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Research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein believes that search giant Google manipulated what content it showed users in the weeks and months before the 2020 election in a way that was highly favorable to Democrats.

“We found a period of days when the vote reminder on Google’s homepage was being sent only to liberals,” Epstein said during an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight. “Not one of our conservative field agents received the vote reminder.”

After Epstein made those results public, he said Google actually “shut off that manipulation” and were showing vote reminders to everyone in the four days before the election.

Epstein said his team included “733 field agents” located in the “three key swing states” of Arizona, North Carolina, and Florida. Epstein said that the team found that Google’s search results are “strongly biased in favor of liberals and Democrats,” which was not the case on smaller search engines Bing and Yahoo.

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“The bias was being shown to pretty much every demographic,” Epstein said. “Including conservatives.”

“Conservatives got slightly more liberal bias in their search results than liberals,” he continued.

Asked by Carlson if he could measure the effect Google’s manipulations had on the results of the election, Epstein said the search engine “could easily have shifted at least 6 million votes in just one direction,” going on to note that that figure was his “bare minimum” effect on the election.

“The maximum, we haven’t even begun to estimate that yet because we have so much data to look at,” Epstein said.

Carlson responded by noting that the 6 million vote figure is the current margin of the popular vote in the presidential election.

Epstein said the whistleblowers and leaked documents from Google clearly showed that the search engine did not want to see President Trump reelected.

“There’s no question that they set about after the 2016 election to make sure that President Trump, whom I do not support by the way, to make sure that he is not reelected,” the psychologist said.

“The massive amount of data we’ve collected is consistent with what the whistleblowers and leaks have been telling us for a long time now,” he said.

Epstein went on to claim that Google gets away with the manipulation because the search giant buys political candidates.

“Google literally buys candidates and politicians,” he said. “If you’re a Democrat or you’re a liberal, you like what Google and to some extent what these other tech companies are doing. You like it. It’s to your advantage.”

“The problem, though, is that we don’t know who Google is going to be supporting tomorrow,” he continued. “In different countries around the world, they don’t necessarily support liberals. In some countries, they support conservatives. In China, they worked with the Chinese government to help surveil and control the Chinese population.”

Epstein concluded by saying his team would be closely monitoring Georgia’s January Senate runoff.

Author: Michael Lee

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘Strongly biased in favor of liberals’: Psychologist says Google manipulated content ahead of election that swayed votes

House Republicans are calling on House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney to hold hearings to investigate violence against President Trump’s supporters during the “Million MAGA March” in Washington, D.C.

“We respectfully request a hearing on the violence directed at supporters of President Trump on November 14, 2020,” House Republicans wrote to Maloney. “These supporters were exercising their First Amendment right to peacefully assemble within the District of Columbia.”

“The failure of the city’s leaders to afford basic protections to persons who may hold different political viewpoints from their own appears to be another concerning example of viewpoint discrimination in the District,” they continued.

House Oversight Committee ranking member James Comer, Rep. Jody Hice, and Rep. Chip Roy, a Texas Republican, signed the letter.

The march in support of Trump’s legal efforts related to election fraud was attended by thousands of his supporters, but the event was mired in violence when attendees were attacked by counterprotesters who descended on Washington.

“Despite the violence, the mainstream media and liberal establishment were quick to minimize the seriousness of the use of violence against Trump supporters by deriding them for failing to wear masks in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and asserting that they were infiltrated by ‘white nationalists, conspiracy theorists, and far right activists,’” House Republicans wrote.

“City leaders have remained silent on the violence,” they continued. “This growing level of violence directed at others for holding different views is simply unacceptable.”

In a separate letter to Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser, other House Republicans requested information on her and the district police’s plan to “ensure the safety of those who seek to peacefully exercise First Amendment rights within the District.”

“These brazen attacks are part of a continuing trend against leftist agitators perpetrating acts of violence against individuals in the District under your watch,” they wrote. “The right to peacefully assemble in our nation’s capital under the First Amendment is paramount.”

“This is true regardless of who is doing the protesting or the popularity or unpopularity of their cause,” they added.

Videos of suspected Black Lives Matter and antifa supporters attacking Trump supporters went viral over the weekend, sparking outrage from many in conservative media.

Ivanka Trump joined the chorus of those condemning the violence, taking to social media to criticize the lack of coverage of the situation.

“The media’s near total silence about the physical violence being perpetrated against conservatives is shameful & dangerous. Just image [sic] the outrage and indignation if this went the other way,” she tweeted.

“Violence is never the answer and instigators must be condemned and prosecuted,” she continued.

Author: Michael Lee

Source: Washington Examiner: House Republicans demand investigation into violence against Trump supporters during ‘Million MAGA March’

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