Spencer Neale


Democratic Rep. Max Rose is holding nothing back in a bare-knuckle ad aimed squarely at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In the six-second spot, Rose, who is running for reelection in New York’s tightly contested 11th Congressional District, called de Blasio the “worst” mayor in city history before chuckling and admitting that’s all he wanted to say.

“Bill de Blasio is the worst mayor in the history of New York City,” Rose said. “That’s the whole ad.”

Rose, who deployed with the National Guard in March to assist with the coronavirus pandemic, is facing a tough bid from Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican in the state assembly.

The short and concise ad from Rose appears to be in response to Malliotakis’s campaign, which has run ads alleging that Rose is close with de Blasio and is therefore at fault for surging crime and anti-police sentiment in the city.

Author: Spencer Neale

Source: Washington Examiner: New York Democrat calls NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio ‘worst mayor’ in history

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