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A video clip of Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden went viral over the weekend, showing Biden sharing a bizarre story about roaches, leg hair, and kids jumping on his lap.

In the clip, which is a part of a speech Biden gave in Wilmington, Delaware, in 2017, Biden can be heard talking about his time working as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool.

“And by the way, you know I sit on the stand and it’d get hot. I got a lot of — I got hairy legs … that turn blonde in the sun,” Biden said struggling to find the right words. “And the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again.”

“So I learned about roaches and I learned about kids jumping on my lap,” Biden continued.

“I love kids jumping on my lap,” he concluded.

The clip is pulled from Biden’s infamous “Corn Pop” story, which started to make the rounds on the internet back in September of this year. The full story can be heard here, with the part about leg hair starting at the 6:49 mark. Video of the full speech was provided by WITN-TV, Wilmington City Council’s government access channel.

What has been the response?

Many who have viewed the video have unsurprisingly been grossed out, creeped out, or both.

Here is a brief collection of some of the best Twitter responses:

  • “I am positive we didn’t need to hear something like this”
  • “What the literal hell is [Joe Biden] talking about, exactly?”
  • “I thought this was a Bad Lip Reading…”
  • “I think he is going senile.”
  • “Weird flex but okay.”

One responder poked fun how the clip would inevitably help his opponents, saying, “Biden probably violated FEC rules with this valuable of an in-kind donation to his opponents.”

Anything else?

On Saturday, Biden launched an eight-day campaign run through Iowa called the “No Malarkey” tour. It got off to a peculiar start.
Exhibit A: the finger nibble.

Biden is currently the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary, leading national polls by 10.4 points, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average. But in Iowa, Biden sits in fourth place, eight percentage points behind Pete Buttigieg.

The 2020 Democratic caucuses will take place Feb. 3. Time will tell if Biden’s bizarre campaign antics will endear voters or push them away.

Author: Phil Shiver

Source: The Blaze: ‘I love kids jumping on my lap’: A bizarre Joe Biden stump speech about leg hair and roaches is going viral and leaving many creeped out

‘It’s not two plus two; it’s 0 for three!’

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) heavily scrutinized Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s impeachment inquiry testimony Wednesday in a fiery three-minute exchange that is making the rounds on social media.

Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, testified in his opening statement before Congress that there was a quid pro quo for Ukraine to announce investigations into Burisma and 2016 election interference that came from Rudy Giuliani at the guidance of President Trump.

Sondland said in sworn testimony that Giuliani, acting at the behest of President Trump, communicated to Ukrainian officials that a White House call and a White House meeting between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was conditioned on a public statement announcing the launch of investigations by the Ukrainian government.

As for the allegation that the release of $400 million in frozen military aid was also a pre-condition of the quid pro quo, Sondland said that he “later came to believe” that it was, repeatedly claiming this belief as his “presumption.”

He became personally convinced of his presumption, however, admitting to the Democratic majority counsel that “two plus two equals four.

In summary, Sondland claimed that three items — a White House call from Trump to Zelensky, a meeting between Trump and Zelensky, and the release of military aid to Ukraine — were conditioned on Ukraine making a public statement announcing investigations.

Jordan was not convinced

Rep. Jordan sought to expose Sondland’s presumptive errors and was shot out of a cannon when it came time for his questioning.

“Ambassador, when did it happen?” Jordan asked.

“When did what happen?” Sondland retorted.

“The announcement,” Jordan snapped back. “When did President Zelensky announce that the investigation was going to happen?” he said, citing Sondland’s opening remarks where he outlined that the call, meeting, and aid were conditioned on the public announcement from Ukraine.

“Never did,” Sondland acknowledged.

“Never did!” Jordan repeated emphatically. “They got the call July 25. They got the meeting — not in the White House but in New York — on September 25. They got the money on September 11.”

“I mean, you got all three of them wrong,” Jordan argued. “They get the call, they get the meeting, they get the money. It’s not two plus two, it’s 0 for three.”

Watch the full segment below:

Republican lawmakers have been arguing since the start of the impeachment inquiry’s public hearings that the substantive evidence is on the side of the president. Democrats’ claims of wrongdoing, they say, amount to nothing past hearsay and assumption.

Nonetheless, Ambassador Sondland’s testimony has been the most dramatic to date, and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is heralding it as “a very important moment in the history of this inquiry.”

“It goes right to the heart of the issue of bribery as well as other potential high crimes and misdemeanors,” Schiff told reporters following Sondland’s testimony.

Author: Phil Shiver

Source: The Blaze: Rep. Jim Jordan grills Ambassador Sondland on his quid pro quo claims: ‘When did it happen? … Never did!’

In a staff memo circulated to GOP committee members Monday night, House Republicans outlined “four key pieces of evidence” that they believe are “fatal” to the Democrats’ allegations of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

The memo, written by top Republicans from three committees involved in the impeachment investigation, also excoriated Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for improperly conducting the inquiry from his “Capitol basement bunker.”

“The fact-finding is all unclassified, so the closed-door process is purely for information control,” the memo said. “This arrangement has allowed Chairman Schiff — who has already publicly fabricated evidence and misled Americans about his interactions with the anonymous whistleblower — to selectively leak cherry-picked information to help paint misleading public narratives while, at the same time, placing a gag order on Republican Members.”

With the inquiry now moving to public hearings, the Republican memo was designed to update members on key points of evidence learned to date from the closed-door testimonies.

According to the memo, the four key pieces of evidence go as follows:

● The July 25 call summary — the best evidence of the conversation — shows no conditionality or evidence of pressure;

● President Zelensky and President Trump have both said there was no pressure on the call;

● The Ukrainian government was not aware of a hold on U.S. security assistance at the time of the July 25 call; and

● President Trump met with President Zelensky and U.S. security assistance flowed to Ukraine in September 2019 — both of which occurred without Ukraine investigating President Trump’s political rivals.

In a section titled, “Background,” the memo sought to provide context to accurately “asses the President’s state of mind” during his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The memo writers argued that “Trump had a deep-seated, genuine and reasonable skepticism of Ukraine and U.S. taxpayer-funded foreign aid” due to its “history of pervasive corruption” which operated “independent of and preceding any mention” of Ukraine’s alleged 2016 election interference and Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma.

An Axios report suggests “the memo fails to consider counterarguments that Democratic members have been making in the media for weeks” such as reports that top officials involved in Ukraine policy, Bill Taylor and EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, “were under the impression that there was a quid pro quo involving the aid.”

Public impeachment hearings are set to begin Wednesday.

Author: Phil Shiver

Source: The Blaze: GOP memo outlines ‘four key pieces of evidence’ that are ‘fatal’ to the Democrats’ impeachment allegations

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