trump strategy to make voting by mail more difficult this fall,” Clinton tweeted. “Request your ballots and return them as early as you can.”

Critics of the defeated 2016 Democratic candidate claim her warning inadvertently proves that “vote fraud” is a risk with mail-in voting.

“You might be right. Best to just not do mail-in voting at all,” Red State senior editor Brandon Morse told Clinton.

“This is silly, tin-foil hat nonsense, but Clinton actually makes a very good point here (accidentally) that mail-in voting allows the executive branch of the federal government to handle ballots en masse for the election of the executive. One more reason it’s a terrible idea,” Daily Caller opinion contributor Eddie Zipperer tweeted.

President Trump has repeatedly railed against mail-in voting, warning of voter fraud and delayed results for the November 3 election against Joe Biden.

President Trump warned Monday that it could take two months for Americans to see a result from November’s presidential election should it fall into the hand of mail-in voting.

Trump’s comments came during an interview with Axios journalist Jonathan Swan.

“We went through World War I, you went to the polls, you voted. We went through World War II, you went to the polls, you voted. And now because of the China virus, we’re supposed to stay home, send millions of ballots all over the country, millions and millions,” Trump told Swan during their wide-ranging conversation.

“You know, you could have a case where this election won’t be decided on the evening of Nov. 3. This election could be decided two months later.”

Inauguration Day is about two-and-a-half months after Election Day. Swan replied that there is nothing necessarily wrong with having a delayed result, as long as the result is correct.

“It could be decided many months later,” Trump said. “Do you know why? Because lots of things will happen during that period of time. Especially when you have tight margins, lots of things can happen. There’s never been anything like this … Now, of course, right now we have to live with it, but we’re challenging it.”

The president was referencing the lawsuits the Republican National Committee (RNC) and his campaign are bringing against some states over universal mail-in voting.

Already, increased mail-in voting has led to problems throughout the country, including four men being charged with voter fraud in Paterson, N.J., 100,000 ballots rejected in California during the March presidential primary, and more.

In the most recent escalation of violent Antifa tactics – Portland rioters attacked the city’s East Precinct Police Department and reportedly tried to run over police officers while fleeing the scene after attempting to burn the building to the ground.

Late at night, a group of a few hundred people blocked traffic, shined green lasers at police officers, attempted to tear down protective boarding on the building, and worked to disable surveillance cameras in an attempt to conceal their alleged criminal activity.

A member in the group was seen attempting to tear the surveillance camera off of the front doors of the East Precinct. Other people in the group began spray painting the camera, as well as the front doors of the precinct. Lots of members of the group were seen wearing helmets and carrying shields.

“Several people in the group began to ram a large 2 by 4 piece of wood in to the front glass doors in an effort to shatter them,” the Portland Police Department said in a statement. “Other members of the group slammed different heavy large objects into the glass doors as well. The objects included large rocks.”

“By 9:50 p.m., those who had been destructing the East Precinct glass doors successfully cracked them, causing significant damage,” the department continued.

“Since serious ongoing criminal behavior continued, a riot was declared at 9:56 p.m. At 10 p.m., the front doors of East Precinct were barricaded and a fire was started using plywood and an accelerant.”

When officers moved to disperse the rioters, they “were hit with projectiles and commercial grade fireworks,” the department said. “Because of life safety issues created by members in the group, CS gas and crowd control munitions were used. While dispersing efforts continued, a truck associated with the group attempted to run over several officers.”

Portland police said that officers were pelted with large rocks that were the size of shot puts, and they had to repel attacks from the violent rioters two more times over the following two hours.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who testified this week before the U.S. Senate as an expert on Antifa, tweeted out videos of the attacks on the police station.

“For the first time since the riots began in Portland, antifa attacked the east precinct, located far on the east side of the city,” Ngo wrote pointing out that it was significant because this particular precinct is located within in a suburb.

“After antifa were dispersed by police following the attack on the East Precinct, they tried to blind a woman at her home with lasers and attacked her,” Ngo continued. “Antifa have gone into residential parts of the city after moving on from attacking federal courthouse.”

“Portland Police declared a riot after antifa began to smash the windows of the east precinct & set the front of the building on fire,” Ngo wrote along with additional footage. “Here they rush in and make some arrests after rioters tried making a street blockade.”

Portland’s police chief is pleading with Portland officials and rioters who have played a role in ripping the city apart to stop the violence, suggesting that ongoing unrest does nothing to move the cause of racial justice forward.

Portland’s police chief wants the violence to stop and said so in a meeting with media, according to local news.

“Portlanders need to send a strong message that enough is enough,” Lovell added. “This is not forwarding the goals that are going to lead to better outcomes for people of color. This movement is really powerful, but the violence has taken away from it. This is not what Portland is about. This is not what we need in our city.”

The president took on the Black Lives Matter organization, exposing its Marxist anti-American roots.

President Trump tore into the origin of Black Lives Matter back in 2015 where they were seen aggressively demonstrating against the police officers in St.Paul, Minnesota.

“Black Lives Matter, where did it start?” posed Trump, “Marching down streets screaming, ‘Pigs in a blanket, Fry ’em like bacon’ — they were talking about policemen, police men and women. ‘Pigs in a blanket, Fry ’em like bacon.’”

“So, all of a sudden it’s taken on this air of great respectability,” Trump questioned BLM. “Well, how does it start there? It’s a Marxist group that is not looking for good things for our country.”

In 2015, BLM founder Patrisse Cullors – a vocal anti-trumper who has said her goal is to remove President Trump from the White House – admitted to being a ”trained Marxist”

“We actually do have an ideological frame,” Cullors said “myself and Alicia, in particular, are trained organizers.”

“We are trained Marxists,” she added. “We are super versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”

BLM also had called for an end to the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure,” along with completely defunding the police to redistribute funds into their hands.

President Trump also unloaded on professional athletes who insisted on disrespecting the American national anthem and said that he could no longer remain silent, adding that he was so passionate about it that if him speaking up against such issues drives him to lose the 2020 presidential election, he’s “okay” with it.

“I think it’s disgraceful,” Trump said of the “new norm” of professional athletes kneeling for the “Star-Spangled Banner.” “I was pushing them to get open, then I see everybody kneeling during the anthem. It’s not acceptable to me.”

“When I see them kneeling, I just turn off the game,” the president said. “I have no interest in the game; and let me tell you this, there are plenty of other people out there, too.”

Trump added that he’s hearing that the ratings for the NBA and MLB are “way down” over the left-wing activism and vowed to continue to speak out about the apparent disrespect to our country and flag.

“We gotta stand up for our flag,” Trump said. “We have to stand up for our country, we have to stand up for our anthem. And a lot of people agree with me.”

“Hey, if I’m wrong,” he said, “I’m gonna lose an election, okay? And that’s oaky with me. But I will always stand for our country and our flag.”

On Tuesday, Trump posted a tweet critical of the anthem kneeling, writing, “People are not happy that players are not standing for our National Anthem!”

And days earlier, he retweeted a post by Students for Trump praising a lone NBA anthem stander.

President Trump added that he has placed his focus on improving the lives of the black community throughout his presidency, “And, again, nobody has done more for the black community by far … than I have,” he said, excluding former president and emancipator Abraham Lincoln.

The Trump administration has taken human trafficking head on and this latest decision furthers their efforts to aid in the battle against it.

Attorney General William Barr, Ivanka Trump and other Justice Department officials for domestic policy and human trafficking announced Tuesday during a roundtable that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is awarding over $35 million to provide housing and services to victims of human trafficking.

The grants will go to 73 organizations to provide between six months and two years of transitional housing assistance for trafficking victims. They will also fund support to help victims find permanent housing and employment as well as occupational training and counseling.

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, combating human trafficking in the U.S. and abroad is critical work. DOJ’s grant recipients are on the frontlines of this fight, ensuring that survivors across our country are afforded safe and stable housing and empowered with the support and resources they need to rebuild their lives,” said Trump advisor Ivanka Trump

Executives from organizations including Camillus House Inc., Alternatives for Girls, Jordan Community Resource Center and the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking will appear at the event, joined by some survivors of human trafficking.

“I am incredibly honored to join Attorney General Barr to highlight these organizations and their tireless and vital work.”

AG Barr issued a statement saying, “Throughout this Administration, the Department of Justice has fought aggressively to bring human traffickers to justice and to deliver critical aid to trafficking survivors. These new resources, announced today, expand on our efforts to offer those who have suffered the shelter and support they need to begin a new and better life.”

The DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Principal Deputy Assistant AG Katherine Sullivan explained that offering housing was particularly crucial for victims of human trafficking. “Human traffickers dangle the threat of homelessness over those they have entrapped, playing a ruthless game of psychological manipulation that victims are never in a position to win,” she said.

In January President Trump announced an executive order to combat human trafficking, with goals to assist victims, hold offenders to stricter prosecution and improve education to prevent future trafficking schemes.

“I signed nine pieces of legislation into law that directly prevent human trafficking, and we’re just getting started,” President Trump said in January.

During a trip to Atlanta in January to visit nonprofit groups that help victims, Ivanka Trump compared trafficking to “modern-day slavery” and said the White House is committed to ending it.

Ivanka also announced in January that the president would be proposing a significant budget increase of $42 million for 2021 to support victims and efforts to prosecute criminals who take part in human trafficking.

Human trafficking is believed to be one of the largest-scale crimes in the world, with 24.9 million people trapped by human traffickers who make more than $150 billion in annual profit for the industry.

President Trump has done far more than any of his predecessors to combat this horrific form of crime putting it at the top of his administration’s list of priorities.

As Antifa and Black Lives Matter Riots continue to ravage the country, Republican Senator Ted Cruz is looking to expose these riots for what they truly are, calling them, “organized terror attacks.”

“Across the country, we’re seeing horrific violence, we’re seeing our country torn apart. Violent anarchists and Marxists are exploiting protests to transform them into riots and direct assaults on the lives and safety of their fellow Americans,” Cruz said during an interview.

On Tuesday, Cruz will chair a hearing of the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution to investigate groups such as Antifa, who have stoked violence in communities across the U.S. after the death of George Floyd.

The hearing is called “The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence.”

“These violent riots are not spontaneous, nor are they mere coincidences. Instead, the evidence suggests they are organized terror attacks designed to instill fear and tear down the fundamental institutions of government. This hearing is designed to understand who is driving the violence, who is driving the assaults, who is driving the murders, and what their objective is,” Cruz said.

Speakers will include Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, journalist Andy Ngo and law professor Jonathan Turley. It comes after two months of protests and violent riots hit downtown Portland, where rioters have attacked the Hatfield Courthouse and clashed with federal law enforcement protecting it.

“The hearing will assess who is driving the violence, who is driving the assaults, who is driving the fires, who is driving the explosions, who is driving the murders, why are they doing so, how are they doing so and what do they hope to achieve through violent acts of terror?” Cruz said.

Cruz will also steer the hearing to take a look at the radical Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Cruz says the phrase “black lives matter” is “unquestionably true” but that the organization is a danger to us all.

“The actual organization denominated Black Lives Matter was created by avowed Marxists pursuing a radical agenda including defunding police departments across the country and that agenda, if implemented, would have the consequence of a great many more Black lives being lost,” Cruz said.

While Cruz remains hopeful that Republicans and Democrats can find common ground in the Senate to condemn these dangerous groups the Democrats past support for them makes that a challenging proposition.

Cruz said, “All of us should be able to come together and say ‘don’t assault other Americans, don’t burn their homes or businesses to the ground, don’t murder police officers.’”

Law enforcement in Portland were blinded by lasers, assaulted and doxed online. Democrats, meanwhile, both on the local and federal level, backed these bloodthirsty anarchists by lending them support while criticizing the president’s necessary response to them.

“When Nancy Pelosi calls federal law enforcement officers stormtroopers and that is a term that hearkens back to Nazi Germany, when she wrongfully alleges that they are kidnapping Americans, that is a grotesque lie, and a slander and it endangers the lives of law enforcement,” he said.

“It reflects the very unfortunate political determination that a lot of Democrats have made — that given the choice between standing with innocent Americans or violent terrorists seeking to hurt their fellow citizens, to date too many of them have stood with terrorists,” he said.

The left is growing increasingly concerned with Joe Biden’s cognitive ability, and now, they’re even crying that a debate with President Trump would be catastrophic for the Biden campaign.

Joe Lockhart, a former White House Press Secretary for President Bill Clinton, is publicly pleading with the former Vice President not to debate President Trump.

Over the weekend Lockhart appeared on CNN to warn the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden that debating Trump will only help the president secure his re-election. Lockhart told CNN that a Biden V.S. Trump debate would only give the president a bigger stage.

Lockhart rambled on insulting the president in what really could be chalked up to him revealing just how much he and his fellow Democrats are sweating as they see potentially another four years of Trump in the White House.

Trump “spins these conspiracy theories out there. And, up till now, most of those theories are broadcast by Fox News and, you know, on his Twitter feed,” Lockhart claimed. “And, you know, most Americans don’t see that. The debates are very different.”

“This is the one thing, now that we’re not really going to have conventions where the public will tune in, you know, 50, 60 million people,” Lockhart said. “And they will see all of this nonsense from him. He will take the truth and destroy it. And Biden will be in the position of correcting him over and over and over again. I don’t think he should give him that platform.”

In regards to who has the larger “platform”, President Trump has a massive grassroots following with 136 million combined between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In contrast, Joe Biden only has 12.85 million followers combined.

Lockhart said that the debates will be a “spectacle,” and that such an atmosphere, “more than anything, helps Trump.”

In an earlier op-ed also written by Lockhart, he issued a similar request of Biden, while acknowledging the backlash that would come with Biden fleeing from the challenge.

“Biden will undoubtedly take heat from Republicans and the media for skipping the debates. But it’s worth the risk… “ Lockhart added it is “is an impossible contest to win.”

Biden has not proven himself to be particularly strong on the debate stage in the past and his recent uptick in blunders during his rare public appearances indicate that a debate with the president would be nothing short of a blood-bath for the Democrat.

Biden also has an extensive history of making bizarrely false claims during debates including an embarrassing one in 2012 that revealed he didn’t know the innerworkings of the terrible Obamacare plan that he and his buddy Obama shoved down the throats of the American people.

The Biden campaign agreed in June that the they are willing to participate in three debates. But Democrats are worried that the aging Biden, who has had trouble articulating his views in past debates, will look frail next to President Trump.

Alongside begging Biden to back out of the debates, Democrats have also called for “real-time fact-checking” as part of the debate.

New York Times‘ Thomas Friedman wrote last month that Biden should not debate Trump unless he releases his tax returns and unless the debate has real-time fact-checking.

The fact-checking would be completed by a moderator which would leave it extremely vulnerable to political bias – a major issue that we have seen in the past.

Such “real-time” fact-checking drastically affected a 2012 debate between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney where the CNN moderator Candy Crowley incorrectly declared that Obama was right about having declared that the Benghazi terror attack was, in fact, a terror attack. She later acknowledged that she had been wrong.

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