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The Democrats are pushing forward with their hopeful plan to benefit from a global pandemic to alter the U.S. election process in a way that would largely favor their side of the isle.

As the leaders of the free world gear up for phase 4 of the coronavirus relief package, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has hinted that she is intent on sneaking in more items from her selfish little wish list, including a number of changes to voting methods.

“Vote-by-mail is essential to protecting the future of our democracy as we confront this public health crisis. There is no legitimate argument against enacting it,” Pelosi said last week:

President Trump however has pointed out that mail-in voting comes with a number of flaws. “I think a lot of people cheat with mail-in voting,” Trump said last week. “I think people should vote with ID, with Voter ID.”

Despite facing condemnation by the GOP and Trump administration over their disgusting attempts to use the coronavirus pandemic to push their greater political agenda, more Democrats have joined Pelosi in looking to make the lopsided change.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is pushing a bill to provide vote-by-mail and expand early voting. She claims Democrats are getting “more and more bipartisan support from secretaries of states across the country,” according to Politico.

“In a worst case scenario communities may be facing the choice of either voting by mail or not voting at all,” Sen. Ron Wyden who is spearheading the effort alongside Klobuchar, said.

“We’re already going in this direction and now we’re in the middle of a pandemic and I think this is a very different time,” he added.

The Phase 3 bill provided $400 million for election security grants, “which can be used broadly, including to expand vote-by-mail options and early voting, as well as to clean polling facilities and conduct public education campaigns.”

Apparently that’s not enough for the greedy Dems who will use any opportunity they can to take advantage of the American tax-payer.

Klobuchar said that she is “looking at that next package to get the funding included” as well as some additional reforms, like removing state requirements that voters present an excuse to vote absentee.

“That’s premature. Around the world we’ve had people in new democracies go to vote when their lives were at risk because the right to vote was so precious,” Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander said. “Most Americans would be very skeptical of significant changes in our ability to go cast a ballot in person, certainly at this point.”

Another Republican Senator Cory Gardner said, “States should run state’s elections.” He added, “Washington D.C. should not run the state’s elections. So if a state determines that’s the way it wants to go, a state should make that decision.”

Sen. John Cornyn stated bluntly that Democrats “want the federal government to take over elections.”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden seems more fit for a nursing home than he does a run at the presidency after making yet another series of confusing and contradictory remarks on Sunday during an interview on ABC News about the coronavirus outbreak.

In an awkward reversal, after initially suggesting that President Trump was xenophobic for banning travel from China early on in the coronavirus outbreak, Biden later said that he agreed with the president’s smart decision to halt travel from China.

On Sunday in an appearance on ABC News’ “This Week”, Biden seemed to pivot yet again, this time adding some completely inaccurate claims to “clarify” his statements.

“He indicated that I complimented him on – on dealing with China,” Biden said. “Well, you know, 45 nations had already moved to keep – block China’s personnel from being able to come to the United States before the president moved.”

Biden’s statement is completely false. 45 other nations did not “block China’s personnel from being able to come to the United States before the president moved.”

GOP rapid response Steve Guest summed up the crazy rollercoaster that is Joe Biden’s thought process:

“Joe Biden lives in a alternate reality.

Over 2 months ago, when Trump announced travel restrictions with China, Joe Biden was criticizing Trump for “xenophobia.”

Today, Biden criticized Trump for the speed he enacted the travel ban. Biden didn’t support the ban until April 3.
Later in the interview, Biden reversed course and claimed that shutting down borders was not an effective way of preventing the spread of the disease.”

“You know, these viruses as you know, George, they have no borders, you can’t build a wall, you can’t put up – you can’t have, you know, people at the border trying to stop it, it’s beyond that capacity,” Biden said. “You have to know what’s coming, where it’s coming from, and how to deal with.”

Biden made the remark while adding that Trump should “listen to the experts” and “listen to the Faucis of the world.”

What Biden fails to mention, however, is that Dr. Anthony Fauci said that Trump’s decision to shut off travel from China “saved us really a lot of hurt.”

Separately, Biden also hinted that the DNC may hold a virtual convention.

“STEPHANOPOULOS: Finally, sir, let — I want to turn to some politics before we go.

As you know, Wisconsin now having its primary on Tuesday, your opponent Sanders said that should be put off and the governor now joining that chorus as well. But it looks like it’s going to happen.

Is that wise?

BIDEN: Well, look, I think they should follow the science, I — and, you know, what I’ve been hearing, I have been following it like you have, like everybody has, watching the court action, it’s still in court now. And — but I think whatever — whatever the science says is what we should do.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And does that hold for the convention as well? If — are you open to the idea that — it just may not be possible to do the convention in August?

BIDEN: Well, we’re going to have to do a convention, may have to do a virtual convention. I know — I think we should be thinking about that right now. The idea of holding a convention is going to be necessary, but we may not be able to put 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 people in one place and that’s very possible. Again, let’s see where it is.

What we do between now and then is going to dictate a lot of that as well. But my point is that I think you just got to follow the science. Listen to the experts. Listen to the Faucis of the world. And if that’s the case, it’s the case.

But we cannot let this — we’ve never allowed any crisis from a Civil War straight through to a pandemic in ‘17, all the way around, in ’16, we have never, never let our democracy take second fiddle, we can both have a democracy and elections and at the same time protect the public health.

But I think it’s time we start thinking about how we’re going to hold elections, whether we’re going to have to spend a lot of time figuring whether we do — is it going to mostly be by mail, which is not the preferred route for everyone — how are we going to do that? How are we going to make it available to everybody?”

One of the provisions Democrats forced into the relief bill was $25 million to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. That money was (presumably) to help the organization stay afloat during this difficult time. Soon after the bill was passed, however, news spread that the Center was firing the majority of their staff. Now, GOP lawmaker are trying to hold them accountable.

Nancy Pelosi delayed the relief bill for nearly a week by trying to shove bogus funding into it. Originally, she wanted $35 million for the Kennedy Center. Among other ridiculous demands. But after intense negotiations, they managed to lower that number to $25 million.

You have to wonder why the government would agree to spend so much money on something unrelated to the crisis. Why should we prioritize the Kennedy Center, when we’re trying to save countless jobs and businesses? But at least we can be encouraged that this money would help their staff survive, while the Center is closed.

Wrong. Right after the bill was signed, the Center announced it would be laying off their performers and other workers. They would receive one last check this week, then it was curtains for them. With the Center closed like most of the country, it was uncertain when these employees would be going back to work.

The outrage online was fast and fierce. What the hell are they going to do with this money—if they aren’t paying their employees? With the Center closed, it’s not as if they have a lot of maintenance to do. Is this money going to line the pockets of board members?

Now, Republicans are trying to make sure the Kennedy Center doesn’t get away with this.

Two Republican congressmen on Tuesday introduced legislation to reclaim the $25 million allocated in the recent coronavirus stimulus bill to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, as reports emerged Tuesday that the opera house will furlough roughly 60 percent of its full-time administrative staff after already suspending pay for more than 700 part-time employees and musicians…

Scott wanted the White House to cut off not just the Kennedy Center funds, but also billions of dollars in other “wasteful” spending, including $75 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and $30.8 billion for an “Education Stabilization Fund” that he argued would enrich already wealthy universities. [Source: Fox News]

The Center claims it deserves this money because of its “unique status” as a major “job creator.” Riiiight. Then why did they just layoff hundreds of employees?

You see Center, “job creator” means you create jobs. That’s why you’d need that money. But if you fire over 60% of your employees (both full time and part time), you’re not creating jobs. You’re killing jobs.

Republican senators are demanding the Office of Management and Budget to rescind the funds. Others are submitting a bill to retract the funding.

It’s pretty idiotic to think any funding went to non-essential targets during a crisis. Democrats demanded billions of dollars for art centers, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and already wealthy universities. Meanwhile, Americans are getting sick, losing their jobs, and struggling to make ends meet.

Which is more important? Making sure hourly workers can survive the next month or enriching already wealthy (liberal) organizations?

I know the answer to that one. But apparently Democrats don’t.

We are living in an unprecedented time. Right now, the White House predicts hundreds of thousands might die to this virus. Millions more have already had their lives turned upside down. Yet Democrats in Washington don’t seem to understand. They think its business as usual. Or worse, they see this virus as an opportunity to push their agenda.
Why don’t we rescind all their jobs?

President Trump enacted strict border security to prevent the spread of infection. The southern border, an obviously vulnerable point of entry, continues to see migrants trying to sneak in. The country cannot afford a sudden flood of potentially infected migrants. So, DHS has reached this new milestone.

It’s no secret that closing the border has dramatically slowed the spread of this virus. You don’t have to wonder why, it’s simple. By closing the border to countries like China, it prevents infected people from reaching our country. It can be considered a delaying tactic, giving us time to treat those infected and develop permanent measures.

But an obvious sore spot is Mexico. Even during the best of times, migrants have rushed the border illegally. Imagine how many illegal aliens would want to enter our country during a pandemic? Recently, Trump has warned of the danger of millions of migrants from around the world rushing to get into the U.S. As more countries see a rise in infections, many would rather be in America.

That’s all well and good, but you can imagine the risk of spreading the disease. States and communities largely unaffected by this virus could explode with cases, if we just let anyone into our country.

President Trump has battled Democrats for years to secure our border. But in light of this crisis, the left has little ammunition to stop him. The president has ramped up measures to prevent migrants from breaking into our country. And now, DHS is removing them at record speeds.

“Migrants who cross into the United States illegally are being expelled to Mexico in an average of 96 minutes under emergency coronavirus measures now in force across the U.S. southern border, according to three U.S. officials with knowledge of the latest government statistics…”

Under the new rules, U.S. agents are processing migrants from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras “in the field” before they are able to set foot inside a U.S. Border Patrol station. The migrants are then whisked back to the border and sent into Mexico.

The flow of unauthorized border crossings has plunged since the emergency measures were implemented on March 21, down from more than 1,000 per day to fewer than 600 on Sunday, the latest statistics show. [Source: Breitbart]

Funny how all those immigration activists are no longer listened to, when a deadly virus is spreading around the world.

Without the roadblocks and lawsuits from the left, Border Patrol and DHS can literally remove illegals in a matter of hours. In used to take months, even years, for an illegal immigrant case to be processed. But, in light of the current crisis, Border Patrol is able to apprehend a migrant and send them back before they even reach the border.

Earlier in the month, the government emptied out detention centers at the border. They sent back all migrants awaiting asylum, over obvious concerns about the virus. Now, Border Patrol has the authority to quickly process migrants and send them home—without the snares laid by Democrats that typically slow them down.

We don’t know how long this will last. Once the threat of the virus begins to wane, expect immigration activists to rush to the courts. But at least for now, bogus liberal schemes aren’t getting in the way of protecting border states (and everyone else) from an explosion of infections.

Not much good has come from this outbreak. Millions of Americans have had their lives upended by this crisis. But at least we can see a small silver lining in all this, in the form of a more secure border.

All we need now, is a wall.

Yesterday, the President revised his timeline for getting America “back to normal.” His administration will be extending certain rules until the end of April. During his announcement, he fired back at the media for their continued campaign of fake news and fear. And he took to Twitter to hammer the Democrats in the House.

Millions of Americans are suffering as the result to the massive limits set by the government. But the reason we have to take such measures is because of how poorly equipped our agencies were. Years of red tape and barriers prevented the CDC and FDA to provide a rapid response. We have Democrats and bureaucrats to thank for that.

Despite hoping to bring things back to normal by Easter, Trump was forced to extend certain guidelines through April. Instead of applauding his efforts to save lives, the media continued their negative agenda, prompting fierce blowback.

Trump unloaded after PBS News’ Yamiche Alcindor — a frequent Trump antagonist…

Alcindor accused Trump of saying that governors were requesting equipment they “don’t actually need.” In fact, Trump said that in some cases, “equipment’s being asked for that I don’t think they’ll need” by the end of the pandemic. Alcindor doubled down when Trump pushed back on her characterization of his comments.

“Why don’t you people act a little more positively — it’s always trying to get-you, get-you, get you,” Trump responded. “And you know what? That’s why nobody trusts the media anymore. That’s why you used to work for the Times and now you work for somebody else. Let me tell you something: Be nice. Don’t be threatening. Be nice.” [Source: Fox News]

The liberal media continues its bang-up job. Instead of focusing on relevant information that can help Americans, they tried to stir up drama. All so they can go back to their outlets with dirt on the president. Trump fired back at several reporters, slamming their shoddy work.

Minutes later, Trump tusseled with CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond, who alleged the president had definitively said on Friday that he’d cut off communications with governors who weren’t appreciative of his coronavirus efforts…
“Your statement is a lie,” Trump said flatly. [Source: Fox News]

It’s amazing how completely tone-dear and out-of-touch our media is. We are facing a serious, wartime-like crisis. Americans are dying and many more are suffering serious setbacks. And this is what the media is talking about? All they want to do is trap Trump. Get him to say something they can distort. All in the name of pushing politics.

And they wonder why their approval is in the toilet?

President Trump went on to call out the Democrats’ political games during this crisis. Republican senators quickly hammered out a bill to provide relief to ailing Americans. But Democrats stalled the vote, while Nancy Pelosi tried to force radical funding goals into her own version. Trump slammed them for wasting time (and costing lives), calling on Americans to get them out of office.

From the start of the virus outbreak, the media has been making the problem worse. The hysterical, dishonest, liberal news outlets have spread rumor and misinformation. Much of the panic felt by Americans is thanks to these people. But America’s top doctor is revealing more data about the situation. And she’s knocking down the worst claims.

You got to hand it to our mainstream media. They never miss an opportunity to exploit a crisis. An industry that is supposed to simply keep us informed is now just an overhyped wing of the entertainment business. Major news outlets aren’t concerned with your safety or well-being. They just want to use this crisis to get more clicks, views, or ratings.

Honestly, if the MSM did just a fraction of its job—you wouldn’t need people like me.

This outbreak has revealed just how underhanded our mainstream media is. Every website has a ticker showing the death toll of this disease (which is still lower than the seasonal flu). They jump on every story about a celebrity or leader just getting tested for the virus (they even misreported rumors about the president of Brazil getting infected). It’s safe to say that many Americans don’t understand what’s really happening.

Ironic, considering it’s the media’s job to keep us properly informed. This crisis has proven they do the opposite.
Dr. Birx, one of Trump’s task force members, had to battle the media to provide real data. She knocked down wild claims by saying what they are learning simply does not match up with predictions. Do you think this will teach the media to stop spreading fake news? Doubt it.

The White House response coordinator for the coronavirus task force said Thursday that extreme predictions about the pandemic don’t line up with the incoming data, while also pushing back against unfounded rumors that could alarm the public.

Dr. Deborah Birx said 19 of all 50 states with confirmed cases have low levels of the outbreak.

“When people start talking about 20 percent of a population being infected, it’s very scary,” she said during Thursday’s White House briefing. “But we don’t have data that matches that based on the [actual] experience.” [Source: Fox News]

All the data points to this virus being just slightly worse than a bad case of the flu. Yet if you believe the media, you’d think this was the End of Days. The government enacted extreme measures to prevent the spread. But because of bad reporting, people thought we were all about to die. Grocery stores were cleaned out of basic goods. People fought over toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

The panic was largely the media’s fault.

Dr. Birx, in addition to helping fight this disease, has to fight the lies coming from the media. Some scum bags have even claimed doctors are pushing DNR policies, essentially letting Americans die. Birx had to openly defy that claim, because it was a bald-face lie.

The fact is, everybody is concerned over this disease. And the media’s job is to get relevant information to the public. But when you have major outlets poised to spread more fear than facts, we often face worse consequences than the disease itself.

Had the media done its job on day one, things would be a lot better right now. Sure, we’d have to take measures to prevent the spread of infection. But perhaps we wouldn’t be locked up in our houses? Perhaps society could have kept functioning, instead of millions of lives being ruined? Perhaps if the media cared more about our well-being than clicks, Americans would be both physically and emotionally healthy?

Sadly, we don’t have that kind of media.

The United States is reeling from both a medical emergency and an economic shut down. Entire communities are shuttered up to prevent infection, as the whole country is advised to stay at home. Meanwhile, the federal government is on the front lines of the crisis—providing constant updates to the American people. But how are citizens feeling about the president’s leadership at a time like this? A new Gallup poll has the answer.

Some on the left might actually be happy that this virus slammed the United States. Sure, many people will needlessly die. But the uncertainty and fear created by this outbreak has thrown our economy for a loop. Each day the stock market spasms. Many Americans and businesses struggle to survive. Trump’s historic economy has suffered tremendously. It’s exactly what Democrats wanted.

But you’d have to be an idiot to think this was the president’s fault. He didn’t make China neglect their wet markets, lie about the virus, then do nothing for months. In fact, Trump was taking action long before anyone else even cared. Over the months of February and March, he dramatically ratcheted up the country’s response. He was even willing to take the economic hit to protect American lives.

On top of that, President Trump is leading daily press briefings to keep Americans informed on the ongoing situation. Because of his leadership, Congress has passed two bills to provide significant relief. The third bill—which will keep small businesses afloat and provide checks to workers—will soon reach his desk. Only the most dishonest, partisan liberal could say Trump is not leading us well.

What are Americans saying, though? In a time like this, the people would either really hate the president or really love him. It all depends on how they feel about his response to the crisis. Well, a new Gallup has been released. Democrats aren’t happy about it.

Gallup’s new study finds that Trump’s approval among U.S. adults has jumped 5 points since earlier this month, surging from 44 to 49% approval. That approval rating is the best of his presidency, matching previous highs…
The sudden increase among both independents and Democrats, which Gallup underscores is “highly unusual for Trump in particular,” indicates a true “rally,” the pollster explains…

“Americans give the president generally positive reviews for his handling of the situation, with 60% approving and 38% disapproving,” Gallup reports. “Ninety-four percent of Republicans, 60% of independents and 27% of Democrats approve of his response.” [Source: Daily Wire]

During a crisis, we see the true caliber of our leaders. These days, we’ve seen quite a few wilt like week-old flowers. From mayors to governors to senators, many elected officials are totally unequipped to handle this crisis.
But who isn’t wilting under the pressure? Donald Trump and his task force. Each day we hear comprehensive details about how they are confronting the virus. They are directing aid to the most-hit areas of the country. They are accelerating testing—outpacing South Korea (who handled this crisis the best). And the president is marshalling the resources of the government and private businesses to produce needed supplies.

Not only that, but Trump is (once again) defying the media narrative to provide hope and optimism during this uncertain time. He recently stated he hopes to have the economy back by Easter. He’s signaled his willingness to end the shut down soon, saying the “cure” can’t be worse than the problem. Unlike so many out there, he’s giving Americans something to look forward to.

That’s just as important as providing stimulus, medicine, and testing. Americans are afraid. They’re entire lives have been thrown upside-down. They need someone to give them a shred of hope.

We know Nancy Pelosi ain’t doing that.

Only President Trump is. And Americans are responding.

The coronavirus outbreak has been taking its toll on Americans for weeks. The economy is reeling due to the extreme measures the government has forced people to take. But the president’s promise of relief was cast into doubt after Democrats tried to sabotage an upcoming bill. After long negotiations, it looks like a bill is about to come through.

Much has been said about the impact the coronavirus is having–and will have–on our country. The federal government was concerned that a fast-spreading disease would overwhelm our health care system. So, they enacted strict measures from coast to coast to slow down infections. But some have said the “cure” is worse than the problem.

Millions of Americans have been forced into isolation. Countless businesses have been shut down. Workers were sent home, many laid off. Lives have been upended and ruined. All so that a few less people would get infected in the meantime.

The government’s solution to tossing a grenade into our economy was to send out a stimulus to working families. President Trump promised to send checks, hoping a thousand dollars would get people over the hump. But prospects looked bleak after Democrats blocked a Republican-crafted bill in the Senate.

Worse, Nancy Pelosi tried to push through a bill of her own, loaded with far-left garbage.

But after working through the night, it seems the White House and Senate have come to an agreement.

White House and Senate leaders reportedly struck a deal during the early morning hours on Wednesday over a $2 trillion stimulus bill to combat the economic fallout of the coronavirus outbreak…

The legislation, unprecedented in its size and scope, aims to flood the economy with capital by sending $1,200 checks to many Americans, creating a $367 billion loan program for small businesses, and setting up a $500 billion fund for industries, cities and states.

Other provisions include a massive boost to unemployment insurance, $150 billion for state and local stimulus funds and $130 billion for hospitals, among numerous other provisions. [Source: Daily Wire]

Mitch McConnell took to Twitter to announce “At last, we have a deal.”

Such a massive spending bill might have immediate impact on our economy. According to reports, many Americans will get a check for $1,200. Local and state companies will have access to a massive, $500 billion fund. Small businesses will be able to borrow from a $367 billion program, to keep paying their employees even if they were forced to close.

This might provide a ray of hope during this crazy and uncertain time. Americans struggling will get some form of payment. Small businesses won’t have to shut their doors for good. Companies large and small will have confidence that the measures the government forced on them won’t be to their ruin.

But what about the long-term? Every “expert” out there can’t say for certainty when this crisis will end. They don’t even agree over how long we have to keep the economy underwater. President Trump is hoping this shutdown will end by Easter, which is in a few weeks.

It’s clear that even with a massive spending bill, it won’t do much good until we can get back to normal. The extreme measures the government—and local communities—have forced on Americans will only slow infections. It can’t wipe out this disease entirely. Keeping us cooped up inside won’t change the fact that America needs to get back to work.

Will it be a few more weeks? A few more months? It’s hard to say. The stimulus bill can help hold things together, for a little while. But America was not made to hide indoors. We are a country of fighters and workers. We crave to get out there and make something of ourselves.

That might be the only solution that gets us through this mess.

The panic over the coronavirus has sent the United States for a loop. There is a growing need for essential supplies, especially for hospitals and first responders. But there is the danger that some people will try to profit illegally during this situation. So, AG Barr announced swift action against anyone who tries to make this outbreak worse.

The coronavirus outbreak has, in many cases, revealed the best in the American people. Despite this trial, Americans from all backgrounds are sacrificing their time and giving of themselves for those in need. Companies are converting factories to produce life-saving equipment and supplies. Everyday Americans are working around the clock to help strangers. It is truly remarkable to see.

But this crisis has also brought out the very worst in some people. Out of fear, some Americans have gone on hoard-shopping sprees. Our local grocery stores face shortages, because your selfish and panicky neighbors cleared out the shelves. Instead of thinking about others (or that this crisis won’t last as long as they think), some Americans have bought enormous amounts of toilet paper, sanitizer, and food, leaving little for the rest of us.

Worse than that are the few who hoarded crucial supplies just before the full crisis hit. These people had planned to sell back their stock of such things as hand sanitizer and face maskers—items that could help protect medical workers. Of course, they planned on selling them at an insanely high markup. That’s what we call price-gouging.

So, the Attorney General said these people would face a steep price.

The Trump administration on Monday vowed to go after price gougers and those who hoard crucial medical supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic that has seen store shelves emptied and the cost of basic necessities skyrocket in some areas…

In an effort to address coronavirus-related scams, federal prosecutors recently shut down a website that sold a fake coronavirus vaccine, he said…

“Once specific materials are so designated, persons are prohibited from accumulating those items in excess of reasonable personal or business needs or for the purpose of selling them in excess of prevailing market prices,” Barr said. [Source: Fox News]

A crisis like this requires all Americans to do their best and help each other out. But there are always wolves among the sheep, people who aren’t so concerned for the well-being of others. In a few cases, people will try to hoard large amounts of crucial supplies, in the hopes of forcing the government, hospitals, or regular folks to buy them.

We know of a couple who hoarded over 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, hoping to make bank over it. But after intense pressure from the online community and the government, they were forced to donate it all.

Those unwilling to do the same will face federal prosecution from the highest authorities in the land.

Barr specifically called out any large operation that is “sitting on a warehouse” of specific goods, including masks and surgical masks. So far, there hasn’t been much word that there are those hoarding such things. But, let’s be honest. If there is a crooked buck to make, some people will try to make it. Barr is spreading the word before anyone gets it in their head to gouge those in need.

It’s hard to imagine anyone actually trying to do such an underhanded thing. But we see how crooked lawmakers in Washington are exploiting this crisis. Why wouldn’t a crooked businessperson do the same?

But if they do, they will face the wrath of William Barr. I, for one, would rather just donate my stockpile.

The last two weeks have been difficult for the United States, as the government enacted extreme measures to combat the coronavirus. Since March 16, they stepped up measures, forcing people to refrain from gathering in groups of more than 10. But is the cure worse than the disease? President Trump mentioned what might happen next in a late-night tweet. A change might be coming soon.

Let’s face it, Americans have been in hell ever since news of the coronavirus exploded. We were just fine all through January and February. We knew the virus was out there—and we also knew that basic measures (like washing hands, etc.) were enough to prevent getting infected.

Then Italy went tits-up and our government flipped out. Over the month of March, the federal and state governments issued more and more extreme mandates to prevent the spread of the disease. Acting like this is a communist dictatorship, our government ordered bars and restaurants closed. Some states have forced all Americans to stay at home.

All because a fraction of the public might get infected by a virus no worse than a strong flu.

Many have criticized these extreme measures. The economy is tumbling. Grocery stores are mobbed. Children can’t go to school. And Americans live in uncertainty day after day. Is all this panic really going to help stop this disease?

Even the experts say no. These extreme measures are only meant to “slow the spread” and “flatten the curve.” Don’t you love those bogus buzz words? They mean people will still get infected (and recover). The government is just putting most of us through hell, because they don’t want another Italy.

(Imagine how bad that would look in the media?)

But we are not Italy. And while we don’t want our hospitals overwhelmed, we are far better equipped to deal with a crisis than a small, Mediterranean country with an ineffective government. These strict measures might do nothing to stop the disease. But they will go a long way in damaging our society for months or years to come.

It seems like Trump is already foreseeing that. In a late-night tweet, he complained that the cure might be worse than the problem. And in strong terms, he promised a change in policy by the end of the month.

President Trump tweeted Sunday that his administration will reassess its response to the coronavirus outbreak at the end of the 15-day period that calls on Americans to limit their normal behaviors in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

Businesses across the U.S. have been turned on their heads as federal, state and local governments called for drastic measures to block more infections. Stocks on Wall Street plunged to their worst losses in more than three decades.

“We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself,” the president tweeted in caps lock, before announcing the reassessment. [Source: Fox News]

At the beginning of March, we were told all we have to do to prevent getting sick was to practice basic sanitary measures. Avoid those who are sick, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and staying home if you have symptoms. Those measures have not changed.

So why the hell were we suddenly told to lock ourselves up in our houses? Why did major events, movie theaters, and other public gatherings get shut down? Why did we, almost overnight, turn ourselves into a hermit dictatorship?

I’d like to know which “expert” in the government recommended these strict, insane measures. We need to protect the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, yes. But is all this necessary? Couldn’t we have enacted a more strategic approach, instead of punishing every American?

(How about just urging Americans with older relatives to keep them inside?)

Trump seems to think so. In his message, he made it clear he’s not happy about this “cure.” Not only is the economy suffering, but every American who can’t even buy a roll of toilet paper is suffring too.

He isn’t promising to lift this shutdown, but come April 1, something has to change.

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