A new analysis of the latest round of stimulus reveals a horrifying truth about where President Biden and the Democrats are sending billions of taxpayer dollars.

The analysis revealed that approximately $4.38 billion from the massive stimulus package will land in the hands of illegal immigrants.

This means that not only is Biden encouraging mass illegal immigration to the United States, but he is rewarding those who have already done so in the past by paying them billions of dollars in stimulus money which Americans are being forced to foot the bill for.

The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that 2.65 million illegal immigrants have Social Security numbers that allow them to receive stimulus checks. This group of illegal immigrants can be described as “aliens temporarily present without status,” according to Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies.

“These individuals are in the country illegally and could be required to leave. Yet, under the current system, they are still given work authorization and Social Security numbers,” he said.

Included in this group of illegals are Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status recipients.

In addition, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued 882,000 work authorizations and Social Security numbers to other illegal immigrants in fiscal year 2020, the analysis states. These include asylum applicants, as well as those applying for adjustment of status and suspension of deportation, among other categories.

“There is simply no question that millions of illegal immigrants will receive billions of dollars in COVID relief checks,” Camarota said. “This highlights an even more disturbing fact—illegal immigrants are being issued Social Security numbers in large numbers. This is a clear indication that America is simply not serious about enforcing its immigration laws.”

Not included in the numbers are the 1.8 million illegal immigrants that the Social Security Administration has estimated use Social Security numbers that don’t match their names, according to Camarota. Another 600,000 have Social Security numbers from when they were legally in the country but overstayed their visa.

Its standard practice in the United States that asylum-seekers are routinely given work authorization while they wait for their case to be adjudicated — regardless of the merit of the application. While almost 90 percent of those who claim credible fear when presenting themselves at the border pass the initial screening, less than 20 percent are ultimately granted asylum relief by an immigration judge. For Central Americans, that number is less than 10 percent.

During the last border surge in 2019, the southern border became so overwhelmed that most illegal aliens didn’t even claim credible fear, knowing they’d still be released expeditiously into the United States — especially if they were accompanied by a child.

Only about 25 percent of illegal border crossers were claiming credible fear, according to Kevin McAleenan, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, on July 12, 2019. In Yuma, Arizona, less than 10 percent made the claim, then-sector chief Anthony Porvaznik said on April 17, 2019.

Unnerving photographs have been released from inside Biden’s border camps. The photos show massive overcrowding, inhumane conditions, and child abuse at the hands of Biden’s border officials. 

Children can be seen crammed into “pods” said to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, Rep. Henry Cueller, the Democrat who took and released the photos, believes something different. 

“Each “pod” has a maximum 260-person occupancy, but as of Sunday, more than 400 unaccompanied male minors were being jammed into the pods,” he said. The border Democrat believes the pods are merely a way for the Biden administration to appear as if they’re taking action to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

The photos were taken at the Rio Grande Valley sector, the same facility that’s releasing illegal immigrants freely into the United States without a court date or Notice to Appear. 

Anonymous Border Patrol officials revealed that this isn’t even the climax of Biden’s border problems. The photos from the Rio Grande facility do not come close to depicting what’s really happening at the border. Child migrant facilities, he revealed, are packed even tighter than the one showed in the photographs. The Biden administration is now in custody of over 15,000 illegal immigrant children. 

Former President Trump released a statement thumping Biden over his disastrous border policies:

The Biden administration has worked overtime trying to spin a narrative that Trump did nothing to expedite the very vaccine that’s saving millions from the virus and its subsequent effects. Thank to President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, his vaccine is ‘saving the world’ from the deadly virus. 

“They try to take credit, for the vaccine I helped to create,” Trump told a reporter. “What I did is saving the world from another Spanish Flu Epidemic like in 1918,” he added. 

Trump hailed his administration’s work setting up President Joe Biden with a vaccine to distribute to Americans, noting he helped cut the red tape bureaucracy of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that he has said others would not have had the guts to do.

“They know I got the vaccine,” Trump told host Greg Kelly. “I got the FDA to do it in 9 months, instead of 5 years; they wouldn’t have had it. You wouldn’t have gotten it ever.”

The media is hailing Biden’s vaccine distribution, but Trump showed little fear in noting it was “done by me.”

“We have 4 vaccines and probably another one coming out soon – all done during my administration – done by me to a large extent, because I got the FDA to do things that, frankly, they didn’t know they were capable of doing,” Trump said.

Trump did have some pointed words for Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has taken to criticize the past president in the early days of the Biden administration.

“I get along with him, Fauci, but he was basically a salesman,” Trump said, taking a shot at Fauci’s failed first pitch for the baseball season last year that sailed far outside the left-handed batter’s box.

“He throws the baseball better than the predicts, that I can tell you about. And throwing the baseball hasn’t been so good.”

Trump noted Fauci was wrong on a lot of things, including masks and opposing travel bans from COVID-19 infection-ravaged countries.

“Had I listened to Fauci, we would have never had masks; we would have never banned China; we would have never banned Europe,” Trump continued. “You know, I banned China and he was totally against it.

“I banned Europe when Italy and all the places were having such problems, France. I banned them way early. We would have hundreds of thousands of people more [dead].”

Trump said COVID-19 would have cost lives on the level of the Spanish Flu, which was estimated to have killed more than 50 million people worldwide.

“I’ll tell you what, this would have done that, too,” Trump said. “This was, and is, just a horror show.

“The China virus – call it whatever you want – the China virus; it came from China. This was a horror show and continues to be.”

But Trump took a bow for getting the vaccines to the world after “nobody thought it was possible, except me,” he concluded.

Former Operation Warp Speed Boss, Dr. Moncef Slaoui, discredited Biden’s claim that he entered the White House with “no plan” to vaccine America. The Doctor revealed 90% of Biden’s current vaccination plan was already established by the Trump administration. 

Many on Biden’s staff have publicly discredited Trump’s vaccination efforts, claiming the new administration had to “start from scratch” to get the ball rolling. Dr. Fauci and Slaoui have both disproven those claims. 

Slaoui joined Fauci in debunking those same claims, instead insisting that the Biden plan is essentially the same plan that the Trump administration laid out.

“I do think we had plans,” Slaoui told the Fake News reporter “In fact, 90% of what is happening now is the plan that we had.”

“Of course, the first thing was to accelerate the development of the vaccine,” Slaoui explained. “We contracted, specifically, 100 million doses of the vaccine, but built into the contracts options to acquire more vaccines once we knew they were effective.”

“So, I think what is happening now is right, but I think what is happening was – substantially was the plan.”

Slaoui highlighted that the 90% covered “manufacturing, supply and distribution,” but he gave credit to using FEMA and sports arenas as mass vaccination sites as good steps to help “accelerate” administration of shots that the plan did not cover.

He also revealed that Operation Warp Speed had held talks with Merck – a competitor to Johnson & Johnson – prior to the new administration taking office about the possibility of utilizing their facilities to bolster the manufacture of the vaccine.

Former President Donald Trump has hosted numerous meetings with tech companies in the hopes of launching his own social media platform. An announcement from his senior advisor proves Trump’s hopes have come true. 

Jason Miller, Trump’s go-to media spokesman, revealed Trump’s triumphant return could be as soon as “two to three months” away. The former president plans to bypass current big tech giants to establish his own online presence on his own platform. 

Miller revealed Trump has taken many “high-power meetings” with tech’s leading innovators. His hope is to bring tens of millions of users to his new social media platform. 

As a record numbers of migrants continue to freely flow over the United States-Mexico border, Joe Biden has a bright idea that will cost the American taxpayer millions of dollars.

The Biden administration is reportedly set to spend $86 million in taxpayer funds to purchase hotel rooms to house the massive influx of migrants.

In addition to an ongoing child migrant crisis, which has exploded in previous weeks and is now overwhelming Customs and Border Protection facilities, with over 13,000 unaccompanied minor children immigrants currently in custody in reportedly deteriorating conditions, the Biden administration is struggling to manage migrant families, many of whom are seeking asylum.

The “growing numbers of migrant families trying to come to the U.S. — in addition to already overwhelming numbers of kids crossing the border without their parents or legal guardians…appear to be straining government resources,” Axios noted Sunday.

The Biden administration has authorized Immigration and Customs Enforcement to purchase hotel rooms near border areas in Arizona and Texas – and who knows how long these rooms could be used for.

“The Biden administration has awarded an $86 million contract for hotel rooms near the border to hold around 1,200 migrant family members who cross the U.S.-Mexico border, DHS officials confirmed to Axios,” per the outlet.

“The contract through Endeavors, a Texas-based nonprofit, is for six months but could be extended and expanded. The hotels will be near border areas, including in Arizona and Texas.”

Although the child migrant crisis has dominated headlines, CBP estimates that an increasing number of families are also making the journey, claiming asylum at the southern border after escaping from deteriorating economic conditions in Central America.

Under the Trump administration, asylum seekers were required to “remain in Mexico” pending a hearing in front of an asylum court, but under the Biden administration, new asylum seekers presenting themselves at the border are being processed differently, with some being allowed to enter the country to stay with family members while awaiting adjudication.

Biden’s reversal of the rather successful Trump policy has created a disastrous type scenario at the border.

“The latest decision to secure hotel rooms comes as the US is seeing the biggest surge of migrants at the border in decades, pacing towards a potential 2 million migrants at the US-Mexico border this year, The Washington Post reported. The surge is putting a heavy strain on government resources and border towns,” according to Business Insider, which also reported on the hotel room contract.

Migrants are much more comfortable trying to force their way into the country under Biden, with the number of migrant families presenting themselves or being captured at the border more than doubling between January and February of 2021, according to an official CBP report.

“Border officials continue to use a Trump-era order to quickly return many families to Mexico. But Mexico has limited capacity to take in migrant families and won’t accept some with young children, according to administration officials,” Axios noted.

“42% of families were expelled to Mexico last month — down from 64% in January and 91% in October, according to the data. More than 13,000 family members who crossed the U.S. border illegally have been allowed into the country since the start of January, many released into border communities.”

President Joe Biden is planning to make a major change which make life more difficult for millions of Americans. Biden is about to go after the “first major federal tax hike” in nearly three decades.

“Unlike the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 stimulus act, the next initiative, which is expected to be even bigger, won’t rely just on government debt as a funding source,” Bloomberg News reported.

“While it’s been increasingly clear that tax hikes will be a component — Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has said at least part of the next bill will have to be paid for, and pointed to higher rates — key advisers are now making preparations for a package of measures that could include an increase in both the corporate tax rate and the individual rate for high earners.”

Tax hikes included as part of infrastructure and job packages will likely include repealing part of former President Trump‘s 2017 tax law that benefitted corporations and wealthy individuals, the news outlet notes, citing sources close to the matter.

Biden twice teased his desire to raise taxes on everyone, including the middle class, during last year’s presidential debates.

“That’s why I’m going to eliminate the Trump tax cuts,” Biden said during his first of three debates with President Trump. And then, to accentuate the point, he said it again, “I’m going to eliminate those tax cuts.”

“His whole outlook has always been that Americans believe tax policy needs to be fair, and he has viewed all of his policy options through that lens,” Sarah Bianchi, head of U.S. public policy at Evercore ISI and a former economic aide to Biden, told Bloomberg News. “That is why the focus is on addressing the unequal treatment between work and wealth.”

The Tax Foundation reports that “the top 1 percent paid a greater share of individual income taxes (40.1 percent) than the bottom 90 percent combined (28.6 percent).”

Sources within the Biden administration told Bloomberg News that the administration was going to push for the following tax policies:

  • Raising the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21%
  • Paring back tax preferences for so-called pass-through businesses, such as limited-liability companies or partnerships
  • Raising the income tax rate on individuals earning more than $400,000
  • Expanding the estate tax’s reach
  • A higher capital-gains tax rate for individuals earning at least $1 million annually. (Biden on the campaign trail proposed applying income-tax rates, which would be higher)

Economist Lawrence Summers warned that Biden’s coronavirus stimulus package could cause a serious inflation boom as soon as this year. Summers said that Biden’s stimulus “is three times as large as the projected shortfall” and “relative to the size of the gap being addressed, it is six times as large.”

“Given the commitments the Fed has made, administration officials’ dismissal of even the possibility of inflation, and the difficulties in mobilizing congressional support for tax increases or spending cuts, there is the risk of inflation expectations rising sharply,” Summers wrote.

“Stimulus measures of the magnitude contemplated are steps into the unknown. For credibility, they need to be accompanied by clear statements that the consequences will be monitored closely and, if necessary, there will be the capacity and will to adjust policy quickly.”

Jim Bianco, president of Bianco Research, added that there was a serious threat of inflation that would damage the real economy and the stock market.

“If we get to 2.6% or 2.7% on the core [inflation] number that’s the highest level we would have in 30 years,” Bianco noted. “With the 10-year yield at 1.1% and with the stock market at a new high and a forward P/E ratio of 24 [times earnings] that’s going to be a problem for risk markets to see that kind of level of inflation even if the Fed says that they want that level of inflation.”

Damien Grant, 33, of was charged with influencing a federal official by threat, mailing threatening communications, and threatening the president of the United States. 

The threats Grant allegedly made were mainly against Trump, the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of Illinois, and a federal judge were targeted as well. 

The threats against Trump and the other federal officials were made in the time between the November presidential election and the inauguration of Joe Biden.

In a letter to Trump, Grant wrote:

“And the moment you walk out of office, I’m going to have you shot! Right in your (expletive) head,” 

In a letter to the U.S. attorney, Grant wrote an ultimatum demanding charges against him be dropped if the attorney ever wanted to see his family again. 

“I might have someone walk in the Court House and blow all you evil (expletive) to pieces,” Grant said in a Nov. 30 letter addressed to the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of Illinois.

Although the charges were filed in Peoria, the U.S. attorney’s office there has recused itself and Grant will be prosecuted by the U.S. attorney in Chicago. The arraignment of Grant hasn’t been scheduled, and it wasn’t immediately known if he has legal representation.

The White House is clamping down after damning photos of the growing border crisis surface. For weeks, reporters have requested access to certain border camps for children to assess the living conditions for unaccompanied minor children attempting to cross the border. However, the photos were so damaging to Biden’s administration he decided not to release them. 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psai informed reporters that Biden is considering “potential options” to allow journalists in to report on living conditions for unaccompanied minors, but stopped short of saying they’re willing to release the photos. 

The coronavirus pandemic has been a source of blame and an easy way out for the White House. They cite the pandemic as the main reason why they’re keeping journalists out. Despite their incredibly lack of transparency at the border, Psaki still insists the administration is dedicated to “unity” and “transparency.” 

Instead of visiting the border himself, Biden received in-depth photographs of the border crisis after he sent an envoy to review conditions for illegal immigrants. 

Children were only housed by the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency for a short period of time before they were transferred to the Department of Health and Human Services for longer-term care, often being placed with a family member or sponsor, Psaki reiterated.

However, reports have emerged claiming minors are being apprehended for more than 72 hours by the Biden administration. If true, this would be a violation of federal immigration law. 

Diplomatic ties with Russia have sunk to Cold War levels. Biden is irresponsibly calling out the Russian President on-air, and now Vladimir Putin is responding by mocking Joe’s mental faculties. 

Speaking on Russian television, Putin responded to Biden’s insult calling him a “killer” by challenging the American President to a live, on-air conservation about the growing tensions between the two superpowers.

Biden’s administration has said it plans to take a tougher line with Russia, but has signaled it would accept a nuclear power agreement. Biden has worked tireless to dismantle most, if not all, of America’s progress with Russia.  

Putin proposed the pair have a robust, live, on-air discussion without any delay – implying that Biden is incapable of live meetings without the assistance from multiple aides. 

“I want to offer President Biden that we continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it live, online, without any delays,” Putin said, when asked in a television interview about Biden’s comments.

The leaders last spoke by telephone in January right as Biden assumed office. 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki immediately brushed off Putin’s request for a live meeting, saying there’s nothing more Biden has to discuss after their initial phone call in January. She added that Biden in no way regrets his insults toward the Russian President.

Putin said he’s willing to discuss the differences between the two superpowers “on Friday, or even Monday,” noting his weekend travel plans to the remote forest of the Russian Taiga. 

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