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The organizer of the free speech rally was taken to the hospital after being attacked

A free speech rally was shut down in San Francisco on Saturday after counter-protesters became violent. The situation became so dangerous for conservatives that police needed to escort them to their cars for their own safety from an angry mob.

A “Free Speech Rally Against Twitter and Big Tech” was planned for Saturday at the Federal Building at U.N. Plaza, which is near Twitter’s headquarters. The event was to protest Twitter’s censorship of the New York Post’s article about Hunter Biden’s alleged emails regarding overseas dealings.

The rally, which was organized by Team Save America, was granted a permit by the city. There was a strong police presence in the area and barricades were set up to separate the rally-goers and the counter-protesters.

“The First Amendment ensures the right to assemble for everyone and the permit process is in place to allow for planning, to minimize disruptions and to create basic safety measures,” San Francisco Rec & Parks spokesperson Tamara Aparton told SFist. “The San Francisco Police Department will be implementing all safety measures for this event.”

Before the 1 p.m. free speech rally kicked off, hundreds of counter-protesters assembled in the area, including a group of black-clad individuals wielding shields. Demonstrators were holding signs that read, “Smash Fascism” and “Nazi Trump F*** Off.”

“They have no business being here, they’re trying to build a fascist movement in this country,” San Francisco resident Carol Seligman told KABC-TV.

“It’s tough, I believe in free speech but I’m also anti-fascism,” said Elana Thurson-Milgrom from San Francisco.

The main organizer, Philip Anderson, was attacked and punched while he was walking to the stage to deliver his speech. The counter-protesters threw bottles at Anderson while he was on stage. Anderson announced the rally was canceled.

“Too bad it got canceled, that’s what happens when you lose free speech, this is what our country has turned into,” Anderson told the crowd.

(Content Warning: The following media contain graphic images):

Antifa attacked me for literally no reason.

— Philip Anderson (@Philip Anderson)1602984023.0

Anderson shared a photo that shows his bloody mouth with his front tooth knocked out and another hanging loosely with the caption: “Antifa attacked me for no reason.”

Anderson also posted a video from a hospital bed. “I have a question for you, Joe Biden. You said that Antifa is just an idea. This is what they did to me,” Anderson said with a front tooth missing. “I’m at the hospital right now … because of Antifa. Do you still think, after seeing this, that they’re just an idea?”

Antifa attacked me for no reason.
— Philip Anderson (@Philip Anderson)1602963181.0

Joe Biden, do you still think that Antifa is “just an idea” ?
— Philip Anderson (@Philip Anderson)1602972752.0

Despite the free speech rally being canceled, police determined that the conservatives in the area were in danger after the riotous horde tried to knock down the barricades and threw glass bottles. Law enforcement provided a police escort to the conservatives, many of them wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Video shows a police motorcade taking the Trump supporters to a parking garage where their cars were located.

San Francisco police said counter-protesters threw “plastic bottles filled with unknown liquid,” metal cans and eggs at rally participants.

The San Francisco Police Department said six people were injured, including three officers who suffered non-life-threatening injuries when they were assaulted with pepper spray and caustic chemicals. One officer was taken to a local hospital for treatment, the department said.

One Trump supporter was seen being taken away in an ambulance with a leg injury.

No arrests were made, the department said.

Author: Paul Sacca

Source: The Blaze: SF free speech rally canceled after organizer’s tooth knocked out, police escort Trump supporters away from violent mob

“I was raised right, I don’t hit a little girl’

A video appears to show a teenage Trump supporter being assaulted and spit on at school because of his political beliefs.

A boy wearing an American flag-themed shirt had his “Make America Great Again” hat stolen by a female classmate. The girl refused to give back the boy’s MAGA hat.

“Look how f****** stupid you look,” the girl tells the boy, and then spits on him. “You f****** look like a clown!” She then points to the MAGA hat.

The boy attempts to take back his property. “Give me my f****** hat,” the boy demands. A struggle ensues, and while the boy is grappling to retrieve his hat, a second female student winds up and smacks the boy in the face.

“It’s my hat…it’s my hat,” the boy states.

The girl who stole the hat threatens, “Boy, I’m gonna knock you in your f****** mouth, let go of this f****** hat right f****** now! You wanna support Trump, I’m gonna knock you in the f****** teeth! I’ma knock you in the f****** teeth.”

The girl then spits at the boy. She then turns to the camera, and then spits on the boy again.

“How you like that? You my little b****, huh? You my little b****,” she says. “You my little b****, huh? Yeah, cuz it looks like it. My spit is on your face.”

The camera zooms in on the boy and his face is covered in spit.

The girl dares the boy to hit her, but he is above the violence. “I was f****** raised right, I don’t f****** hit a little girl.”

This isn’t the first time that Trump supporters have been targeted for wearing MAGA hats, which at times have turned violent.

In 2018, a man threw a drink at a 16-year-old for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat at a Whataburger in Texas.

Last October, a Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat in Minneapolis was spit on while he was giving an interview to VICE.

Last November, surveillance video was released of someone spitting on a 67-year-old man at a restaurant in Florida for supporting President Donald Trump.

In February, a retired NYPD officer alleged that he was punched in the face because of his MAGA hat.

Also in February, police said a 34-year-old man was arrested for assaulting a 15-year-old who was wearing a Trump hat at a polling tent at his high school in New Hampshire.

There are numerous instances of people attempting to steal the hats right off the heads of Trump supporters, including at Texas State University, a mall in Pennsylvania, a high school in Oklahoma, and two women stole a MAGA hat from a 7-year-old boy then assaulted his mother.

Author: Paul Sacca

Source: The Blaze: VIDEO: Student gets assaulted and spit on for supporting Trump — but refuses to give up his MAGA hat

‘Everybody talking about, “Get Trump out, get Trump out, get Trump out.” If you vote, that’s going to happen on the first day. So, now what?’

Rapper Ice Cube called out the Democratic Party over the weekend and asked, “What’s in it for the Black community?” Ice Cube, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, made a video where he encouraged black Americans to make Democrats and Republicans earn their vote in the 2020 election.

The former N.W.A. rapper was extremely skeptical of the messaging from last week’s Democratic National Convention, which included speeches by Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and Hillary Clinton.

“A lot of people getting up [at the 2020 DNC] talking and everybody really eating it up, throwing their hands in the air like they just don’t care — but what I didn’t hear was: what’s in it for us? What’s in it for the Black community? Besides the same old thing we’ve been getting from these parties,” Ice Cube said in the video released on Saturday. “What’s in it for us, for real?”

“I didn’t hear anybody mention a Contract with Black America, and I don’t know why because its one of the most comprehensive reform documents that have come around in a long time that could really address the problem,” Ice Cube said in the three-minute video. “The way it looks, they don’t really have a problem. Everybody talkin’ about, ‘Get Trump out, get Trump out, get Trump out.’ If you vote, that’s gon’ happen on the first day. So, now what? Trump out, now what? What do we get in the first 100 days? That’s what we’re trying to figure out. What do we actually get that they could give us overnight like that?”

Ice Cube’s Contract with Black America calls for a “more perfect union” and a “complete paradigm shift in how we run our institutions and operate our country.”

“Instead of looking for incremental reform, the Contract with Black America tries to address the root causes of racism in our society and develop a roadmap for a comprehensive solution,” the document reads. “Beyond the obvious, we need to focus on the areas of banking and finance, justice, policing, education, Hollywood depictions, as well as a system of reparations. None of these work in isolation, this plan looks at the systemic core of racism as a whole, and only in that way can a true solution be born.”

In his video the California-based rapper and actor asked, “What do we actually get?”

“They just pulled $3 trillion out their a** and gave it to their friends,” Jackson said of the money allocated in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act. “That’s American taxpayer money. That’s your money that they just gave away.”

“Where’s our f***ing bailout? Where’s the bailout? Not the PPP loan that they didn’t give us, where’s the bailout? I don’t want to hear about deficit, I don’t want to hear about what our generations going to have to pay,” Ice Cube stated. “If we don’t have s**t, they ain’t going to have anything to pay nothing.”

“So we gotta start something right now,” Ice Cube declared. “Democrats don’t seem like they got a plan, Republicans don’t seem like they got a plan for us.”

“So how the hell you gon’ vote for them? Make ’em earn that vote. They can start today. Make they a** earn that vote. Stop playing with these people and maybe they’ll stop playing with you,” Ice Cube concluded.

(Content Warning: The following video contains strong language)

Last month, Ice Cube wrote an op-ed in The Hill where he unveiled his Contract with Black America and expressed caution in trusting the Democrats.

“Do we actually believe Biden and the Democrats will make real differences unless we make them commit to wholesale change? MLK himself doubted the political will of the White liberal,” Jackson wrote. “The objective is not handouts to assuage white guilt, nor do we want White’s equality diminished either. We need White’s to look within and be honest about how they benefit from white privilege, and always will, unless our society reimagines what America should have looked like in the beginning and does the hard work of reform to get our country where it should be.”

Also last month, Ice Cube said that Hollywood should invest in black-led projects as a form of reparations.

“I just think it’s a form of reparations from the entertainment industry if they all had to invest a certain amount of money into the studio each year as payment for all the damage they’ve done to black people,” Ice Cube said.

Ice Cube made headlines in June when NBA legends Charles Barkley and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were critical of professional athletes and celebrities who have voiced anti-Semitic views, including Jackson. In June, The Daily Beast wrote an article titled, “Ice Cube’s Long, Disturbing History of Anti-Semitism.”

Author: Paul Sacca

Source: The Blaze: Rapper Ice Cube calls out DNC’s messaging, tells blacks to ‘make them earn that vote’

During the 2009 swine flu pandemic, the CDC stopped counting H1N1 cases and abruptly advised states to stop testing.

Joe Biden continues to attack President Donald Trump over his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Donald Trump forgot about COVID-19, but COVID-19 didn’t forget about us,” Biden tweeted in June. “The President couldn’t wish away the virus in April, he couldn’t tweet it away in May, and he can’t ignore it away in June.”

“Remember back in March … we talked about the need to act like we were at war with the virus,” Biden said of Trump in late June. “He called himself a wartime president … What happened? Now, it’s almost July, and it seems like our wartime president has surrendered, waved … the white flag and left the battlefield.”

A few weeks ago, Biden told Trump to “speed up the testing.”

“The crisis in Arizona is the direct result of Donald Trump’s failure to lead and his desire to ‘slow the testing down,’ and Americans are suffering the consequences,” Biden said on Wednesday.

However, back in 2009 during the swine flu pandemic, the Obama administration instructed states to shut down testing for H1N1 and stop counting cases of the deadly respiratory disease.

In October 2009, CBS News released the findings from a three-month-long investigation into how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were reporting H1N1 cases during the swine flu pandemic.

“In late July, the CDC abruptly advised states to stop testing for H1N1 flu, and stopped counting individual cases,” CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson wrote. “The rationale given for the CDC guidance to forego testing and tracking individual cases was: why waste resources testing for H1N1 flu when the government has already confirmed there’s an epidemic?”

“Some public health officials privately disagreed with the decision to stop testing and counting, telling CBS News that continued tracking of this new and possibly changing virus was important because H1N1 has a different epidemiology, affects younger people more than seasonal flu and has been shown to have a higher case fatality rate than other flu virus strains,” the report said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website confirms the CBS News report.

“Individual case counts were kept early during the 2009 H1N1 outbreak when the 2009 H1N1 virus first emerged,” the CDC website reads. “As the outbreak expanded and became more widespread, individual case counts become increasingly impractical and not representative of the true extent of the outbreak.”

“This is because only a small proportion of persons with respiratory illness are actually tested and confirmed for influenza (including 2009 H1N1) so the true benefit of keeping track of these numbers is questionable,” the CDC stated. “In addition, the extensive spread of 2009 H1N1 flu within the United States made it extremely resource-intensive for states to count individual cases. On July 24, 2009, CDC discontinued reporting of individual cases of 2009 H1N1, but continued to track hospitalizations and deaths.”

“As 2009 H1N1 cases continued to occur through the spring and summer, the task of counting cases became increasingly difficult,” according to the CDC. “On May 12, 2009, CDC transitioned from reporting individual confirmed and probable cases of 2009 H1N1 influenza to reporting aggregate counts of 2009 H1N1 lab confirmed and probable cases, hospitalizations and deaths with the launch of an aggregate reporting web site. Once the numbers of cases increased beyond the point where counting of individual cases was practical, on July 23, 2009, CDC reported the number of 2009 cases for the last time.”

The directive to stop testing and counting H1N1 cases was issued three months after then-President Barack Obama officially declared the H1N1 influenza virus a public health emergency and three months before the administration declared it a national emergency on Oct. 24, 2009. H1N1 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on June 11, 2009.

Attkisson filed a formal Freedom of Information and requested to know why the CDC ordered states to stop testing for H1N1. Two months later, she received a letter from the CDC Freedom of Information office.

“The letter is to inform me that my request for ‘expedited’ treatment of my FOI request has been denied because CDC has determined the request is ‘not a matter of widespread and exceptional media and public interest,'” Attkisson wrote.

“First, it seems ill advised to allow the responding agency (which often doesn’t want the info released) to determine whether an issue is of media and public interest and, therefore, subject to expedited treatment,” she continued. “Further, the CDC may be the only agency on the planet to argue that testing and counting of swine flu cases is “not of widespread and exceptional media and public interest.”

Ron Klain, who served as Biden’s chief of staff in 2009 and Obama’s Ebola czar in 2014, seemingly pointed out how the country dodged a bullet during the swine flu outbreak because of luck.

“It is purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass casualty events in American history. It had nothing to do with us doing anything right. It just had to do with luck,” Klain said last year at a biosecurity summit. “If anyone thinks that this can’t happen again, they don’t have to go back to 1918, they just have to go back to 2009, 2010 and imagine a virus with a different lethality, and you can just do the math on that.”

Klain, who is currently an advisor to the Biden campaign, has since backtracked on his comments, specifying that he was only talking about the challenges in producing enough H1N1 vaccine for the public demand.

In late July 2009, the Obama administration promised there would be enough H1N1 vaccine to immunize 160 million Americans at the beginning of the flu season, but ended up with just 28 million.

The CDC estimates that in the U.S., there were nearly 61 million cases of swine flu, 274,304 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths between April 12, 2009, and April 10, 2010. H1N1 has a mortality rate of .02%, which is far less deadly than coronavirus.

Author: Paul Sacca

Source: The Blaze: FLASHBACK: Obama administration shut down H1N1 testing, undercutting Biden’s COVID-19 attacks on Trump

Thousands of people in red and blue states demanded to be freed from lockdown.

Protesters from all over the country assembled over the last few days to voice their displeasure to stay-at-home orders as economic conditions deteriorate. Despite decrees from their governors to stay at home, Americans organized protests demanding an end to the coronavirus lockdown.

Over the past week, protests have erupted across the country — from California to Colorado to Texas to Michigan to Ohio to New Jersey. Residents from blue states and red states have demonstrated their desire to get out of their homes and return to their jobs.


An estimated 500 people gathered in downtown San Clemente on Sunday to publicly object to California’s state-mandated stay-at-home order. This is the same place where the city government dumped 37 tons of sand into a skate park in order to prevent kids from skating.

At least 200 people showed up for the “Freedom Rally” in San Diego, Calif. on Saturday.

On Friday, more than 200 Californians gathered in Huntington Beach for the “March for Freedom” event to protest against Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home orders.


Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Denver near the Capitol building on Sunday to protest Colorado’s stay-home order. The act of defiance was dubbed as “Operation Gridlock.”


At a demonstration outside of Kentucky’s capital of Frankfort on Friday, protestors shouted, “We want to work!” The protestors demanded for Gov. Andy Beshear (D) to “open up Kentucky.”


On Saturday, hundreds of protestors gathered in Annapolis for the Reopen Maryland” rally to demand Gov. Larry Hogan (R) lift stay-at-home restrictions. Many drove in their vehicles and honked their horns as their form of civil disobedience.


In Friday’s “Operation Gridlock” protest in Lansing, Michigan, a couple thousand demonstrators displayed their ire for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), and her restrictive stay-at-home order. Whitmer threatened to extend stay-at-home orders if the people continued to engage in “irresponsible actions,” such as protests.


Waving their American flags, several hundred protesters gathered outside the home of Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz on Friday demanding that the state re-open.

New Hampshire

On Saturday, a few hundred people organized outside the New Hampshire State House in an effort to convince politicians to re-open the state. Protestors held signs that read: “Live Free or Die,” “Restore Jobs,” and “Kiss My Constitution.”

New Jersey

A New Jersey woman who organized an anti-lockdown protest in Newark on Friday was charged with violating Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) stay-at-home orders.

North Carolina
On Tuesday, a rally was staged outside of the North Carolina General Assembly in Raleigh where protestors demanded that Gov. Roy Cooper (D) allow businesses to re-open. One woman was detained.


In Columbus, demonstrators congregated outside the statehouse, where they pressured the governor to re-open the state for business. Gov. Mike DeWine (R) said he was not opposed to protests as long as demonstrators did not violate social distancing guidelines.


There was a “Liberate” rally at the Governor’s mansion and Capitol building in Austin on Thursday. Protestors chanted “Let us work,” “We are essential,” and “Open Texas Up.”

There were also chants of “Fire Fauci!” A message to President Donald Trump to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the lead health members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.


On Friday, more than 1,000 people showed up at the Salt Lake City & County Building for the “Utah Business Revival” rally.

Author: Paul Sacca

Source: The Blaze: Protests against stay-at-home orders erupt across the country from California to Michigan to New Jersey

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