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The left has a problem with history. Either they are attempting to deny it or they are attempting to rewrite it. This morning, Dr. Jill Biden appeared on The View to deny the history of her husband’s involvement in the Obama Administration’s Child Separation policy.

What would Joe do, you don’t mind if I call him Joe do you? What would Joe do to alleviate the situation?

“Well first of all we wouldn’t even be here if Joe Were President.”

Actually, Jill, we were there, when Joe was Vice President. History is written. Not only would they occur under a Biden/Harris ticket, they already did under an Obama/Biden Presidency.

“There would be no separation of families at the border.”

That’s just not true. Under the Obama Administration, children were separated from their parents at a lower rate than they were under the Trump Administration. The ONLY reason why the Trump administration began separating children was because of a court order BEFORE Trump became President, that stated that group detentions for families was constitutional but only for a short time and they had to release those illegal immigrants, who famously would ditch out on return court dates. Instead of the Trump Administration just releasing illegal immigrants, they instead separated the children from their parents to be able to hold the parents longer.

“And you know I traveled to the border last Christmas. I was in Matamoros and I saw those families and I served a Christmas meal to the you know, the thousands of people who were there and uh, we have to find a way to reunite these families. Uh, I mean as a mother this.. it… it just breaks my heart, I can’t even imagine it and I think um, I think all Americans feel that way, I don’t care whether you’re a democrat, whether you’re a Republican, if you’re a mother, if you’re a grandmother, this breaks your heart.”

Sure it is heartbreaking. It is also heartbreaking when the women who are trafficked across the border are violently raped by their “guides.” It is also heartbreaking when a parent loses a child to a drug overdose, from drugs that come across the Southern border. It also needs to be remembered that Democrats have infamously encouraged illegal border crossings, which brought these children to the border in the first place. Those cages we see in the news, are Obama Administration cages. This isn’t up for debate. This is literal history. To deny it either makes you incompetent and ill-informed or makes you a denier of history.

Watch below:

Of course, when it comes to a show like The View, you would never expect someone like Joy Behar to ever challenge Jill in her unmitigated BS. She’s just going to smile and nod and make everyone believe that Dr. Jill is incapable of lying.

Author: Scott Hounsell

Source: Red State: History Denier Jill Biden Says No Child Separations Under Biden Adminstration

Aside from Michael Bloomberg, has there ever been a bigger, more disingenuous chump to walk the earth?

Former NY Mayor and Former Guy-Who-Thought-He-Could-Buy-the-Presidency Michael Bloomberg has raised the funds to pay off the fines of more than 32,000 felons to enable their ability to vote. The left has wildly championed Bloomberg’s move as a fantastic development for Florida voters. A deeper look into this shows that this is the most disingenuous, transparently biased effort to affect the outcome of an election that has occurred in a very long time.

First, let’s consider the location. Notice that Bloomberg is only focusing his effort in Florida. We know that Florida is not the only state to allow felons to vote. Every state in the nation has varying degrees of allowing felons to vote, but specifically, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Iowa, Connecticut, Tennessee, and Washington all require released felons to pay the entirety of their fines and fees. Where is Bloomberg’s little stunt in those states? Why has Bloomberg not duplicated his efforts in Connecticut or Alabama or Washington? Simple. None of those states is going to decide the winner of the 2020 election.

Second, is that Bloomberg’s little stunt only applies to Black and Latin voters. You heard that right, Bloomberg’s wildly racist group does not allow people of any other ethnic background to apply for the assistance. Why? Simply because Black and Latin voters historically vote for Democrats more than Republicans. Voters of any other ethnicity (and thereby potentially another political ideology) need not apply.

Lastly, Bloomberg’s scam doesn’t even come from Bloomberg’s pocket. Bloomberg went out and raised the money from his rich friends, including singer John Legend, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Warren Buffet Ex-Wife Susan Buffet, and Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg. In totality, and depending on the media outlet, Bloomberg raised anywhere between 5 million and 20 million dollars. To put that in perspective, Bloomberg’s net wealth is 54.9 billion dollars. 20 million is nothing to him. He spills more than that.

Which brings me to the point of all this: Michael Bloomberg doesn’t give jack-diddly-squat about the voting right of felons. His ONLY, and I repeat ONLY, concern is winning the 2020 election. Why not fund this same type of program in any of the other states that have the same requirements as Florida? Simply put, none of them will deliver victory on election day. Why not fund this program for all Florida felons and not just those that are Latin and Black, unless your goal is to buy the outcome of an election? If Bloomie was really committed to this group, why not dump a few hundred million into it and expand it? This isn’t a felon’s voting rights group. It is a GOTV effort for Dem voters, full stop. Not only is it completely disingenuous, totally racist, and unbelievably biased, it is likely illegal.

Enter Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. Gaetz joined Lou Dobbs Tuesday evening to discuss his disgust with Bloomberg’s stunt. Gaetz stated that he was going to call on the Florida Attorney General to investigate the actions by Bloomberg.

“So now Bloomberg is trying to influence the election but remember this isn’t on the level, this isn’t just advertising money, this is a specific inducement, to a segment set of voters to get them to vote a certain way and I think it could be a crime.”

This is exactly where Bloomberg and his compatriots may be in big trouble. The limitations he placed on these funds are so hyper-specific that they could be considered targeting efforts. Though targeting efforts occur in every campaign, they are specifically prohibited by law to financially benefit those who are targeted. Whether Bloomberg ends up fined or charged in this scheme is unknown, but there’s no debate about Bloomberg’s hackery in this case.

Author: Scott Hounsell

Source: Red State: Michael Bloomberg Is a Disingenuous, Vote-Buying Hack

The House Freedom Caucus, a group of GOP Congresspersons have attempted to push Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to make a procedural move to replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker before the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election.

The Freedom Caucus, which has played an integral role in the past in the fights for the Speakership, is attempting to tie moderate democrats in swing districts to the controversial Speaker, who has drawn quite a bit of criticism of late for her “rules for thee, but not for me” attitude when it comes to her style of leadership.

Politico reports:

“House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is the only GOP member who can offer a “motion to vacate the chair” and force a floor vote on whether Pelosi can retain the speaker’s gavel, according to House rules implemented at the start of this Congress. McCarthy apparently has not yet decided whether he will support the insurgent effort. But McCarthy did agree to hold a GOP conference meeting next Tuesday to discuss the idea, according to Republican sources — a sign that he is at least giving serious consideration to deploying the procedural weapon.”

Should Republicans be able to make such a move, it would require that all members vote in support or opposition of the current Speaker. Unfortunately, though Progressive members of the House have motioned opposition to Pelosi in the past, it is unlikely that they will divorce themselves from the Speaker during the election season. Such a split could cause significant waves in the unity the Democrats have coalesced for November.

Forcing moderate democrats in swing districts to supporting Pelosi could make for an advantage for their Republican challengers in those districts. According to RCP and the RCP Average, Pelosi only has a 37.6% approval rating, below that of President Donald Trump. Pelosi remains more popular amongst voters than either Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Should moderate Dems have to take a position of support for the Speaker and commit to a vote, challengers could immediately use that vote as a point for media and mail hits on the incumbents.

While this is a long-shot bid, should McCarthy agree to the vote, it should make for some interesting fireworks in the House for a few days.

Author: Scott Hounsell

Source: Red State: House Freedom Caucus Looks to Bounce Pelosi as Speaker Before the Election

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