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Comedian George Lopez says a comment he made about collecting an alleged bounty on President Donald Trump’s head was “a joke” after catching backlash on social media.

An Instagram account posted an unverified claim that was allegedly made during Gen. Qasem Soleimani’s televised funeral that Iranian authorities have put an $80 million bounty on Trump’s head after he was assassinated last week.

“We’ll do it for half,” Lopez responded.

According to TheWrap, both the star’s name and “arrest George Lopez” were trending on Twitter Monday morning, as right-wing pundits tweeted their outrage over the comment. Many even called on the 58-year-old comedian to be investigated by the Secret Service over the joke.

However, representatives for Lopez told Fox News that the viral remark was “a joke” when reached for comment.

Although many were upset, others were quick to defend the star’s comment and noted that it’s very similar to a past remark made by singer Ted Nugent in 2012, which was investigated by the Secret Service. The singer publicly told President Barack Obama to “suck on my machine gun,” prompting outrage from the left.

The authorities investigated Nugent over the comment but eventually deemed the issue resolved with no further action being taken.

Despite the backlash on social media, Lopez seems undeterred, as this is not the first time the often hyperbolic comedian has voiced his negative opinions about Trump to his many fans and followers.

He previously used a water bottle to simulate urinating on Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, noted that the president’s kids could be considered “anchor babies,” mocked Trump’s reported $50,000 golf simulator and was charged after he got into a slight physical altercation with a Trump supporter at a Hooters.

Author: Tyler McCarthy

Source: Fox News: George Lopez says comment about killing Trump for Iran was a ‘joke’ after online backlash

Actor Jon Voight declared in a recent interview that Democrats no longer represent America and that Donald Trump will win the election in 2020.

The 80-year-old actor, who has previously made it clear that he’s a Trump-supporting Republican, gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere of daughter Angelina Jolie’s film, “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.” He not only sounded off on his support for the president but noted that the Democrats have lost their way in modern politics.

“I’m a big supporter of our president, and I feel that what has happened with the Democratic party is something that I’d never thought I’d see happen. This is not the Democratic party of John Kennedy, who I was in support of,” Voight told the outlet. “They had many heroes in the Democratic party. They have no heroes today. There’s a lot of slander and name-calling and lying that’s going on and passing itself off as news. This is my opinion. That’s where I stand and I don’t like it. Somebody has to stand up and say that and punch back at that nonsense. This is not America. The Democratic Party doesn’t represent America anymore.”

Voight previously defended Trump against impeachment, declaring Democratic lawmakers a “disgrace.” He echoed those sentiments at the “Maleficent” premiere.

“Donald Trump is going to win the presidency once again and this is going to be proven to be nonsense just as the two years with [the Mueller Report] and millions of dollars wasted and has taken those people in the House who are Democrats away from doing the business of the people,” he opined.

The Oscar-winner also discussed actors Eric McCormack and Debra Messing recently calling upon The Hollywood Reporter to publish a list of Hollywood Trump donors for the purpose of blacklisting them in show business.

“Donald Trump is going to win the presidency once again”

— Jon Voight

“The left was so concerned about the Hollywood Ten during the ‘50s but they are not at all concerned with the blacklist today and people losing jobs,” he said. “They are very outspoken about it and they attack anybody who is for Trump or who is for the Republican Party. The Democratic Party has been undermined and overtaken, and I wish it could recoup itself and that there could be people who would stand up for the Democratic Party that we have known and we have counted on and there are not anybody in that group who is standing up and protecting it. They are falling in.”

Voight previously praised Trump back in May, calling him “the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

The star is best known for his lead role as Joe Buck in the 1969 film “Midnight Cowboy.” His decades-long career includes movie roles in “Deliverance,” “Mission: Impossible,” “Anaconda,” “Zoolander” and “Transformers,” as well as television roles in “24” and “Ray Donovan.”

Author: Tyler McCarthy

Source: Fox News: Jon Voight declares Democrats don’t ‘represent America anymore,’ Trump will win 2020 election

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