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If you are like most of us nowadays, the ridiculousness of protesters blocking roads to get their way by stymying traffic patterns in cities all across America is infuriating. Not only because it makes us tardy to get to our chosen destination but more-so because another’s agenda does not have to impede others.

The unambiguous intentions of Antifa members to disrupt the United States heartbeat and pulse can be seen daily. We have witnessed crowds clogging streets, avenues, and interstates with their whiny petulant whims to be satiated. As it is for any freedom-loving citizen whose rights are being impeded because of some “movement” of which you have no role or interest, it’s sickening to watch the vehicular standstills when the radicals storm the streets and camp out on road reflectors…many with a gestural what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it stance.

Well, one motorist in a foreign country (license plate is not of the United States) was met with such a stooge blocking the streets. This supposed “Antifa leader” marched totally naked in the street and stood up against a white automobile, refusing to move so traffic flow could proceed as intended.

The motorist tries to skirt the naked man by turning the wheel to go around the impediment sharing his birthday suit with the world (poor young lad on a bicycle in view, sorta smirking at the surreal scene).

The naked obstructer stands with his arms folded, as if in defense posture, his naked knees within inches of a citizen’s front bumper.

Seems the driver ran out of patience and was flooded with annoyance. He exits his car to have a word with the naked rebel…a mere few words (insert fly-on-the-wall wish here), then Whammo!

A right hook to the naked guy’s jaw put him to sleep on the street. Watch the brief video below:

Although it didn’t help clear the lane of travel, it did send a brutal message that protesters pushing their agendas in the lives of ordinary citizens trying to do the right thing (like get to work or the market) will not be tolerated by everyone. Although we do not get a glimpse of what happened next, we can assume someone called an ambulance to cart naked man away. “Next!”

This piece was written by Stephen Owsinski on August 2, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

Author: Stephen Owsinski

Source: Life Zette: WATCH: Naked ‘Antifa leader’ blocking traffic gets decked by motorist

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