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Don’t let the “democratic socialist” fool you; she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

Far-left lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visited tragedy-struck Texas in an effort to squeeze campaign donations out of her supporters. 

AOC hosted public fundraising campaigns for the Lone Star State, often pushing her far-left policies in the process. 

In an email sent out by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Congress, she blamed the winter weather crisis on the “Republican-controlled government.” AOC claims the Republican leaders “decided” to not prepare because they didn’t want to “cut into their private energy profits.” 

She included three links directing readers of the email to donate to her reelection campaign. 

“The disaster in Texas is quite literally what happens when you don’t pass a Green New Deal,” AOC’s donation page stated. “Chip in and we can make a Green New Deal possible,” it continued. 

AOC is no stranger to national headlines. 

Earlier this week she made news when she only mildly criticized the Biden administration for erecting migrant child facilities to handle the border crisis. During Trump’s presidency she routinely drummed up mass hysteria over the same facilities, often comparing them to concentration camps and the Holocaust. 

Joe Biden may be on a mission to destroy President Trump’s legacy, but there’s one immigration policy he’s leaving in place. 

The Biden administration is expelling thousands of migrants back to their home countries using a pandemic order put in place by former President Trump.  

Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, admits the administration is using Trump’s “Title 42” public health order as a tool for deportation. Mayorkas said the administration is using the order only because a better one hasn’t yet been put in place, not because he believes asylum seekers should be turned away.  

Trump’s order allows ICE officials to deport migrants quickly, over 62,000 in January alone. 

Most of the deportations have been single adults, but illegal border crossings by children and families have complicated Biden’s efforts to reverse Trump’s border policies.  

“It’s bad and it’s getting worse,” an ICE agent said of Biden’s growing border crisis. 

Nevertheless, Homeland Security spokespeople continue to warn hopeful border crossers, saying, “The border is not open right now.” 

Far-Left immigration advocates, however, are begging the Biden administration to drop Trump’s Title 42. 

The White House has said they needed more time to deal with the situation at the border. Press Secretary Jen Psaki has routinely bypassed reporters’ questions in an attempt to justify Biden’s campaign backtracks. 

Despite the broken campaign promises, Biden is quickly learning that maybe Trump’s immigration policies were put in place to benefit America and the people living in it. 

Former President Barrack Obama has suddenly become a vocal advocate for a radical left-wing demand that dangerously inching its way closer towards becoming a reality.

Obama is now arguing for reparations for the African American community – claiming that “the politics of White resistance and resentment” stopped him from pushing for it during his 8 years as president.

Obama and rock and roll legend Bruce Springsteen released the second episode of their new podcast, “Renegades: Born in the USA,” where they spoke about race relations in the United States.

Toward the end of the episode, the two hosts spoke about reparations to Black Americans and whether or not the controversial policy would come to fruition.

Obama said he believes reparations are “justified” and that “there’s not much question that the wealth… the power of this country was built in significant part — not exclusively, maybe not even the majority of it, but a large portion of it — was built on the backs of slaves.”

The former president then went on to claim that a reparations proposal didn’t make its way through the lawmaking process during his presidency due to “the politics of White resistance and resentment.”

“And what I saw during my presidency was the politics of White resistance and resentment. The talk of ‘welfare queens’ and the talk of the ‘undeserving’ poor. And the backlash against affirmative action,” Obama said.

“All that made the prospect of actually proposing any kind of coherent, meaningful reparations program struck me as, politically, not only a nonstarter but potentially counterproductive.”

Obama went on to say it was “perfectly understandable why working-class White folks, middle-class White folks, folks who are having trouble paying the bills or dealing with student loans, wouldn’t be too thrilled” about the prospect of “a massive program that is designed to deal with the past but isn’t speaking to their future.”

Obama appears to have changed his position on reparations over the years. He opposed reparations during his 2008 presidential campaign, arguing that “the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are unemployed.”

Bills regarding reparations have been introduced to Congress for over three decades, with the most recent being a proposal from Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

Jackson Lee introduced H.R. 40 to the House of Representatives, which aims to set up the Committee to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans. According to the bill’s summary, the committee “shall examine slavery and discrimination in the colonies and the United States from 1619 to the present and recommend appropriate remedies.”

President Biden hasn’t endorsed reparations outright, but he has voiced his support for forming a commission to study the issue. White House press secretary Jen Psaki reaffirmed this position last week to reporters.

Republicans such as Rep. Burgess Owens, has opposed reparations for slavery, likening it to “wealth redistribution” and “socialism” while calling for Black Americans to view themselves as a people with a proud history instead of as oppressed victims.

Owens, whose great-great-grandfather was a slave, condemned slavery as an “evil practice,” but said that “reparations is not the way to right our country’s wrongs” during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties.

“It is impractical and a non-starter for the United States to pay reparations,” Owens said. “It is also unfair and heartless to give Black Americans the hope that this is a reality. The reality is that Black American history is not one of a hapless, hopeless race oppressed by a more powerful white race. It is instead a history of millions of middle- and wealthy-class Black Americans throughout the early 20th century achieving their American dream.”

Republican David Perdue remained vague as to whether he would run for Senate again — until now.

The Georgia Republican who lost his Senate seat in 2020 to Democrat Jon Ossoff decided against running again in 2022, clearing a path for young conservative talent to rise up. 

“This not a political decision, it’s a personal one,” Perdue said. “I will do everything I can do to ensure whoever wins the Republican primary will defeat the Democrat candidate for Georgia’s senate next year.”

Perdue has kept many on their toes regarding his potential election re-do. His decision not to run comes after filing the required paperwork to run against Sen. Warnock – one of the two newly elected Democrat senators from Georgia. Perdue took to twitter to clarify this move was purely a legal one in an effort to keep his options open. 

Georgia has become a major GOP target after Democrats were successful in flipping the state blue in 2020.

Perdue’s decision not to run lessens concerns GOP leaders had with another possible contentious senate race in 2022. With Perdue stepping aside, GOP can push forward some young talent who may appeal to a wider voter base. 

But  former GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who also unfortunately lost her Senate seat, revealed to a reporter a rematch with Warnock is “certainly on the table.” Former Republican Rep. Doug Collins is also said to be considering a run for that seat. 

This could set up another bitter primary next year, even though Republicans are wary to replicate a fight between Loeffler and Collins last year that allowed Warnock to go relatively unscathed in the general election.

A new economic report shows that Big Tech Giants – Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook –  were key investors in Joe Biden’s White House transition process. Many former employees of these companies have been rewarded with jobs in the current administration.

Biden’s transition team ‘raised’ more than $20 million – a vast increase from previous administrations. Hollywood celebrities like Robert De Niro and Deep State billionaires like George Soros were paramount in Biden’s ability to raise such an insane amount of money.  

Nearly $25 million has been spent by Biden’s team according to the report. Most of those funds, about $22 million, Biden arranged through private donors.  

By contrast, Barack Obama raised about $4 million, while Donald Trump raised raised $6.5 million.

Typically presidential transition teams are paid for by a mixture of public and private funds. Individual donations are capped at $5,000 per person. 

Here are some of the major names that donated to Biden’s efforts:

Deep State billionaire George Soros ($5,000)

DreamWorks cofounder Jeffrey Katzenberg: ($5,000)

Cartoon creator Seth MacFarlane ($5,000)

Former Governor Terence McAuliffe ($5,000)

Film heiress Abigail Disney ($5,000)

Billionaire heiress Laurene Powell Jobs ($5,000)

Hollywood’s Sharon Stone ($5,000)

Actress Patricia Arquette (5,000)

Leading actor Leonardo DiCaprio ($5,000)

Investor James Chanos ($5,000)

Washed-up actress Jennifer Aniston ($5,000)

Anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro ($5,000)

A top former Trump White House adviser on immigration told Fox News in an interview on Sunday that President Joe Biden’s immigration agenda would “fundamentally erase the very essence of America’s nationhood.”

“The reason why I have studied immigration so closely is because it’s so fundamental to what it is to be a nation, the right of the people living in a country to decide who enters that country, on what conditions, for how long, and how to establish national boundaries and borders. That’s fundamental to what it means to be a country,” Stephen Miller told Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo.

“The legislation put forward by President Biden and congressional Democrats would fundamentally erase the very essence of America’s nationhood. For the first time, I believe in human history, this legislation proposes sending applications to previously deported illegal immigrants and giving them the chance to reenter the country on a rapid path to citizenship. This is unheard of.”

“These are the people that ICE officers, at great time and expense, found, large numbers of them with criminal records, returned to their home countries at taxpayer expense. And now we’re going to have the secretary of state and homeland security mailing applications for readmission and amnesty to previously deported illegal immigrants?” Miller continued.

“This is madness. Now, this is on top of the fact that the current administration has already dismantled border security, canceling President Trump’s historic agreements with Mexico and with the Northern Triangle countries, restoring catch and release, and, additionally, gutting interior enforcement, issuing a memo preventing ICE from removing the vast majority of criminal illegal immigrants that it encounters.”

Former Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf also warned late last week that the immigration bill backed by Biden is disastrous and was essentially a “wish list” for those on the “far Left.”

“I mean, this bill is fundamentally flawed. And this is not, in my view, a serious effort at immigration reform. We all know that our immigration system certainly needs some needed reform,” Wolf said.

“And so a little disappointed in the Biden administration of putting basically a wish list together of those on the far Left, and submitting this as a bill.”

Wolf pointed out that what the Biden administration is doing in terms of providing a pathway to citizenship for people who broke U.S. federal immigration laws sends the wrong message and is disrespectful to everyone who does it the right way and to U.S. citizens.

“And what we know from previous amnesty attempts, is that if you do this, this is an extreme incentive for future population flows to come to the US hoping that they too, will get amnesty in the future,” Wolf continued.

“The bill, the legislation that we’re talking about further incentivizes folks with amnesty, they reduce penalties for border crossers. They provide attorneys for those coming into the country. So there is a number of pull factors that the Biden administration unfortunately is sending the signal smugglers and traffickers and others, that it’s okay to come.”

The Supreme Court has proven itself a useless tool to fight against voter fraud.

On Monday the high court threw out every remaining election fraud case pertaining to the 2020 presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. 

The case filed in Pennsylvania argued against the allowance of state election boards to count votes days after actual election day. The Supreme Court decided against arguing any elections-related cases until after the inauguration of President Biden. 

Without any ability to defend themselves prior to or after the election, Trump and his legal team have been stripped of their right to investigate the precarious nature of the election.

The conservative Justice Clarence Thomas dissented from the decision of his colleagues, writing a scathing rebuttal of the Court’s practices. Thomas argued, despite their not being enough votes to overturn the election, the high court should have taken up arguments before the election to prevent any mistrust or fraud. 

“These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority nonelected officials have to set election rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle,” Thomas wrote. “The refusal to do so is inexplicable.”

Thomas made the case that because courts are unable to settle election disputes as they arise, the court should use the current election fraud cases to clear up and set precedent for future elections cases. 

“We invite future erosion and confusion if we do nothing,” he wrote.

In a separate dissent, Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch, both conservatives, also wrote the high court should provide further clarity on elections cases before they arise. 

This isn’t the first time the court has thrown out suits questioning the integrity of the 2020 election. Rep. Mike Kelly was denied a hearing when he questioned the Pennsylvania election results. The court also declined to consider two other election lawsuits filed by the Trump administration.

Dr. Fauci should think twice before he attacks President Trump’s response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Francis Collins, Directory of the National Institute of health, totally contradicted the Biden administration in an explosive interview. Dr. Fauci’s boss honored President Trump’s response to pandemic, specifically the success of Operation Warp Speed. 

“The Operation Warp Speed, for which Trump and Alex Azar deserve an immense amount of credit, was an effort many scientists did not believe would be necessary. It was on the same scale as the Manhattan Project, and the Trump administration pulled it off.” Dr. Collins said. 

Collins also noted vaccines “reached the public five years sooner than they ever would have, only 11 months after the government became informed of the virus.”

This comes after Biden’s controversial statements at a televised CNN town hall event last week. Biden claimed that his administration entered into office without any distribution plan for the vaccine, a claim routinely denied by everyone involved. Biden personally received the vaccine before Trump left office.

During a February 19 visit to the Pfizer Kalamazoo Manufacturing Site, Biden made the false claim that, “America had no real plan to vaccinate most of the country only four weeks ago.”

California Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna exposed how leftist politicians really feel about small businesses during an appearance on CNN’s “Inside Politics” Sunday – claiming that small businesses who cannot afford $15 an hour minimum wage should not exist.

Khanna argued that “we don’t want low-wage businesses” who cannot afford to compete with the likes of Amazon and McDonalds who can afford to pay their employees the newly proposed $15 per hour federally mandated minimum wage.

The stubborn push by radical leftists to increase the minimum wage would not only skyrocket the average cost of living, but would also have a devastating impact on the American workforce.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 would cost 1.4 million Americans their jobs over the next four years.

CNN Anchor Abby Phillip said, “I know that you feel very strongly like many progressives about the minimum wage issue. Right now, at the same time, businesses, both large and small, are struggling in this pandemic economy, more than 9 million jobs have been lost in the last year, and they still aren’t back, and the problem is particularly acute in industries like retail and foodservice, which are more likely to pay minimum wage. I think the question that a lot of Republicans are posing and perhaps some moderate Democrats is timing. Is now the right time to increase it to $15? I should say the bill has stages, of course, but immediately it would go up about 30% right now. Is now the right time to do that?”

Khanna said, “Abby, it’s absolutely the right time to give working Americans a raise. Let’s look at the facts. Amazon raised their wage to $15 nationally, not regionally. They have more jobs today. It didn’t hurt job creation or business. Target followed. They also did it nationally, more jobs.”

Phillip said, “Large businesses like Amazon and McDonald’s, for example, can and perhaps should pay more, but I’m wondering what is your plan for smaller businesses? How does this, in your view, affect mom and pop businesses who are just struggling to keep their doors open, keep workers on pate roll right now?”

Khanna said, “Well, they should be doing it by paying people low wages. We don’t want low-wage businesses. Most successful small businesses can pay a fair wage. If you look at the minimum wage, it increased with worker productivity until 1968, and that relationship was severed. If workers were actually getting paid for the value they were creating, it would be up to $23. I love small businesses, I’m all for it, but I don’t want small businesses that are underpaying employees. It’s fair for people to be making what they’re producing. I think $15 is very reasonable in this country.”

It’s worth noting that the large companies which Khanna referenced as examples who have increased their wages during the pandemic, have benefitted from increased sales during lockdowns as small businesses were forced shut, while these multi-national corporations were allowed to remain open.

Prior to the pandemic, roughly half of small businesses only had enough cash to stay in business for 27 days if they stopped bringing in money, according to a JPMorgan Chase Institute analysis. A quarter had a cash buffer that would last them fewer than 13 days. 50% of all small businesses say if they are forced to operate under current conditions for much longer, they will be forced to close.

Add in the mandated $15 minimum wage and the American small businesses that have been the bedrock of our economy since the start, may cease to exist entirely.

Facebook has put their stamp of approval on the genocide China’s communist regime is currently unleashing against the Uyghur peopl.

The social media giant has allowed the Communist regime to space for ads that spread disinformation about the genocide.  

A local report revealed:

Leaders in the west have widely condemned China’s treatment of the Muslim Uyghur people. Last year the U.S. called out the regime, calling their handing of the minority group a “genocide.”

No only has facebook allowed the Chinese government ad space, they’ve accepted additional funding to help promote the ads “debunking” western lies about the Uyghur genocide. 

Facebook accepted less than $400 from China’s state website for ad space on their page with millions on followers. 

With pressure from the Democrats, Facebook enacted a milquetoast campaign to fight “misinformation,” mostly targeting right-wing news and other Republican groups. 

Facebook became on of the first companies in Silicon Valley to permanently delete President Donald Trump. Just a few weeks later, China’s propaganda arm was allowed to run more ads on the platform, according to Press Gazette

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