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Georgia Democratic Senatorial candidate Raphael Warnock is under fire for involvement in a child abuse situation at a church summer camp. Warnock was arrested for obstructing an investigation into abuse of children at the camp, and one victim came forward to corroborate the abuse occurrences under Warnock’s watch.

Warnock, who hopes to unseat GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler on January 5, has been afforded a pass from answering questions related to his association with child abuse. His counterpart in the other runoff Senate election, Jon Ossoff, dismissed concerns about Warnock’s troubling involvement in a child abuse situation. Ossoff told Fox News’ Peter Doocy that he has no concerns “whatsoever” about the mounting evidence of wrongdoing by Warnock.

Warnock also faces allegations of domestic violence from his now-ex wife, that is corroborated by official police bodycam footage. She told law enforcement that Warnock is a “great actor” who cares primarily about his reputation, as the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) highlighted in a new ad:

Both Warnock and Ossoff will compete next week in competitive runoff elections, as control of the Senate hangs in the balance.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Jon Ossoff Has no Concerns About Child Abuse Allegations Brought Against Raphael Warnock

As the probability of a Joe Biden presidency increases, a major GOP group is wasting no time on working to hold him accountable. America Rising, a powerhouse, Republican research organization, rolled out its Biden Accountability Initiative on Wednesday.

The group said that the initiative is a “full scale effort” to fight back against “Joe Biden’s liberal agenda, appointments and policies.”

“We will utilize every resource at our disposal to counter the Biden administration’s far-left policies,” said America Rising PAC Communications Director Chris Martin. “The Biden Accountability Initiative will serve as a bulwark against what Joe Biden himself described as the most progressive administration in our nation’s history.”

Both during and after the Democratic primary, America Rising laid the groundwork for accountability for the eventual Democratic president. The group was laser-focused on Biden’s 40-year career in Washington, often framing him as a “swamp creature.” The group’s work pushed the focus to Biden’s record, and highlighted his flip-flopping on crucial issues.

Most notably, America Rising was a crucial advocate behind the push for the documents concerning Biden’s career in the Senate to be released to the public, after his former aide accused him of sexual assault. Though the documents have yet to be unsealed, the group called on the University of Delaware, which houses the records, and Biden himself to give the public transparency.

The Biden Accountability Initiative will include documents on his cabinet appointments and nominees, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) campaigns concerning Biden’s record and that of his family, and analysis of his policy plans.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: GOP Group Rolls Out ‘Biden Accountability Initiative’ to Counter Incoming Administration

In his first floor speech since last week’s general election, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) expressed his support for President Trump’s legal grievances with a handful of swing states, and allegations of voter impropriety.

Leader McConnell said that President Trump and his advisers are “within their rights” to raise questions about potential irregularities and instances of fraud.

The GOP’s top legislator also reminded Democrats that they themselves spent four years refusing to accept the results of the 2016 general election, as they demand that President Trump accept the results before seeing his day in court. Leader McConnell said that the country should not receive any lectures from Democrats after they would not give legitimacy to a duly elected president.

While supporting the president’s legal efforts to ensure election integrity, Leader McConnell is preparing to fight for his majority in the Senate in Georgia’s pair of runoff elections that will determine control of the upper chamber. The overtime elections for GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are center-stage in the national political scene, as Democrats hope to take power back in the Senate.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Leader McConnell: ‘Let’s Not Have Any Lectures’ From The Party That Refused to Accept Results of 2016 Election

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin addressed the possibility of an additional stimulus package to bring economic relief to struggling Americans as COVID-19 continues. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) delivered direct payments to Americans in need of relief because of economic distress caused by COVID-19. The legislation worked in tandem with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) which gives forgivable loans to American small businesses in order to keep their doors open.

Secretary Mnuchin also said that the next phase of CARES Act stimulus relief could include funding to help schools reopen in the Fall:

The CARES Act gives tangible relief to those in need, and brings millions of Americans back to work. Thursday’s job report numbers are undoubtedly positive, and foreshadow economic recovery, but Secretary Mnuchin said that the administration’s work is not done until “every single American who lost their job because of COVID is back to work:”

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Secretary Mnuchin Foreshadows Additional CARES Act Stimulus

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filed cloture on Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-SC) JUSTICE Act to reform law enforcement. The GOP’s police reform bill was rolled last Wednesday in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In need of 60 votes to pass, Senate Republicans must achieve the votes of 7 Democrats.

Most notably, as championed by Sen. Scott, the JUSTICE Act will include a provision related to “no-knock warrants.” The legislation does not end qualified immunity for police officers, which Democrats push for. The latter provision is not on the table in the eyes of Republicans and the Trump Administration, at this point.

Senate Democrats have indicated opposition to the GOP bill, with Sen. Schumer (D-NY) calling the legislation “piecemeal and halfhearted.” Leader McConnell called out the opposition as political posturing, indicating that Democrats would rather score political points than make meaningful laws.

The Senate should take up the police reform legislation on Wednesday.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Leader McConnell Sets Vote on JUSTICE Act

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign announced on Monday afternoon that Biden will host a ‘Virtual Women’s Town Hall’ on Tuesday. This announcement comes on the heels of damning developments in former Biden aide Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against the former vice president.

Though this event was likely in the works before this weekend’s developments, the timing of a Town Hall geared toward women is highly suspicious. Biden has been spared of any accountability from the mainstream media during interviews; thus far, the former vice president has not had to answer a single question about the charges Reade is making against him.

As we have written repeatedly, the “believe all women” standard created by the Left severely undermines the basic fundamentals of our legal system, but the Left should be forced to apply their standard, which they invented to derail the confirmation of a Conservative jurist, to one of their own. By Biden’s own logic that previously stated surrounding this issue, he should presume his own guilt.

Biden vowed in March to select a female vice presidential candidate, and all of the women on his shortlist have also remained silent on Reade’s claims. Just a year and a half ago, these women all opposed the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh on account of misconduct allegations that were less credible, with much less evidentiary support and corroboration; their double standard is glaring, to say the least.

What the former vice president will say to America’s women who partake in Tuesday’s virtual Town Hall, as he avoids accountability on an issue that is close to the hearts of so many, remains to be seen.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Biden to Hold ‘Virtual Women’s Town Hall’ After Tara Reade’s Claims are Bolstered by New Evidence

During Thursday’s White House coronavirus task force briefing, Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin addressed the timeline for Americans receiving checks from the government as part of the COVID-19 relief package. Secretary Mnuchin confirmed that Americans will receive their compensation in a matter of weeks, not months:

Sec. Mnuchin’s sentiment directly refutes the alarmist narrative pushed by Democratic Senate candidates in swing states, all of whom are allies with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY):

Pushing false narratives does nothing to help the nation fight COVID-19, a global health pandemic that Americans have died at the hands of. Americans deserve to see Republicans and Democrats united and working together in good faith, not using a national crisis to score political points.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Sec. Mnuchin Ends Dems’ Alarmist Narrative About Relief Checks

Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) called on World Health Organization (WHO) Director, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, to resign, on account of the group’s assistance helping China cover-up the severity of COVID-19.

The Arizona Republican and decorated Air Force veteran has been a fierce GOP voice on Capitol Hill during the partisan fight over accountability for China. The WHO’s budget, funded by taxpayers, was $4.8 billion for 2020-21. Sen. McSally pointed to the communist regime’s faulty reporting on the real number of deaths due to coronavirus, which originated in China, and the WHO’s complicity:

“I’ve never trusted a communist. And their cover-up of this virus that originated with them has caused unnecessary deaths around America and around the world, so this report is not surprising at all. The WHO needs to stop covering for them. I think Dr. Tedros needs to step down. We need to take some action to address this issue. It’s just irresponsible, it’s unconscionable what they have done here while we have people dying across the globe,” Sen. McSally said during an interview with Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo.

Sen. McSally announced Wednesday that she is suspending campaign fundraising and donating her paycheck to charitable causes during COVID-19; last week, Sen. McSally introduced a bill to stop Senate pay all together until a relief package eventually passed the upper chamber.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Sen. McSally Calls on Director of Taxpayer Funded WHO to Resign Over Complicity in China Cover Up

Capitol Hill erupted on Sunday night after Democratic leadership in both chambers torpedoed the bipartisan economic relief package for American workers during the Wuhan coronavirus. Before Sunday night, Democrats were prepared to vote for the package that they co-authored, before pulling an eleventh-hour stunt that ultimately halted the bill moving forward in the Senate.

Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer insisted that the bill did not go far enough and prioritized corporations over the American people, despite a weekend of good-faith negotiations resulting in a highly bipartisan relief package. GOP lawmakers pointed to Pelosi and Schumer’s effort to add language to fit their ideological agenda, and Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) appears to agree:

The CARES Act was written and negotiated in a highly bipartisan manner; both Republicans and Democrats gave substantial input, under the advice of Secretary Mnuchin. Both Schumer and Pelosi praised the unified effort to give relief to Americans over the weekend. The American people are suffering under brutal economic uncertainty, and the purpose of this relief package is to alleviate that economic distress. The American people deserve to see bipartisan unity during these trying economic times, and for Pelosi and Schumer to use this relief package as an excuse to further their agenda is telling.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Rep. Clyburn Admits Economic Package Is ‘An Opportunity to Restructure Things to Fit Our Vision’

Democrats’ impeachment effort, coupled with the booming Trump economy, have fueled President Trump’s re-election efforts and fired up the Republican base. In January of 2020 alone, the GOP and Trump re-election campaign raised $60 million, leaving the Pro-Trump groups with $200 million cash-on-hand for 2020. Together, the RNC and Trump’s re-election effort have hauled in $525 million from the beginning of 2019 to now.

These monster fundraising numbers come on the heels of President Trump’s acquittal. Despite Democrats’ efforts to impeach and remove him, a large majority of Republican and independent voters did not side with Democrats after the botched process in the House of Representatives.

Competing with this booming, record-breaking economy is an uphill battle for Democrats. Their swing-and-miss impeachment effort has only disenfranchised voters more. President Trump’s approval rating is at a record-high for his presidency, and voters are both satisfied with their current economic standings and hopeful about the future.

These record-shattering fundraising numbers present a positive foreshadow for the GOP’s efforts to keep President Trump in the White House come November.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Trump, GOP Raise $60 Million in January

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